Translating Theme

Translate through PO file

Translating theme is very easy with “ThemeHunk” theme in different language.
1) Download poedit software (
2)Here we are taking an example of Novelpro theme, just open a novelpro.pot file in ‘poedit’ from novelpro\languages\novelpro.pot by going to “File > New From POT/PO file…”
3) It will ask you language name in which you want to translate. Suppose we are translating in spanish then choose spanish in drop down.
4) Now translate your desired strings. And save it (Ctrl+s).
3) It will create and es.po file of your translation.
4) After that on your site server, create a new folder in your /wp-content directory called /languages.
5) You need to upload only .mo file to the languages folder you just created.
6) Now change the language in the admin settings screen. Settings > General > Site Language.


Translate theme through Polylang plugin

    • First install and activate the plugin on your wp dashboard.
    • Then go to Languages within the dashboard.
    • For adding new laguage, Choose a language from dropdown which you want to show on your site. Other fields will be automatically filled. After that click on Add new language .
add language in polylang plugin

add language in polylang plugin

    • Go to Page/Post. In Page/post editor, you will find a new language column on the right side. Select or switch the desired language and publish your page/post.

translating theme page image e1613733063499

    • Polylang plugin will automatically fetch “.mo”file from theme language folder.
    • Translate customize panel. Go to Customize > Desired section > Enter the original text in the text area which you want to show on your site. Now go to wp-dashboard > Strings translations.
    • In string translation, you are able to translate the content of your customize panel. Here you will see the desired languages which you have chosen. Just simply write the translation in the input field and show in your panel.

translation theme string e1613733075717

    • For translating Home page sections widget.
    • Translating homepage widgets are so easy as eating an ice-cream, here we are taking an example of service widget for translation, just go to Appearance > Customizer > Service section > service widgets and add service widget, now trick is that there is choose language drop down available at the last of widget named “The widget is displayed for:” You just need to select a language in which language you want to so that widget, so you have to add multiple translation of same widget by choosing language from drop-down
polylang widget translation

polylang widget translation

    • Just use same process for translating all other widgets.

    • For showing language switcher in menus and widgets.
    • For Menus – Go to Appearance > Menus. Choose Language switcher from screen options > boxes. Add to menus. For menu setting assign your menu to the suitable theme location and show your language in menus for your visitor.

translating theme menu language swticher e1613733100361

    • For Widget – Go to Appearance > widgets. Choose the language switcher widget, drag and drop it in desired widget area,you will see the lots of customization option in widget, just check the option that you like to show in you language switcher.

translating theme language widget

Translate theme through qTranslate-x

Translate theme through qTranslate-x

  • Go with this article and learn to translate your theme with qTranslate-x

If you need more help regarding translation you can contact support forum