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Since I bought the theme I really liked its design, but the technical service was the best, every time I had questions to ask them, they responded immediately and with a great solution. I highly recommend them!
I've used Themehunk for a few sites now, and their product is fantastic! I'm by no means a coder, but using their themes and supporting documentation has meant I saved thousands on website design and implementation. When I get stuck, I get an answer to my problem within minutes usually through their online chat. I really cannot recommend these guys to you enough!
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Marc Galliford-Makuchowski
I had a lot of questions… Staff helped me every time with with patience and comprehension 😀 Thanks a lot!!
First time ive tried a theme on wordpress but it worked out fantastic. It is very easy to use and change. Support helped out when I had a question.
Easy to set up and good response for support queries.
The changing front page is quite nice and works quite great, the other sections too, and the plugin is quite customisable. It also has an easy install, and adds not to much bullish*t like other themes which like you to download a lot of other plugins.
user dummy
Great theme, was a wonderful base to build off of.
Ricky Johnson
You guys are totally amazing and supporting. Unbelievable. Thank you so much for your hard work!
Florian Hermanns
The team of themehunk is really helpful in any support question. I have bought the pro version of Novellight and it is a really nice and work with this theme.
I love the design of NovelLite. It’s very simple, clean and user-friendly. The themehunk team is also a pleasure to work with. I have been bombarding them with emails asking them to help me and they always respond to me and give me the answers to my questions. They have a great customer service and support team. I would definitely recommend them.
This is a wonderful theme. Quite user friendly and easily compatible with all the devices. What attracted me the most is their support. Though it is a free theme they make it a point to sort out all the issues that come out and help even the silliest of the doubts that I asked for. On a whole, this is a wonderful theme.
Excelente Soporte Técnico y fácil edición en sus temas. muy practico.
The guys at ThemeHunk have been very cooperative and helpful through their forum, answering a couple of questions with issues related to their Oneline Lite theme (free). The theme is very complete for a free version and I have been able to set a website up in no time, very easily!
Giulia Scifoni
The support members are always ready to help me. I feel well-supported. OneLite Theme is very friendly and well-organized and it can be suitable for so many businesses.
Thanks to ThemeHunk for extremely good support while I was programming my site. They answered even obvious questions either online in Chat or after in eMail. Most importantly, they acknowledged small errors in their code and fixed immediately! I am very happy with my site, it looks professional and their support is great! I ended up investing in the pro version, but even as a freebie they were offering me very good support.
PK Maracin
Loving themehunk, new to the development side of websites and find themehunk great to use with WordPress and woo commerce, very easy solutions and great support.
Very happy with the theme produced by the Themehunk team and their ongoing support. 10/10 for customer service.
After understanding how work the themehunk widgets, it’s a really easy theme to use and customise
user dummy
Amazing great Contact Form! Thank you very much. You are best!
I tried about 12 themes before I found this one. I don't know code and every theme I tried had something I couldn't figure out how to do. This one, FINALLY was a godsend. I can do everything in it that I want to do. The documentation for it breaks down how to do things section by section if you need it. But the best part of this theme is the service. There were a few things I was having trouble with and I was getting frustrated. I didn't think I would find help since I had the free version. I tried the chat anyway and 3 nights in a row someone was there to help me out with my question. They explained what I needed to do each time and each time it WORKED! I can't say enough positive things about this theme. Thank you so much for putting it together in a way that is truly user friendly for dummies. lol
Lyn Geist
Themehunk a pleasure to work with and delivered a great service. Novellite is a nice theme being simple to use and setup with lots of options to customise for many business uses, very professional theme features combined with a friendly, fast support.
Excellent, the stated CSS resulted in ideal central presentation on small screens. Thank you for your prompt assistance during a weekend.
Thanks for building this awesome theme! We just love it. Support is always very quick and correct! 5/5 stars!
I went on to the online chat looking for help on the featuredlite version of the theme. I was honestly pretty skeptical of getting any real help. The chat person i spoke with was named Pooja. She was extremely helpful, I was really impressed. She even gave me ccs code to fix a problem I was having. She did a great job.
thank you for the support: my problems have been solved and i'm satisfied with the service you provided 🙂
Morena Bortolas
Thanks to Pooja, I was able to set up my new business website easily! I've never experienced this nice and quick chat support before. Themehunk worth every single penny. Don't hesitate to pay, you'll never regret your choice. One last comment: I want you guys to add reverse animation when you scroll back from bottom to top and repeat animation when you scroll again from top to bottom. You guys are the best!
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TaeHwan Son
Please keep up the good work and thanks for all the prompt response. You all make it look so so easy, wordpress over html !
I am very pleased to have purchased my theme with ThemeHunk! Even though I am a developer, there comes a time when you need to ask for some help from the supplier of the theme itself. ThemeHunk has been such a big help to me. Definitely look for their four best support: Swati, Gourav, Harmeet and Nitesh. These people are very professional and very helpful. Thank you ThemeHunk!
This guys are great! Very good and fast support. I received from theme a lot of good advices. Wish you all the best!
Beautiful theme, easy to use and alot of flexible settings! Great tech support via themehunk forum, all questions was answered and solved so fast! Looking forward to work more with them!!!
Good theme, Best Service Highly recommend A+
It is a clean & professional looking theme and easy to customize. Their support was very helpful. Thank you.
Novelite is flexible, good-looking and easy to use theme! Their support is super fast and professional, try it out and you won’t regret.

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