How to Create WooCommerce Pages

During the installation of WooCommerce in your Wp dashboard. It automatically creates the Shop, Cart, Checkout and My Account pages via the Setup. But sometimes you accidentally skip that part or maybe delete the pages by mistake.

To re- create them, follow below steps for creating WooCommerce pages in your dashboard.

Go to your WP dashboard > Pages > add new page. Here Create Pages for Shop, Cart, Checkout and My Account. After that just put the Shortcode in your each page editor.

  • For Shop page – No Shortcode is needed. Just Create a blank page.
  • For Cart – Add [woocommerce_cart] shortcode and it will show your cart contents.
  • For Checkout – Add [woocommerce_checkout] shortcode and it will show the information such as shipping and payment options.
  • For My Account – Add [woocommerce_my_account] shortcode and it will show information to the customer about their account, orders, etc.

After putting these Shortcodes, Navigate to WooCommerce > Setting > Products. Set your Shop page from the Select Box. And save it.

To set Cart, Checkout and My account Page, go to WooCommerce > Setting > Advanced. In Page setup, set these pages by choosing desired pages from the Select Box. Save it.

Note – If you feel difficult in above process. Follow the Below one –

  • Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Status.
  • Click on Tools tab from the top left area.
  • Scroll down to “Create default WooCommerce pages”
  • Click on Create Pages.

After successfully completing these steps you will see this message “All missing WooCommerce pages successfully installed.”

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