TH Advance Search Plugin

Quick and Fast Search

Th advance Search plugin is designed to provide user a ultra fast result.  You don’t have to wait too long for the search results. It has a Fast search which improves user a  better shopping experience.


Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Th Advance search plugin is fully responsive on all kinds of devices, including Desktop, iPads and mobile.  Plugin is especially designed for a better mobile user experience. You’ll get settings to display the search icon only on mobile devices too. 


Search Analytics Support

This plugin comes with Google Search Analytics support. This will be helpful in to see all terms typed by users that don’t return products. It will also increase your sales. This will also give you better understand to understand what your customizer are searching. 

Search for Product

Plugin is specially made for Product search. It includes Product images, product descriptionshort description and SKU. You can also display Product categories for better search experience.  Its search response it great which will help increasing your sale. 


Search for Post & Pages

With Th Advance Search plugin you’ll get Search for your Post & Pages. You can display Post & Pages Images & Description along with their category. This Search can be useful for Blogging and Business websites.

Theme Compatible

Th Advance Search plugin is made compatible with almost all WordPress themes. You have to just integrate it your theme and start using this amazing search plugin. Integration is very easy and smooth by just putting the shotcodes. 


Autocomplete Search

With Th Advance Search plugin you will get Autocomplete functionality. This will make search easier & fast. You will get an option of Min characters to show autocomplete, Search start showing the results after the minimum character value you have set. 


Color Manager

Color options are given for Search box and Suggestion box. You can change the color of each and every element. Just pick your desired color from the color box and make your Search more attractive.