Are you looking for the best WordPress Block Themes for your website? The WordPress Gutenberg Editor that is also called WordPress Block Editor is very fast and responsive.

There are various free WordPress block templates you can use to create your website with full site editing,

It makes it easy for users to edit and publish WordPress Websites. This is a new way of creating posts and pages with new layouts for WordPress websites.

In this blog, we will share some of the best WordPress Block Themes for your website, and these are the Full site editing themes.

We have the list of the best Free block WordPress themes or the best full site editing themes for WordPress. We have also listed the best block plugins for WordPress.

We have picked these Best WordPress Full Site Editing themes after trying them, after testing these themes we have selected some of the best Block WordPress themes.

What are the WordPress Block Themes?

A WordPress Block Theme is a collection of Blocks. All content on the block themes like Header, Footer, etc is made using WordPress block editor.

The WordPress new generation of themes allows greater customization and simpler building. Themes can now be created entirely with blocks. It is also called FSEFull Site Editing

No more complexities like the old WordPress Classic editor. Create anything with the new WordPress Block Editor.

All the templates from the theme can be edited using the Full Site Editor, like the Homepage, Blog, Archive page, or single pages.

The New WordPress Editor is designed to be a lot more like website and page builder tools. 

If you’re looking for WordPress block theme starter templates then you’re at the right place. We have a list of the Best WordPress Full Site Editing Themes.

Best WordPress Block Themes 2023


Full Site Editing WordPress Block Theme Preview
Active Installs1,000+

Blockline is a Fast & Lightweight, Full Site Editing ready WordPress Block Theme. This Free theme provides Full Site Editing templates for all your website’s main pages and sections.

Blockline full-site editing theme comes with block patterns, ready for quick prototyping while building your website. You can change or modify every part of your site, including the colours, typography, and page layout, to meet your needs.

This is a fast and mobile responsive theme for your blog. With Blockline Theme you can easily create block-based WordPress websites. Just download and install this beautiful theme to create stunning websites.

Twenty Twenty Two

WordPress Block Themes
Active Installs1+ million

Twenty Twenty-Two Theme is the official WordPress theme by

Twenty Twenty-Two is a simple, fast, and responsive WordPress Theme. It can be used for any type of website. This is the full site editing WordPress theme.

This theme perfectly works with the WordPress full site editor. its colour palette is drawn from nature, and its layout elements sit gently on the page.

It gives an attractive first impression to users with a simple and minimal layout. his theme is customizable for background colours, fonts, colour schemes, and animations.

Whether you’re building a single-page website, a blog, a business website, or a portfolio website, this theme will be best for getting started.

This theme is built for WordPress 6.1+ and Full Site Editing, so you can change the structure of your header, footer, and all other parts of the theme in the new Site Editor that call FSE.


WordPress Block Themes
Active Installs10,000+

Zeever is a responsive block-based full-site editing WordPress theme. It comes with a unique and dark theme-like interface.

With a choice of post layouts and styles, seven sidebars, support for popular third-party widgets, numerous theme options, and the powerful editing features of Full site editing, it is one of the Best Full site editing Themes.

Zeever’s created especially for Digital agencies, Creative agencies, Online portfolios, Designers, and Freelancer websites for companies or individuals that need a beautiful landing page for their business.

This theme is built for WordPress 6.0 and Full Site Editing, so you can change the structure of your header, footer, and all other parts of the theme in the new Site Editor.


WordPress Block Themes
Active Installs2,000+

Blockbase is another full site editing simple theme by WordPress core team Automattic. This is a simple block-based WordPress theme.

It comes with a set of minimal templates and design settings that can be manipulated through Global Styles. Create anything you want.

Designed and enhanced for a full site editor with full front-end styling, support for all alignments, and custom colour palettes.

Create multiple post displays on your homepage, perfect for showing your favourite posts from multiple categories, and post types or choose the posts you want to display in each block.


Full Site Editing Theme
Active Installs2,000+

Blockpress is a fast and responsive WordPress full-site editing theme. You can use this theme for creating any type of website.

It is a stylish and modern free WordPress theme designed to work seamlessly with the new full-site editor. It is specially optimized for full site editing.

Quickly and easily change your theme colour scheme, select individual element colours and border colours to create just the look you want.

It’s well-built and good for starting off, but it could use some more template variety. Great for any business looking to build its online presence.


Bjork 32
Active Installs4,000+

Bjork is a simple WordPress Blocked Based Theme for blogs and personal websites. It features some minimal features like a sticky sidebar menu etc.

It comes with 7 different theme styles to choose from, and over 15 different block patterns that you can use to build unique page layouts on your website.

Gutenify Hustle

gutenify hustle
Active Installs1,000+

Gutenify Hustle is a Full Site Editing WordPress Block Based Modern Theme. You can create FSE Website with this theme.

Gutenify Hustle is a multipurpose block-based free theme. It lies in its customizability with a combination of Gutenify Plugin.

Gutenify Plugin you can create a different customized template, you can also use its in-built template kits and then further customize them according to your needs.

Catch FSE

WordPress Block Themes
Active Installs1,000+

Catch FSE is a free block-based full-site editing WordPress theme. It is responsive and comes with a minimal design.

The theme suits best all kinds of websites including online blogs and corporate sites. You can easily start building your content with the intuitive Drag & Drop interface using patterns.

you can edit everything including colors, typography, and the layout of every single page/post on your site can be customized to suit your need.

Display your favorite posts from a category, and type or specify the posts you want to display. Configure and combine blocks to create unique and exciting displays.


bricksy theme 31
Active Installs1,000+

Bricksy is simple to use, with an elegant touch of minimalism that will make your site stand out from others.

It is full site editing and block-based WordPress theme for creating any type of website. Also, it is a fully customizable theme.

It is a modern WordPress site editor theme suitable for a small business site, online store, or personal blog.

Layouts of Bricksy are very slick with a smooth flow and lots of elements to grab your attention. Each works seamlessly and creates a great impression.


PhotoBrust 832
Active Installs2,000+

PhotoBrust is a Photography Based WordPress Theme for Full Site Editing websites. It is made for websites like photos, portfolios, photographers, graphic designers, etc.

This theme includes 13+ different patterns, 10 Templates, and 5 Template Parts. and it includes clean typography and a simple design.

The theme includes a fully responsive and unique design for all devices. You can create an amazing photo-based website with this theme.


frost theme
Active Installs1,000+

Frost is an experimental Full Site Editing theme for WordPress. It extends the power of the editor and enables builders to create amazing websites.

It features advanced design settings and a story format on the homepage. The theme includes multiple header layouts and templates.

This theme has a full-width and responsive design, landing page templates, and more. Frost allows you to build link pages to help you connect with potential clients, share content, and get social.

It features custom backgrounds, color styles, and a custom logo, and can be customized using the WordPress customizer with a live preview.


Active Installs1000+

Aeonium is another beautiful and simple Full site editing WordPress site editor theme. It comes with some nice colour combinations and styling.

It is also a dark theme for block-based WordPress sites. It also comes with six style variations/color palettes including one light style in addition to the default design.

Arc Fse

arc fse 7
Active Installs1,000+

Arc Fse is another free WordPress block-based theme for full-site editing websites. You can alter every component of your site, including the colours, typography, and page layout, to meet your needs.

It comes with premade one-click import Patterns to quickly create any type of pattern. With strong typography and simple design, it is a beautiful theme.

The theme is responsive so looks good on almost every device. You can set up multiple header styles, navigation styles, and layouts.


aino theme 412
Active Installs800+

Aino is a Full Site Editing block theme for the WordPress block editor. Create a unique online shop, business website, portfolio, or personal blog with this theme.

Quickly and easily change your theme colour scheme, select individual element colours and border colours to create just the look you want.

The theme is based on a powerful framework and made fully responsive so that your website would look perfect on any device, from Android smartphones to Retina displays.


Ona theme 31
Active Installs3,000+

Ona is a beautiful full-site editing block-based WordPress theme. It is minimalist, loads fast, and is designed to work seamlessly with the block editor.

It gives an attractive first impression to users with a simple and minimal layout. It has a story-based homepage layout to feature your top articles professionally. The Theme is built-ready so you don’t need to build it from scratch.

It is a fresh and comprehensive blog WordPress theme that is completely compatible with the site editor and allows for the creation of beautiful posts and pages.


tove theme 31
Active Installs1,000+

Tove is a minimal and responsive full-site editing block-based WordPress Theme. This is a WordPress theme that was built with the site editor.

With This theme, you can customize every area of your site and add new features. There are useful dynamic elements to play around with like Post Title, Post Content, Post Author, Post Date, etc.

The theme comes with a bunch of creative blog page layouts suited for lots of specific subjects.

It comes with Beautiful typography, extremely simple customization, and of course, a very creative homepage.


Blockify 313
Active Installs1000+

Blockify WordPress theme is another minimal, and lightweight block-based WordPress theme. You can create any type of design with this theme.

The theme also comes with features like Dark mode, SVG icons, text gradients, and many other useful features.

This full site editing theme is beautiful and responsive. It also has its own Block Library to add extra rich features to your website.


kelsey theme 8031
Active Installs600+

Kelsey is a free multipurpose WordPress Block Theme for creating websites. It comes with beautiful full-site editing features.

This is a block-based theme that is suitable for all kinds of websites like portfolios, businesses, photography, corporate, etc.

With the dark design, Kelsey helps in making your site unique among others. The theme is built in accordance with Full Site Editing features that let you customize your site as per your need

All of the Kelsey blocks, block patterns, templates, and templates parts are fully responsive, easy to use, and customizable.

Paloma FSE

paloma fse 32
Active Installs1,000+

Paloma FSE is a block-based WordPress Theme for Full site Editing Websites. That allows you to create your designed website easily.

Paloma FSE is a free, multi-use theme that adheres to the Full Site Editing features. you can alter every component of your site, including the colours, typography, and page layout, to meet your needs.


Q: What is meant by WordPress Block Themes?

Ans: They are themes that are designed specifically to work with the new WordPress site editor, which was introduced in WordPress 5.0. The site editor is a more visual way of creating content, and block themes are designed to take advantage of that by providing lots of layout options and design features specifically for blocks.

Q: Best Free WordPress Block Templates?

Ans: The best Free WordPress Block Templates are Blockline, Twenty Twenty-Two, Zeever, and BlockBase.

Q: What is Full site editing in WordPress?

Ans: In WordPress, full site editing means that you can make changes to any page or post on your website. This includes adding new content, editing existing content, and deleting content.


So these are the Best Free WordPress Block Themes for Full Site Editing websites. These themes are best for you if you’re going to create a website using WordPress site editor.

Do you also know any theme that is really good, and compatible with WordPress site Editor, then share it with us we will try to add them to this blog.

If you have any questions regarding anything, do not hesitate, just comment down below, and we will help you to solve your problem. Thanks for reading this blog. 

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