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WordPress is the most popular content management system all over the world. According to the data on W3Techs, WordPress powers around 43% of the websites on the internet.

WordPress provides a user-friendly interface, various plugins, and multiple customization options that help create any website from blogging to business to eCommerce.

WordPress is known for its flexibility and user-friendly content management system, making it a strong and reliable option for effortlessly handling and presenting content to a broad and varied audience.

Renowned for its user-friendly interface, extensive plugin ecosystem, and customization options, WordPress offers a versatile platform for various website needs, ranging from personal blogs to large-scale enterprises and eCommerce ventures.

Popular Websites Built with WordPress

In this article, we have compiled some popular websites built with WordPress.

Most Popular Websites Built with WordPress

1. Nasa

Nasa is one of the most Popular Websites Built with WordPress

Utilizing robust enterprise-level WordPress builds, both NASA and NASA Science websites provide lots of information and a wide range of media content.

The platform helps everyone to easily explore and enjoy NASA’s projects, mission, and research. The websites are designed to be easy to use, so you can easily explore space wonders without any trouble.

So, whether you are tracking Mars rovers or studying the Big Bang, NASA’s powered websites, provide a friendly way to explore the mysteries of the universe.

2. The White House

white house 23

The United States President’s official website is built with WordPress, offering a user-friendly approach for the U.S. government to communicate online.

The website offers valuable information about policies, initiatives, and activities of the U.S. government. It includes speeches, official announcements, and press releases, ensuring everyone knows about the President’s agenda.

The website includes information about the President, Vice President, and other administration members. Additionally, it provides insights into the past Presidents, first families, and the federal government.

3. Sony Music

sony music 105

Sony Music is one of the largest music powerhouses in the world. It relies on WordPress to manage artist catalogues and multimedia content.

With intuitive navigation, visitors can easily find their favourite artists, and new music, and stay updated on the latest news and events.

The website not only looks great but also works well on any device, making it easy for visitors to explore the rich and diverse worlds of Sony Music artists and releases.

4. Time

time magazine 12

Time Magazine, one of the world’s most influential magazines, uses WordPress to power its website, delivering news, current events, and in-depth content to a global audience.

When you browse the TIME website, you will find news and analysis covering politics, health, science, culture, business, sports, and other topics.

The flexibility of WordPress allows developers to easily integrate multimedia content such as videos, photos, and interactive graphics to make their stories meaningful and more useful.

WordPress’s versatility and Time magazine’s strong journalism create an engaging online presence suitable for a variety of readers.

5. Prime Minister of India

pmindia 50

The Prime Minister of India’s official website uses the popular content management system WordPress.

The website offers details about the Prime Minister’s speeches, activities, and policies and the plans he has for the country.

In addition, the website highlights the profile of the current Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet, and government. It also provides information about the former Prime Ministers of India.

The website is organized and simple, making it easy for visitors to easily navigate and stay updated with the latest activities and announcements.

6. The Walt Disney

the walt disney 12

The Walt Disney website is also built with WordPress which offers an excellent online experience to its visitors.

WordPress provides Walt Disney with greater flexibility and control to handle complex features and functions required for such a massive website.

The website allows users to easily navigate menus. Whether visitors are looking for information about Walt Disney, events and presentations, social responsibility, or recent news, WordPress provides a user-friendly interface to explore.

7. Vogue

vogue 105

Vogue is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle magazine websites built with WordPress.

The website effortlessly combines elegant looks with easy-to-use features, offering visitors a stylish and friendly experience to explore fashion, beauty, and culture.

Its clean and minimalistic design showcases stunning visuals, including runway shots, street photos, videos, and impressive editorials. Everything is organized in a grid-like structure that looks pleasing and easy to navigate.

WordPress plugins and extensions enhance the functionality and experience, offering social media integration, video galleries, or even eCommerce capabilities.

8. Microsoft News

microsoft news 204

Microsoft News also trusts WordPress to deliver news and updates to a global audience.

The platform seamlessly handles the constant updates from education, to business to development news.

WordPress user-friendly interface allows editors to publish new content, keeping the audience fresh and updated. It can handle Microsoft’s large number of visitors smoothly and keeps things safe by protecting important information, like subscriber data.

9. New York Post

new york post 15

New York Post is one of the oldest and most popular newspapers in the United States, which also relies on the versatile capability of WordPress to share news and stories with its diverse audience.

Thanks to WordPress, the site is easy to use, allowing editors to efficiently publish lots of new and interesting content. This ensures that readers are up-to-date and entertained with the latest information.

The New York Post website comes with various sections, including news, sports, business, entertainment, shopping, lifestyle, etc. Each section has a unique design and layout, but all of them navigate easily.

10. Capgemini

capgemini 48

Capgemini is a multinational consulting and technology company that trusts WordPress to showcase various services, including business consulting, technology consulting, outsourcing, and data transformation.

The site is designed to be stylish and easy for visitors. They can seamlessly navigate the pages to learn more about the company’s expertise in different fields.

Capgemini is another great example of how to make an enterprise-level website with WordPress in the fast-changing world of tech and business.

11. Angry Birds

angry birds 51

Even the mobile gaming sensation Angry Birds website runs on WordPress. The platform’s adaptability creates an engaging and lively space for fans.

WordPress’s intuitive interface allowed the Angry Birds team to easily update news, showcase games, and characters, and connect with their enthusiastic fans.

WordPress allows the Angry Birds team to effortlessly manage and update content that ensures users always get the freshest information and the coolest gaming stuff without any trouble.

12. TED Blog

ted blog 123

The TED Blog is a great platform that spreads new ideas and insights from the TED talks. It is also built with WordPress which makes it easy to read and explore.

TED Blog is constantly updated with new content. No matter what you like, there’s always something new to read. The blog covers a wide range of topics, from science and technology to business and culture.

WordPress allows the TED Blog to share innovative concepts in a way that’s accessible and engaging for a diverse global audience.

13. Rolling Stone

rolling stone 24

Rolling Stone, the iconic music magazine is also made using WordPress. It is a go-to online hub for people who love music, culture, and in-depth journalism.

With the use of platform flexibility, the Rolling Stone team well-managed articles, interviews, and reviews and made it easy to include photos and videos.

Thanks to WordPress, the website provides an engaging and smooth experience for the visitors whether they are scrolling down or navigating through pages.

14. Harvard University

harvard university 15

One of the world’s top universities, Harvard University relies on WordPress to build its website.

By utilizing WordPress’s adaptability and ease of use, Harvard effectively highlights academic achievement and research on the home page. You can search anything like quick links, find a person, or the list of departments by simply clicking on the search bar.

The website also shares new and interesting details about the university, academics, campus, and Harvard tours.

15. Tech Crunch

techcrunch 12

Tech Crunch is a prominent technology news hub website built with WordPress.

It is a great website for people who want quick updates, deep analysis, and valuable insights on technology, startups, and innovation.

Tech Crunch is a good example of how WordPress can be used to create professional-looking tech news websites.

16. Rafael Nadal

rafaelnadal 45

World-famous tennis sports personality, Rafael Nadal also uses WordPress to build his website.

The website has everything you want to know about Nadal, offering insights into his daily life, sharing personal photos capturing moments around the court, and providing details about his academy, museum, and more on the About page.

Moreover, the Fan’s page offers a platform for people to connect and celebrate Nadal’s journey. Also, there is a Rafael Nadal Shop where anyone can buy official stuff.

Rafael Nadal’s website shows that WordPress is versatile enough to suit individual brands and personalities.


Q: Are WordPress websites customizable?

Ans: Yes, WordPress offers endless customization. Anyone can choose its wide range of themes, personalize it as needed, and enhance the functionality by using plugins. If you have coding skills, you can even edit the code for more advanced customization.

Q: How secure is WordPress for website development?

Ans: Security is a top priority of WordPress. They provide regular updates to fix any potential issues. But security also depends on users’ practice. Make sure everything on your site, like theme, plugins, and WordPress core is always up-to-date, and also use a strong password to keep the website secure.

Q: How can I build a website with WordPress?

Ans: If you want to build a website with WordPress, first you need to select a domain name, choose a reliable hosting provider, install WordPress, and then choose a theme, add content to it, and customize your website according to your needs. If you want to add more functionality to your site, you need to install plugins.

Q: Which are the best themes and plugins for WordPress?

Ans: There are multiple themes and plugins for WordPress, so it is difficult to choose the right one. Here we suggest some of the best themes and plugins:
Themes: ThemeHunk, Divi, Astra, GeneratePress, Neve, OceanWP
Plugins: Lead Form Builder, Contact Form 7, JetPack, Yoast SEO


WordPress has become a powerful and versatile platform that can be used to create many websites across different industries. As you can see above, popular websites built with WordPress include news, entertainment, music, government, technology, sports, and even celebrities.

WordPress’ user-friendly interface, extensive plugin library, and unlimited customization make it the best choice for website development for everyone, from individuals to businesses.

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