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Making WordPress editor better

Vayu Blocks is completely user-friendly and improves the default WordPress block editor,
to create more flexible environment for creating amazing websites.

Flexbox Container

Vayu Block's Flexbox Container for WordPress Full Site Editing offers seamless control and flexibility, elevating your design with precision and ease.

container main

Advance Heading

Create amazing styling headings or titles within your posts or pages using Advance Heading.

heading block

WooCommerce Product

It enables you to seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce products into your content, in posts or pages.


Advance Button

Easily design attractive buttons with Vayu Blocks’ advanced customizations and design blocks.


Advance Spacer

Spacer block is used to create empty spaces between content blocks, improving visual separation and layout control.

spacer vayu block

Empower with woo integrations

Empower Your Business with Seamless WooCommerce Integrations, Boosting Efficiency and Elevating E-commerce Success.

search vayu 1

Advance Search

It is capable to search across all your WooCommerce products ( Product title, Description, Categories, ID and SKU)


Product Comparision

Create interactive product comparison tables, and allow customers to compare their products on their WooCommerce Store.

Floating cart

Float Cart

Float Cart is a perfect choice to display Cart on your website and improve your potential customer’s buying experience.

woo builder vayu

Compatibility at its core.

At its core, compatibility reigns supreme, ensuring seamless integration and harmonious functionality for optimum performance.

Simple & reliable

Streamlined solutions with dependable performance, making everyday tasks efficient and hassle-free.

No coding knowledge required

Easily achieve your goals without the need for programming expertise, simplifying tasks, and easy to use.

Highly efficient

Optimized for peak performance, ensuring tasks are completed with speed, precision, and reliability.

Clean code

Impeccably organized and structured, promoting readability and maintainability for a seamless development experience.

SEO friendly

Designed to enhance search engine visibility, ensuring your content ranks high and reaches a wider audience.

Some silent features

Key features of Vayu Blocks for creating better, building faster websites.

Customize everything

Tailor your experience to perfection, allowing complete personalization and control over every aspect.

customize vayu

Typography & color

Craft a captivating visual identity with precise typography and vibrant color schemes, defining your style using advance options.


100% Responsive layout

Ensuring seamless adaptability across devices for an optimal user experience on any screen size.

vayu responsive

Predesign Pattern

Get professionally designed pre-built Patterns designed using Vayu Blocks.


Speed & Performance

Vayu Blocks is optimized for enhanced speed and performance, ensuring websites load faster than ever before.


Simple pricing

Create Professional Websites at Minimum Cost with various features.



Ideal for personal use


14-Days Money Back Guarantee*



Ideal for personal use


14-Days Money Back Guarantee*



Ideal for personal use


14-Days Money Back Guarantee*

For the Annual Plan, subscriptions are set to automatically renew , so that you will continue to receive updates and support after one year. If you would prefer not to renew, you can cancel your subscription at any time.. Have any Question? See our FAQ or Contact Us

The Vayu Blocks plugin offers great versatility. It allows you to design attractive news magazine blogs, business sites, portfolio sites, eCommerce sites, and more. With a plethora of well-optimized features, it provides a wide range of possibilities.

Certainly! Vayu Blocks are designed to be compatible with all themes and plugins. Although they are specifically optimized for optimal performance with the Vayu X theme, we’ve taken measures to ensure their smooth functionality with all major themes within the WordPress ecosystem.

To use Vayu Blocks, you need to have the latest version of the Vayu Block plugin installed on your website, with the latest version of WordPress.

No, Vayu Blocks won’t cause any slowdowns on your website. It provides excellent modular control by allowing you to activate each individual block separately. Additionally, we’ve implemented optimized codes in the plugin, ensuring that only the necessary resources are loaded. These advanced features contribute to an enhanced site speed experience.

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Jeff Cardella
Jeff Cardella
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I am a criminal defense attorney and expungement lawyer in Indianapolis Indiana and my website is Themehunk is very easy to use. I had no prior web design experience and was able to make a very good site on my own. The customer support at themehunk is very top notch and they are always quick to reply to any customer support questions.
Anamarija Ferrari
Anamarija Ferrari
Read More
I absolutely recommend ThemeHunk! Not only they have amazing website themes, but they also have the best support team ever! With their help you can create an amazing personalised website in just couple of hours! I needed to tweak some things in my website that was not included in theme and they were amazingly helpful. They were so helpful with every little detail, so patient with all my questions and dilemmas. They definitely have me as a lifetime customer. Thank you!!!
Susan Wooler
Susan Wooler
Read More
I has a small technical problem with my WordPress site which for love nor money I could not sort. I sent Themehunk an email, they replied explaining how I could sort the problem and I managed to do it instantly, THANK YOU very much for your speedy help
Aś Andryskowska
Aś Andryskowska
Read More
I had a problem displaying widgets on the home page. The quick and reliable response helped get rid of the problem. Thank you ! I recommend ThemeHunk with all my heart
BJ Hobby Supply
BJ Hobby Supply
Read More
The customer service coming from ThemeHunk is exceptional. They are quick to provide support, honest with what is possible, and a trustworthy organization to work with.
Martynas Andriejaitis
Martynas Andriejaitis
Read More
Tried few themes. Very nice job. Also had very small issues, but support resolve everything in minutes. Superb.

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