In WordPress you’ll always get something exciting and have some major changes and features. Recently WordPress version 5.5 “Eckstine” is released in honor of Billy Eckstine American jazz singer. This version is now available for download. It will provide new power to three major areas Speed, Search, and Security.

With WordPress 5.5 you’ll get Block Directory, Block Patterns, and Automatic Updates for Themes and Plugins. This release has a contributions of 805 volunteers (with 38% of them being new contributors.) 

New Block Directory –

With this New WordPress release you’ll get Block Directory for single-block plugins and you can now search them and insert blocks directly inside the editor. The blocks which you have selected are downloaded seamlessly in the background and automatically activated and placed in the content. You can also do the Inline image editing of your Image by Cropping, rotating, and zoom your photos right from the image block. You can add backgrounds and gradients to more kinds of blocks, like groups, columns, media & text.

The advantage is that users don’t have to break their workflows in order to install new functionality. The Blocks installed via the editor can also be uninstalled from the plugins page in the admin. This Block Editor will give you Smooth Editing experience.

WordPress SecurityAutomatic Updates for Themes and Plugins-

Now auto-updates for themes and plugins is available in this WordPress version.You can also turn auto-updates on or off for each plugin or theme you have installed all on the same screens you’ve always used. These updates will happen the same day they are available, so users don’t have to check in as often and sites are better protected from plugin and theme vulnerabilities getting exploited.

ZIP file theme and plugin updates –

Before WordPress 5.5, users could not update a theme or a plugin via a ZIP file install without using a plugin. WordPress now directs users to a new screen that compares the currently-installed version with the uploaded version after clicking the Install Now button.

XML Sitemaps

This new WordPress now includes extensible core sitemaps, and many users don’t need any plugin for this functionality. With this basic implementation, it will not impact performance or cause conflicts with other plugins that add sitemaps.

Improved Accessibility

Now your Metaboxes can now be moved with the keyboard, assistive devices can see status messages in the image editor. You can copy the links in media screens and modal dialogs and this can be done with a click of a button.

Lazy Loading Images

WordPress images will now wait to load until users scroll them into view, speeding up performance, especially on mobile.

New Dashicons Library –

Dashicons library has received its final update in 5.5. It adds 39 block editor icons along with 26 others.

Note – Themes which are Compatible with WordPress 5.5 are – Top Store, Open Shop Pro, Almaira Pro , Bevro Pro , Shopline Pro, Oneline Pro and you can find more from here. These are our Premium themes, You can Go with our Free Themes too. All ThemeHunk themes are fully compatible with this new update. You can Download your new WordPress from here.

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