Featuredlite Theme

Installing Theme

  • First, download the Featuredlite theme zip file.
  • Login to WP admin.
  • Go to “Appearance > Theme”.
  • Click on “Add new” button and then click on “Upload theme” button. Here upload theme zip file.
  • Activate the theme.


One click setup

  • Go to Customize > One click Homepage Setup. Click on the option installing plugin and setup homepage and with in one click it will set.

oneclick setup img featuredlite

Demo Import

  • Go to your WP dashboard. Navigate to Appearance > Get started with Featuredlite. Here you will see a option button “Demo import”. Click on it.
  • Before importing demo make sure ThemeHunk customizer Plugin and other recommended plugins has been installed on your dashboard.
  • Featuredlite demo import

  • Click on the Button “One Click Install“. Install and active the plugin. Now you’ll see a option of Import demo data in your appearance sidebar.
  • Click on the button “Import demo data“. Wait for few minutes Your demo will import successfully.

One-Click-Demo-Import featuredlite

General Setting

  • In this setting you can add the site information like a logo, site title, tagline for your site. Just open your dashboard, Go to “Appearance > Customize > General setting”.
  • Select your logo and site icon by clicking on “Select Image” button.

general setting novellite

Adding Menu

    For adding section scrolling menu on your homepage just follow the below steps –

  • Go to “Appearance > Menus” and create a new custom menu.
  • Add new link from “links” tab.
  • Here you need to add section id in “URL” field.
  • Please check id for all section, you can use them.

Home = #page-top
Ribbon = #ribbon
Services = #multifeature
About us = #about
Bottom Ribbon = #bottom-ribbon
Team = #team
Woocommerce = #woocommerce
Testimonial = #testimonials
News = #news
Contact = #contact
menus featuredlite
Now select “Front Menu” as a Theme Location for your Section Menus.
frontmenu featuredlite
To display menu at inner pages, create custom menu & select “main menu” from Menu Settings > Display location.
mainmenu featuredlite

Theme Option

  • To add theme options go to “Appearance > Customize > Theme options”. In theme options you get multiple options to change the whole styling of your site.

theme option featuredlite

Global setting

This setting allows you to set the site layout in all the templates of your site. If you want to disable the header and animation in your site, just check the box. You can also hide back to top button.
global setting

Site Colors

In this setting you can set the theme color, footer and copyright background color.
site colors theme option

Header setting

In header setting you can set the header layout and if you want transparent header just check the box (this will be applied for front page template only). You can show your last added menu as a custom menu button. You can set the background color and also pick color to each element.
header setting theme opt

Section On/Off

  • This setting will allow you to hide/show any section at home page.

section on off featuredlite

Background Option

  • For background option, Go to Appearance > customize > background option. In this option two sections are there –
  • Image background active – In image background you can set the background image on your site.
  • Slider background active – In slider background you can set slider in your site background. You can upto three slides with their slider speed.

bg option featuredlite

Main Header section

  • Go to Appearance > customize > Main header section. Three columns are there in this section. You can add font awesome icons.

main header featuredlite

  • Setting – Add title, link and description. You can pick color to each element. You can also add different styles of button in your slider.

main header column

Ribbon section

  • Go to Appearance > customize > Ribbon section. Two ribbon sections are there. You can add title, button text and link. You can also pick color for each element and set the background overlay color too.

ribbon section featuredlite
first ribbon sec featuredlite

Service section

  • Go to Appearance > customize > Service section. This section allows you to add services in your site.

service section featuredlite

  • Setting – In setting, add heading & sub-heading. You can pick color for each element. You can also set the background overlay color.

service setting featuredlite

  • Service widget – For service widget, go to service widget click on add a widget. Select ThemeHunk multi services column. Add font awesome icon class, title, description and link to your service.

service widget featuredlite

About us section

  • In about us section you can add the title, description and image. You can also set the bg color or bg overlay color in your section.

about us featuredlite

Team section

  • In team section you can show your team members.
  • Setting – You can add heading, sub-heading along with their color. You can also pick color for your background or set overlay color.

team section featuredlite

  • Team widget – For team widget, go to team widget click on add widget. Select ThemeHunk team widget. Add member image with member name, designation, description and social site link.

team widget featuredlite

WooCommerce Section

  • Go to  Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce Section. 
  • In WooCommerce section you can add heading, subheading with their desired color. To show the WooCommerce products on your site just put the shortcode in the text area.
  • In Shortcodes Text area add below shortcodes respectively –
  • To Show Featured Products – [featured_products]
  • To Show Sale Products -[sale_products]
  • To Show Best Selling Products – [best_selling_products]
  • To Show Recent Products – [recent_products]
  • To know how to create Shop page, Cart page, Checkout page & My account page with their shortcodes. Go to this doc

woo section featuredlite

  • Shop Page Setting – To add Products per row in Product Shop page. Go to Customizer > WooCommerce > Product Catalog > Products per row > add the number of product you want to shown. Similarly you can add Rows per page.

shop page setting featuredlite

Testimonial Section

  • In testimonial section you are able to show author testimonials through widget.
  • Setting – In setting you can add heading, sub-heading along with their color. You can also pick color for your background or set overlay color.

testimonial section featuredlite

  • Testimonial widget – Add ThemeHunk testimonial widget, here you can add the author image, name, bio and description.

testimonial widget featuredlite

Recent post Section

  • This section allows you to show blog post in your site. You can add unlimited number of post and also set the visible post on your site.
  • You can also pick color for your background or set overlay color.

recent post featuredlite

Contact Section

  • To add Contact us section, First you have to install Lead form builder plugin in your website. For this,  Go to Wp Dashboard  > Appearance > Install Plugins. Click on it, here you’ll see the recommended plugin. Just install them and Activate.


  • Now Navigate to Lead form builder, Here create a Form. To know how you can create a form. Follow this Doc.
  • Copy the Shortcode of Contact form.


  • Go to your Customize panel > Contact Section.
  • Here paste the Lead form builder shortcode in text area. It will display your form on Homepage.
  • You can add Main Heading, Sub Heading, Mobile, Address and Email in the text.
  • If you want to show address through Google map, Just insert the Google map iframe in the text area and display your address on the map.
  • You can pick color for each element. Background option will allow you to put bg color and you can set overlay color too.ezgif.com optimize 1
  • Note– If you want to Display Contact form in your page then, copy the Lead form builder Shortcode as shown in below image and paste it your Contact Us page. ( Pages > Add New Page > Contact Us )


Additional css

  • To add additional CSS go to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and simply put your CSS here.

oneline css img

For more information you can contact our support team at support forum.