In WordPress you’ll always get something exciting and have some major changes and features. Recently WordPress version 5.4.2 is released, it is a Security and maintenance release of WordPress 5.4 “Adderley” which was released on March 31st, 2020. WordPress version 5.4.2 is available for download.

With WordPress 5.4 you’ll get many features, improvements and bug fixes to the block editor. Those changes affect both the functionalities and the UI, improving the editor’s accessibility/usability and the editing experience.

Some new features of WordPress 5.4 are :

  • Fullscreen Editor will be Default in WordPress
  • New Blocks in WordPress
  • More Color Options for Blocks
  • Block Selection Tool
  • Drag and Drop to Add Featured Image
  • Better Mobile Toolbar for Block Editor
  • Improved Latest Posts Block

Fullscreen Editor will be Default in WordPress –

If you are upgrading from WordPress 5.3 using the same browser and device that you regularly use, then your editor will open with the last mode you had enabled.

You can exit the fullscreen mode by clicking on the Editor settings and unchecking the ‘Fullscreen mode’ option.


New Blocks in WordPress –

There are Two new blocks you’ll see while writing your content. Social Icons Block and Buttons Block.

In social icons block you can add social media icons in your posts and pages. Social Icons block only allows you to add social media icons with links to your profiles. Remember one thing it does not add social sharing buttons. For that, you’ll still need a social media plugin with sharing features.


In Button Block allows you to add multiple buttons side by side. You can select the background or gradient colors for each button and choose from two different styles.

More Color Options for Blocks –

With this Update, It offers new color options for multiple blocks. Before you are only able to change the color of all text in a paragraph. With this update You can now change the color of any text inside a paragraph block.


Block Selection Tool –

With Block Selection Tool you can add a new button in the toolbar and it allows you to easily select blocks. This is a really useful tool particularly when you have nested blocks inside a group block. Doing this process is very simple, just click on the select tool and then take your mouse to the block you want to select.


Drag and Drop to Add Featured Image –

With this update you can easily Drag & Drop your Image to the Featured image section. In the Previous version, you needed to manually select to upload and set the featured image. This didn’t match the drag and drop ability of the content editor.

Better Mobile Toolbar for Block Editor –

With this new update of WordPress has fixed this with a fixed toolbar on the top. In the previous version if you had to edit a blog post using a mobile device, then you may have noticed how the block settings toolbar moved around. This made it quite difficult to use the editor on mobile devices.

Improved Latest Posts Block –

This makes the Latest Posts block a lot more engaging and useful. In the previous version, the Latest Posts block didn’t include the featured images. You can also choose the size and alignment for the featured image.

How to Upgrade WordPress ?

Sometimes your site are not configured for automatic upgrade. No worries, just Go to Dashboard there you’ll see Updates and click “Update Now.” This will update WordPress to the latest release… hope you enjoy it.


Themes which are Compatible with WordPress 5.4, 5.4.1 and 5.4.2 are – Open Shop Pro, Almaira Pro , Bevro Pro , Shopline Pro, Oneline Pro and you can find more from here. These are our Premium themes, You can Go with our Free Themes too. All ThemeHunk themes are fully compatible with this new update. You can Download your new WordPress from here.

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