Do you want to create a Multi Vendor Marketplace website using WordPress & WooCommerce? Then you’re at the right blog.

In this blog, we’re going to give to complete guide regarding a Multi Vendor Marketplace Website and how you can create one for your business.

With WordPress creating a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website is now easy. Various tools help you to create a functional Multi Vendor Marketplace Website in WordPress.

There are various examples of Multi Vendor Marketplace eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, and eBay.

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For creating a Multi Vendor Marketplace using WordPress & WooCommerce you need some other things to create a complete website.

Things you need to create a Multi Vendor Marketplace Website

Here are some important things you need to create a Multi Vendor Marketplace WordPress Website.

There are various cheap domain names and web hosting providers on the internet that you can choose from. after that, you need a website builder if you need some extra functionality for your website.

Once you have all these things now you’re ready to go. Let’s now move forward with setting up a Multi-Vendor Marketplace website.

Creating a Multi Vendor Marketplace Website using WooCommerce

As you know WooCommerce is a plugin that allows the creation of an eCommerce website with WordPress. But WooCommerce is only used for creating a single online store website.

For creating a Multi-Vendor Marketplace website you need a Multi-Vendor Plugin addon for WooCommerce.

We recommend you use the WCFM Multi Vendor Plugin for creating your online Marketplace website with WooCommerce.

Today in this blog we’re going to tell you all about the process of creating a Multi-Vendor website using the WCFM plugin. So let’s get started.

To create a Multi Vendor Marketplace Website with WordPress please follow these steps:

Install Multi Vendor Theme

For creating Multi vendor website first we need a theme that supports multi vendor functionality. We recommend you use Shop Mania Theme for creating a Multi Vendor website.

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You can learn more about Installing WordPress themes here and installing plugins here.

Install the Shop Mania Theme Watch this video for more details.

Install WCFM plugin

After installing the Theme now please install WCFM Plugin.

We recommend installing all the important plugins including, Frontend Manager, WCFM Marketplace, and WCFM Membership Plugins. Watch the below video for more details.

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Setup WCFM Plugin

After installing the Plugins now we need to set up the WCFM Marketplace Plugin. Watch the below video for more details.

You have to setup things like, Layout, Marketplace, Commission, Withdrawal, Style, Capability, etc.

Install Multi Vendor Theme Template

After the setup of WCFM plugin now we need to install a Multi vendor WordPress theme that works alongside WCFM plugin. Watch the below video for more details.

Purchase Shop Mania Theme

Although the Shop Mania Theme is free to use, to import the Multi Vendor Template we need to purchase the Shop Mania theme.

Watch the below video to learn more details about purchasing a theme template.

Download Shop Mania Pro Plugin

Now we need to install the purchased Shop Mania Theme. You can download your purchase theme from the Members Area. You can watch the below video for more details.

Install Shop Mania Pro Plugin

Now install the Shop Mania Pro Plugin to your website: Please remember that Shop Mania Pro is a plugin, it is not a Theme. So install Shop Mania Pro as a Plugin. For more, you can watch the below video.

Import Demo Template

After installing the plugin now we need to import the demo. We’re going to import a Multi-Vendor Template demo for our marketplace website.

Watch the below video about importing the Demo template.

Vendor Registration Process

Now we have to do the vendor registration process. Here you will get to know about the vendor registration process.

Any vendor on your website is now able to create their account and open their online store. Watch the video to get all the details regarding the Vendor Registration Process.

Vendor Store Setup

After the vendor registration process now we have to know about Vendor Store Setup. Here a Vendor can set up their store and will able to add required things to their store.

The vendor has to set up some important setups like Payment methods, Store policies, Customer Support details, Store SEO, Social Media fields, etc.

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You can watch the below video to get more details.

Vendor Dashboard Overview

Now you can see the Vendors Dashboard. From here a vendor can manage their store with various features. They can add/delete/modify their product from here. They can also manage their order & ledger book, can create coupons, etc.

You can watch the below video for an overview of the Vendor dashboard.

Adding Product to Store

In the next step let’s know about the process of adding products to vendors’ stores. For adding products to the vendor store, the vendors are required to go to their dashboard and add new products with their features, specifications, and images.

Watch the below video to know about adding products to vendor stores.

Setup Completed

Your Multi Vendor Marketplace Website has been successfully created. Any user can now open a store on your website.

You can watch the below video to see how your store looks after the completion.

How about Custom Emails with WCFM Marketplace?

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Check out the WCFM Marketplace Email Customizer! This YayMail Addon for WCFM Marketplace allows you to effortlessly customize emails sent out to vendors and customers for a completely tailored experience.

Send notifications about new products, promotions or even messages of appreciation – all in a drag-and-drop email builder!

So this is how you can create an online Multi Vendor Marketplace Website using WooCommerce and WCFM Plugin.

With the Shop Mania theme, you can also use any other Multi Vendor Plugins. We have chosen the WCFM plugin to create a multi vendor store website using Shop Mania Theme.


Q: Whis is the best Multi Vendor WordPress plugin?

Ans: WCFM and Dokan are the best multi vendor marketplace plugins.

Q: Best Theme for Multi Vendor WordPress site?

Ans: Shop Mania is the best multi vendor WordPress theme.

Q: What are the benefits of using WCMF and WooCommerce plugins?

Ans: The benefits of using WCMF and WooCommerce plugins to create a website, including ease of use, full customizable ability, and security.

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