Th Product Compare Pro

Plugin Installation

Th Product Compare plugin helps you to create interactive product comparison tables and allow customers to compare their products.

    • Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin > Plugins > Add New. In the Right most side you’ll see the search box,  enter the keyword “Th Product Compare“. Plugin will appear.

th product compare installation 1

    • Then click on the ‘Install Now’ button.
    • Step 2: After the installation is completed, click on the ‘Activate’ button and “Th Product Compare” will be activated.

th product compare installation 2

  • Step 3: After activating “Th Product Compare” in your dashboard, you can see “Themehunk” tab in the right side. Under it you’ll find Th Product Compare tab, click on it. Now you can start customizing it.

TH Compare installing

How to Purchase & Install Pro Plugin

Th Product Compare Pro Plugin Allows customers to compare products. Using this WooCommerce plugin customer can compare their selected products and make a better decision before buying it.

    • Step 1 : Navigate to ThemeHunk homepage, You will see “Plugins” menus on the top, when you hover over it you’ll see Th Product Compare Pro, click on it.

th product compare plugin pro installation

    • Step 2 : Afterward, just simply hit the ‘Buy Now’ button and it will directly take you to the ‘Pricing‘ section of Th Product Compare Pro Plugin.

th product compare plugin pro installation 2

    • Step 3: Now choose your desired plan from here and hit the button Buy Now from desired table.
    • Step 4 : Purchase your plugin from here, fill all the required details. Login to your member’s area. Your pro plugin has been added in your member’s area dashboard.

th product compare installation pro 3

  • Step 5 : You’ll see a Th Product Compare Pro plugin zip file in your Member’s area. Download the zip file of plugin.
  • Step 6 : Now, Open your WP Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload the Plugin Zip file and Activate it.
  • You can See “Th Product Compare Pro” panel in your dashboard.

Appearance Setting of Compare Button ( Basic Setting )

  • For Button Appearance button settings, Go to your Dashboard > Th Product Compare > General > Button Appearance.

basic settings th product compare pro

  • Link or Button – With this option you can choose Button or link to display your compare button in product.
  • Icon Pro – With pro version you can also display compare icon with your products.
  • Product Compare Appear Pro – Using this option Product comparison table can be shown as a popup or within a page. Select ‘popup’ if you don’t want your users to leave the page where they are, select ‘Page’ if you prefer showing the comparison table on a page.
  • Pricing Table Appear Pro – You can select Slide bar or popup to display your pricing table.
  • Link and Button text – You can add the text of Compare button.
  • Number of Product to Compare – Here you can add the Number of products you want to show in your Compare table.
  • Display Compare Button – You can display compare button in Product Single Page or in Shop and Archive Pages.

appereance setting result

Compare button Advance Setting

    • For Compare button Advance Setting, Go to your Dashboard > Th Product Compare > Advance Setting.
    • Field To Show in comparison table – You can display following fields in your compare table – Image, Title, Price, Rating, Add To Cart, Description, SKU, Availability and Product attributes too.
    • Repeat Fields – You can Repeat “Price” field and Repeat “Add to cart” field in your comparison table.
    • Product Image Size –Pro You can add the desired image size of your product and display it in your table.

advance setting th product compare free

How to Compare same category product ? PRO

  • To create Category, Navigate to Dashboard > In the left side panel you’ll see Products > Categories.
  • Click on Category, Add new Product category name and upload thumbnail image here. Click on “Add New Category” Button.
  • To edit a pre-existing category, select a category on the right side of the screen.


  • Go to your Dashboard > Th Product Compare > Advance Setting > Compare Same Category Product
  • Using this option you can enable or disable Category Tab in the Comparison Table. The products added to the comparison table will be divided by category so that the comparison will be done only for products of the same category.

compare same category th product compare pro 1

How to display Similarities & Differences ? PRO

  • This option will be useful in highlighting the Similarities and differences of your products. You can easily compare similar products in a table that highlights differences or Similarities and focuses on product features.
  • Enable or disable Product Highlight Button- Using this option you can enable or disable Product Highlight Button. This will display “Hide Similarities” & “Highlight Differences” Button in the Comparison Table.

similarities and differences th product compare pro 1

highlight differences result

How to order Product fields ? PRO

  • You can easily drag & drop desired fields of your product. You can interchange place fields and show them in your comparison table.
  • You can display following fields of your products – Image, Title, Price, Rating, Add To Cart, Description and SKU.
  • Along with these fields you can also display Global attributes and Custom attributes.
  • Global Attributes – These attribute are created for all the products.
  • Custom attributes – You can display custom attribute (attribute created for individual product). To know how to create Attributes for your product. Go with this link.
  • Dynamic Attributes – Using this option you can enable or disable Product Dynamic Attributes in your comparison table.


Comparison Table Preview ​Styling PRO

    • To style your product comparison table, Go to your Dashboard > Th Product Compare > Styling > Compare Preview .
    • Popup Heading – Here you add the Heading and background color of your product comparison table.
    • Table – You can Pick desired color for your following table elements like Image Background Color, Even Row Background Color, Odd Row Background Color, Border Color, Rating Color and Remove Button Text Color
    • Add To Cart Color – Pick desired color for Add to Cart Button color and text color.
    • Footer bar Color – You can pick desired color for following elements present in footer bar, Background Color, Button Color, Button Background Color, Button Icon Color, Button Icon Background Color and Image Background Color
    • Footer Bar Opener Button color – Pick desired color for Footer Bar Opener Button.

styling th product compare plugin

Comparison Table Preview Settings PRO

    • For product comparison table element settings, Go to your Dashboard > Th Product Compare > Setting > Compare Preview .
    • Popup Heading Text – Here you can add the popup heading text.
    • Popup Animation – There are four different animation styles of your comparison table. Using this option you can choose animation effect for your popup according to your need.
    • Popup Position – From this option you can choose the position of your popup animation. This will work with your Selected animation effect, your popup will come from left, right, bottom or Top side of your website respectively.
    • Footer Bar Opener Button Text – Add the Footer Bar Opener Button Text.

comparition table styling th product compare pro

How to Generate Shortcode PRO

    • Go to your Dashboard > Th Product Compare > Generate Shortcode.
    • Using this option you can Create shortcode with the desired products. You can use this shortcode anywhere in the pages & post.
    • Search your products in the search box and it will automatically create a shortcode for your product, copy that shortcode and place it in your page or post.

generate shortcode th product compare pro

How to display Comparison table at Product single page PRO

  • Go to your Dashboard > Th Product Compare > Single Page Settings.
  • Automated Comparison Table – This option will add Comparison Table at Single Pages of All Products.
  • Product Compare By – This option will be useful to display comparison using Category, Tag or Related products in your Single Product Page.
  • Number Of Product – From this option you can add the Number of products limit to show on a single product comparison page.
  • Exclude Product – You can exclude products from single product comparison page.

single product th product compare plugin

    • Manual Method – Manual option available to display table only on desired product page with selected products.
    • To get this option just go to your products > When you scroll down the product page editor, you’ll see Product Data panel > Compare option > Show Compare Product > select manual. It will open options for you. Now you can Include Compare Product which you want to show on that particular single Product page.

manual setup single page th compare product 2

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