How to Style your Text in Custom Section

Style your Text in Custom Section

Do you want to add text with different styles in custom section? Adding style to text in custom section will make site more attractive. You can do this easily, Just follow the below instructions.

  • First go to your Dashboard> Page> Editor. Here is the visual mode in your editor. Now enter the text which you want to show on textarea of custom section.
  • custom section doc1

  • After this select the styles, for eg – Color, bold or italic font, heading h1 to h6 and so on. Now click on text mode, you will see your text has been converted into HTML. Copy this text and paste it in the textarea of your custom section.
  • custom section doc2
    custom section doc3
    In this way you can easily change the styling of text in custom section.
    Note – No need to publish the page. This is only for using the editor to change the styling of text.