In this developing world, everyone is competing with each other. And this leads to increasing competition more and more. In this situation, every strategy must be top-notch including the name.

Remember the Name is the first thing everyone will hear. So make it attractive, easy, and impressive. If possible it must show about your business. Today we have the best brand name generator tools for you.

If you are gonna start a business then you must know how name is an important factor for growth. Certain rules make your name excellent like the name must be simple, and avoid hard-to-spell words.

And an important note if you want to take your business online then it is necessary that the Domain name should be available for the name.

If you are facing any troubles then I will help you to have a catchy name for your business. I will show you some top Business name generator AI tools that you can use right now and get your name.

These are free and provide you with lots of names instantly. You can pick your favourite one and keep it.

Let’s get started,

Best Business Name Generator AI Tools

SrAI ToolRating
1Business Name Maker
7Business Name Generator

1. Business Name Maker

Business Name Maker

This AI name generator provides simple and lots of names. You can even check the Domain availability after clicking on the name. This will make you both work on a single page and save you a lot of time.

This AI tool works smartly as easily as you think. It has a huge collection of creative names for you. Just enter the keywords related to your business and leave the work for the tool.

If you want the name in one or two words that is no problem, you can filter the result for the same. It will generate catchy, relevant, and unique business names that you can pick.

This is completely free and available.

2. Namelix

This AI tool will give the branded names worth your business. After a while, reading your interest will give you more personalized names that you will like.

It will ask about name style, generation randomness, and info and will show your name along with the logo that you can use as well. If you choose a name then you can check the Domain availability at the same time.

Its name logos are very unique and creative. You can filter the result by giving the preference more accurately.

Namelix is an easy-to-use AI tool that gives shorter and more catchy results.

3. Namify


Namify is specially designed as a Business name generator. When you enter the keywords first it will show its top pick according to its artificial intelligence along with the domain name and its cost.

It will also show many names that you can pick and see if the domain is available or not. It will also suggest you some beautiful logos according to the name that you can pick.

This is one of the Business name generator AI tools for you. That may be the reason it is a well-known business name provider on the internet.

If you were searching for the same, you can check it out.

4. Looka


Although Looka is known for designing the brand as it is excellent in that. But on the other hand, it also works as a Business name-generator tool.

If you like shorter names then you can filter the searches by limiting the number of characters. It will show you innovative names for your business. It is one of the best business name-generator AI tools.

You can enter the keywords and will get lots of Business name ideas within seconds.

Along with the name it gives you the option to check the availability of the Domain name. It is perfect to have an idea about the name.

5. Renderforest


Renderforest is an outstanding Business name generator. Along with the name, it will also show you Logo which is plus point for you. You can pick a logo and customize it according to your desire.

You can make a branded logo and name with this business name generator AI tool. It is completely free and full of creativity. If you are searching for the same then you got it now.

Its results are really impressive. It will show results according to the word and your interest which is more personalized.

By the way, it is a great designing tool as well, you can design photos, videos, graphics, and more for your business.

6. BrandCrowd


BrandCrowd is an impressive Business name generator.

It will ask you to describe your business and show you unbelievable results. You can length and style that includes modern, professional, creative, and funny. You can choose whichever style you want and see the result.

Once select a name and logo it will also give you the option to edit it. You can customize the logo and make it more professional.

This AI tool is super smooth and easy to use. It is fast and gives you results in seconds. If its features suit you then you must check out this business name generator AI tool.

7. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

This AI tool may be a good choice for your business. Once you enter the name it will give you excellent and tech-style business names. The names are catchy and attractive that will be shown in a few seconds.

It also gives options to choose the industry that your business belongs to. You can choose between the numerous languages and AI styles as well. These filters will help to personalize the result.

It will also show you the availability of the Domain name. You can see whether the Domain is available to register your website or not.

Overall this is one of the best Business name-generator AI tools suited for your business.

8. Shopify


Shopify may be a good option if you need creative names. In very simple steps you can register your name for the domain.

It is completely free to search as many times as you want. It will give you catchy and attractive names. There are lots of names of almost every type you will definitely like.

Shopify also helps to start your business and make it a brand. After asking some questions it will help to personalize the business and make it more familiar with your expectations.

Remember to pick a name that has been picked by any other person or registered previously.

9. Logo


It is a multi-functional AI tool that does most of the business work on its own. It will give name multiple names. To simplify the results you can apply filters. It will filter the number of characters if you want to.

If you are searching for a name and its availability for Domain then you can apply the filter too and it will show domain availability also. Here is an option if you want the related words then you can check the options that include Synonyms, Concatenation, Prefixes, and Suffixes.

For your ease, it will show some logo designs of your selected name.

All these features in a single AI tool are very impressive. You must try once this Business name generator.

10. Wix

If you ever heard of Wix, you must hear that it is a cool website builder. With the help of its features the website, you can get ready a functional website.

But it is also a Business name generator AI tool. You can enter a keyword and the industry that your business belongs and It will search you some beautiful names for your business with just one click.

Its names are truly simple and memorable. Once you select a name then it will allow you to see whether the Domain names are available or not.

This business name generator AI tool is very useful and easy to operate.

11. Oberlo


Searching Business name on this AI tool is as easy as searching for something on the internet. It may be the easiest way to search a business name.

Just type the name and search for it, there will be lots of names on the page. You can pick your favorite one and keep it for your business.

There are some suggestions that you can follow to make your business name effective and catchy.

I mentioned repeatedly the name must be simple and memorable because this factor affects a lot. This leaves a good impression on your customers.

12. Truic


This Business name generator will give you names also domain name availability. Websites also show domain availability because taking your business online is a good option for the growth of your business.

By building a website, you unlock more benefits of it. You make reach with the customers that are far from you. You can make contact with them and can get the orders.

With this tool, you can check the domain availability and price by GoDaddy which is a well-known domain name provider.

13. Squadhelp


This is an AI-powered business name generator that may help you. To get numerous business names this AI tool will help you. Within seconds it will give you impressive results.

Its names and matching URLs will help you to establish your business on the internet. This is very important for a business to extend its reach through the internet as the internet breaks all topographic barriers.

So, by choosing a catchy and impressive name you can make your business memorable. The name also helps to attract, customers. Short and simple names are memorable and easy to remember. That’s why it is said to keep the name like that.

It will also show the logo ideas with some names that may help you.


Q. How can I use these AI tools for more?

Ans. There are more ways that you can these tools. For ex., you can search for your YouTube channel, Website, Social Media Handle name, and many more.

Q. Is using these Business name generators free?

Ans. Of course, these AI tools are completely free to get the names. But if you purchase the domain then you will have to pay.

Q. Which name should I choose?

Ans The name you are satisfy with must be your choice. As I mentioned earlier name must be simple and catchy.


So I have listed some best Business name-generator AI tools that you can use right now.

You can pick your favorite name and register the domain. It will help you to take your business on the internet. This leads to open many opportunities to grow rapidly.

Remember to pick a name that is simple, easy to pronounce, as short as possible, attractive, memorable, etc. If you follow these rules, you will get a perfect name for your business.

But before choosing the name make sure no other person has already picked the same name and registered himself.

I hope this blog will help you still you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.
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