How to update Themes.

Before updating your theme if any changes were done in core files of theme then I would suggest you to first make backup of those changes or create a child theme and put those file in that.

Now there are three main procedure to update our themes

1. Using Dashboard

Just download a fresh copy of theme from your members area and save it to your local computer. Now login to your dashboard and activate any other theme(Theme Can’t be deleted if it is activated) Now delete old theme from “Appearance > Themes”.
After that go to “Appearance > Themes > Add New” and upload latest theme which you have saved in local computer.
After that activate theme, That’s it.
Now you are using latest theme.

2. Using FTP.

Before updating theme from FTP, login to your members area and download latest version of theme. Now extract that zip file and save it in your local computer.
To update your theme please login to your FTP account and go to “wp-content/themes” Now remove previous theme directory and upload new extracted theme directory.
Now go to your dashboard and activate theme.
You are ready to use latest theme.

3. Using Plugin.

You can update our themes and plugins by using a plugin which is Easy theme and Plugin upgrades. Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades fixes this limitation in WordPress by automatically upgrading the theme or plugin if it already exists.

  • Just go with Easy theme and Plugin upgrades download the plugin.
  • Login member Dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance > theme > upload theme.
  • Click the file browse button to select your theme zip file. The button’s text varies by browser. Select the zip file with the new theme version to install. Select “Yes” from the “Upgrade existing theme?” option.
  • Click the “Install Now” button.

By this you can use the upgrade version of our Theme.

If you need any assistance regarding this, please contact to our support forum.