Single Post

For single post setting, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Layout > Single Post. A single post will show complete blog post. It will cover all content of posts such as featured image, description, post meta, and all important links.

  • Single Post Content Width – Change the width of your post page by increasing/decreasing the scroll bar or just enter the value in the text box.
  • Single Post Structure – Disable or enable the “Featured image” and “Post title & meta” from your post page. Drag & drop the elements and change their position according to your need.
  • Single Post Meta – Enable or disable the “Comment”, “Category”, “Author” and “Publish date” of a post using this option. Drag & drop the elements and change their position according to your need.
  • Meta Separator– You can add a separator between the meta tags, just write the “separator character” in the text box and show separation in them.
  • Enable Drop Cap – The first large capital letter of any paragraph is known as “Drop Cap”. Enable or disable the drop cap at the beginning of the text.
  • Remove Featured Image Padding – It will remove the spacing or padding from the featured image. It is only applicable for single page post.
  • Display Author Info – Check the box, Show the “Author bio” in a single post.
  • Display Related Post – You can show “Related post” under your post. It will automatically display related post which have same category or tag under the main post.
  • Enable Share Icon (Pro) – Enable or disable the “Share icon” in your post. So that you can easily share your post on desired social media.
  • Inside Space (Pro) – Add inside space in blog post by adding padding & margin in them.

single post bevro doc