How to Open Links in a New Tab

Lots of plugins are available to open links in a new tab but every time using a plugin is not good. So here I am giving you a simple and easy solution to open link in a new tab using coding. Just follow the instructions given below:- As you have external links in your site […]


How to update Themes.

Before updating your theme if any changes were done in core files of theme then I would suggest you to first make backup of those changes or create a child theme and put those file in that. Now there are three main procedure to update our themes 1. Using Dashboard Just download a fresh copy […]


Change the fonts in Theme

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The Google Typography plugin allows to customize font styling on your website without writing a single line of code. To install google typography plugin you need to go Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and search google typography plugin and activate it. After activation go to Appearance -> Typography Setting page. Simply added to font […]