Today I am going to share very important plugin information which is essential to all website owners using google analytics. I think tracking of a website is essential to check who are our visitors as it helps us to improve our website content.

Here I will tell you some important information about “Google Analytics Dashboard” for WordPress. To install it you have to search it on plugins section of your dashboard. “Plugins -> Add New” and type “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP”. Then click on the install now button.

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As soon as you install plugin activate it. You will get “Google Analytics” tab in your dashboard menu. Go to “Google Analytics -> General Settings” and authorize your plugin.

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Authorize means you have to add access code for your plugin so that it starts showing data of your domain. Click on above button it will give you a field to add access code you can get that code from the link present above box.

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You can get an access code by hitting “Accept” accept button. You will get the code then use that code in the respective field. And “Save Access code”.

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Now you are ready to see your statistics of a domain. Go to your dashboard home page and can check them.

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Now we discuss multiple options which we get in a plugin.

  • General Settings:-

In general settings, you can select a domain name for which you want to show stats or you can able to change a color of your stats.

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  • Back-end Settings :-

Here you can select who can see your stats, like “Administrator”, “Editor”, “Author” etc. The check box is available for each name, you can select multiple from them.

You can choose how many numbers of pages can be shown on real time stats.

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More options are available in back-end settings like :-

  1. Geo map chart for visitors
  2. Show traffic overview
  3. Show top pages
  4. Show top referrers
  5. Show top searches

Google analytics

  • Front-end Settings :-

Front-end settings allow you to show your stats on your website pages. Here you can also decide which user can see those stats.
Just have a look on image

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So these are the settings which can be done using plugin, hope you like them. Give your feedback and comments below.