How to post query at support forum

Get Started

Our Support forum is a fantastic resource with information in abundance but sometimes the user gets confused in using it and get trouble while contacting us. This tutorial is for our old as well as our new users who want to contact us for their queries through our forum.
Firstly I will tell you how to get started with our forum.

Pro User

If you are our premium user, you can log in directly by using aMember credentials which are created at the time of purchase.

Free User

Free users can register to access the forum. Once you get registered you are able to see our support forum.

Fill out all the important information in your profile page personal detail section. Now you become a member of our support forum.

support forum

How to create a Thread ( Query )

Creating a thread is similar for both the free and premium user, only the difference is that if you are a free user you are not able to see the conversations and threads of Premium themes.
First you have to login our support forum, there you can see all the nodes of themes (Premium and free nodes for premium users, and free nodes for free users). There are two methods to post thread.
1. You will see “Post Thread” button at the very top of these nodes.

Post Thread

Click on this button, it will ask in which node (Theme name) you have to post your query, Click on desired node and it will open form to write query.

choose node

2. Either you can first select particular node (Theme name), and then click on “Post Thread” button. It will open form to write your query

Post thread details

Send Private Messages

If you want to send a private message to support staff. Just go to the inbox section which is given in the support panel. Open it, here you will see the option start new conversation,

start conversation

in first field (Recipients:) write the name to whom you want to send message, and then fill all the required details and click “Start Conversation” button, it will send private message to staff member. But always remember your post are always related to our themes or plugin. Don’t post any unwanted or inappropriate material it will be deleted immediately.

conversation form

Points to keep in mind-

  • You will able to see all the threads related to the theme but you are not able to see the threads of premium themes if you are a free user. Always give a detailed information related to the thread so that we can help you easily and frequently.
  • One post one question. If your original question answered don’t use the same post to ask a different question.
  • You will always receive alert for your conversation which will keep you updated with your queries and messages. Our forum is not a chatroom so don’t start a topic which is not related to support issues.
  • Our forum moderators are always available to help you and solve your queries in support forum.