PortfolioLite Theme

Installing Theme

  • First, download the Portfoliolite theme zip file.
  • Login to WP admin.
  • Go to “Appearance > Theme”.
  • Click on “Add new” button and then click on “Upload theme” button. Here upload theme zip file.
  • Activate the theme.


Setup Home page

  • Go to Dashboard > Pages > Add new. Enter a page title,choose template (Home page layout) and publish.
  • After that go to the Settings > Reading and set that newly created page as a Front page.

General Setting

  • To Add site information like Site title ,Tag line ,Logo upload and Site icon for your website open your dashboard.Go to “Appearance > Customize > General settings”.
  • Select your logo and site icon by clicking on “Select Image” button.
  • If you want to display a logo just Uncheck the “Display Site Tile & Tagline” checkbox.

General Setting

    To get scrolling menu please follow these steps.

  • Go to “Appearance > Menus” and create a new custom menu.
  • Add a new link from “links” tab.
  • Here you need to add section id in “URL” field.
  • Please check id for all section, you can use them.
  • Home = #page-top
    Portfolio = #portfolio-mywork-section
    Resume = #resume-ribbon
    Skill = #skill-info
    Testimonial = #testimonials
    Team = #team-info
    News Letter = #new-letter
    Pricing = #price-package
    Latest Post = #latest-post
    Contact = #contact-info
    Now select “Front Menu” as a Theme Location for your Section Menus.
    1-16-2017 12-26-29 AM

  • If you want to create menu that only shows on internal pages not on home page then create a custom menu and select them as a “Main Menu” as a Theme locations from Menu Settings.

1-16-2017 12-26-55 AM

Home page Section

  • Section Ordering : Order home page sections according to your requirement with the help of easy drag and drop section ordering.
  • Animation on/off option : This option allow to disable home page section item fly-in animation.

Home setting

Top Section

  • Background Images : Here you can upload one background images. Set Slider speed and disable section parallax effect.
  • Typewriter & Caption Setting: Here you can add 2 different typewriter text, Button text & links.You can also set typewriter speed.

top section

Portfolio Section

  • To add portfolio go to the Dashboard > Portfolio Gallery > Add New. Add a Featured image that you upload in each portfolio will display at the home page.
  • Heading & Subheading Option : Add heading and subheading for section.
  • Portfolio Settings:
  • Choose Container Width : Set width to normal to display portfolio layout in container (Max width 1090px) and set it to “Full Width” to display portfolio with 100% width.
  • Choose Portfolio Layout: Here you can select desired portfolio style.
  • A number of Portfolio Images To Show: Set number of portfolio post to display at home page.
  • Display: Check category to display at home page.

portfolio setting

Resume Section

  • Main Heading: Add heading for resume section. And check “Displaying Popup Resume” to display resume in a popup.
  • Button 1 Icon/Text/Link: Add icon, text, and link for the first button.
  • Button 2 Icon/Text/Link: Add icon, text, and link for the second button.
  • Upload Resume: Upload resume or any doc which you want to show when “Button 1” (View button) clicked. Uploaded doc will be downloaded through “Button 2” (Download Button).
  • Using Background setting you can set the image and image overlay color
  • By using color option you can set the title and button color

resume setting

Testimonial Section

  • Testimonial Widget : To display testimonial at home add testimonial widgets (Customize > Testimonial Section > Testimonial Widget)
  • You can set the background image with image overlay color

Testimonial Setting

Team Section

  • Heading and sub-Heading:Add heading and sub-heading for section
  • Team Widget: To display team members at home add team widgets (Customize > Team Section > Team Widget).

team widget

Pricing Section

  • Heading & Subheading Option: Add heading and sub-heading for section.
  • Price Widget: To display pricing tables at home add price widgets (Customize > Price Section > Price Widget). In this widget you can set title, price (your product or service price), currency, price-meta (define cost duration /day, /month or /year), level, 10 items and recommended (check it to make particular table featured).

price setting

Recent Post Section

  • Add section heading, subheading, post category (select category to display post category wise)

post setting

Contact Section

  • Email Detail: Go to the (https://fontawesome.io/icons/), copy desired icon name and paste it in the FontAwesome icon field. After that add your mail ID which you want to display at home.
  • Address Detail: Go to the (https://fontawesome.io/icons/), copy desired icon name and paste it in the FontAwesome icon field. After that add your address which you want to display at home.
  • Contact Detail: Go to the (https://fontawesome.io/icons/), copy desired icon name and paste it in the FontAwesome icon field. After that add your contact number which you want to display at home.

contact setting (1)

  • Footer Logo: To display any heading in the footer use this option. By default site title will display.
  • Copyright Text: Use this option to add copyright text in the footer bottom.
  • Social-Icon Widget: To add social icons in the footer click Social-Icon widget.

Footer setting

Adding Style

  • Here you can set the Header text color and Theme color.

Style setting

For more information you can contact our support team at support forum.