Business Popup

Install Plugin

  • Download plugin from here.
  • Just upload the Business Popup zip file to the plugin directory, and then activate it from ‘Plugins’.

Edit Popup (Popup Editor)

edit popup 1 business popup

  • First choose the layout you want to edit, then click enable tab.
  • Now click on “Setting” . Here you’ll see the whole panel where you can edit your popup as you want.

edit popup 2 business popup

Close Button Editor

  • From here you can edit the close button settings. You can choose whether you want to close the popup on clicking the icon, Disable the icon and close the popup by clicking outside the popup or Close the icon by clicking on the icon and also clicking outside the popup.
  • You can choose the Icon Background color and Close icon color from the Color palette.

close button business popup

Popup Text Editor

  • You can Edit the Overall text of your popup. Dummy text is given, just click on the desired Text and start writing your Own. You can replace the text anytime you want.

Text editor business popup