TH Variation Swatches Plugin


Image Variation Swatch

Image Variation Swatch is best for those who want to show much about their product by displaying an image. It does more than color swatches. When it comes to displaying images as product variation, this option has a highly engaging conversion.


Color Variation Swatch

Color Variation Swatch option turns product select options drop down into color swatches. It is a best option for the variable products that come with multiple variations. Customer will easily choose their product by selecting desired color. 


Pro Feature

Tooltip in Variation Swatches

Tooltip describes more about the swatches and acts like a variation description. By hovering over the swatches it will display a text tooltip in your variation Swatches. It is necessary to give all the important details about a product for converting visitor into paying customer.

Tooltip Styling Option –

With Pro plugin you’ll get Tooltip Styling options. You can pick Background and Text color for your Swatches Tooltip.

Image Tooltip Option ( Single Product Page )

Image Tooltip Option allow you to display tooltip with product images in your attributes swatches. Images have the incredible potential of capturing the attention of shoppers, it will help you in increasing your sell.

Pro Feature

Button Variation Swatch

Button Variation Swatch is best for displaying product size, quantity, and other variation related details. This Variation Swatch boost conversion extensively. It also helps the customers to select their desired product variation quickly.

Color Options –

With Pro plugin you’ll get Color options for your Button Attribute. You can pick color for button border, button text color and for background. You can also add the border size of your button swatch. 

Rounded and Squared Attribute Shape Style

This plugin comes with Two different Attribute Shape Styles i.e Rounded & Squared. This is one of the helpful & unique feature in plugin. You can use these shapes in color, image and button swatches. Instead of compared to Round, use a Squared shape in your Image swatches.

Attribute Behavior ( Blur/Hide )

In any eCommerce website it is very necessary to show unavailable or out of stock variation. This plugin offers an option to blur or hide the attribute which has no variation or not available. There are three different Attribute Behaviour.

1. Blur with cross

This option will Blur your Attribute with cross icon which is not available.

2. Blur without cross

This option will Blur your Attribute with cross icon which is not available.

3. Hide

This option will Hide your Attribute which is not available.

Swatches for Quick View

Along with showing swatches on the product single page, shop page and archive pages. TH WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin can enable swatches on Quickview lightboxes ( Popup ) too, which will attract more customers and increase the sales.

Display Options ( Attribute Title, Name & Separator )

Using Display setting option for your swatches, You can enable Attribute Title, name and a separator in your swatches variation. You can add a separator symbol between title and name.

Pro Feature

Swatches for Shop and Archive page Widget Area

This plugin enables Variation Swatches in your Shop Page, Archive and Category pages sidebar & Footer Widget area. It will helps in boosting Store conversion and engagement. It allows customers to check product variations from the Shop page, archive page and add them to the cart.

Three Filter Layouts (Pro)

With Pro plugin you’ll get three different Filter attribute Layouts. You can display your swatches in Sidebar & footer widget areas.


Pro Feature

Swatches for Product Catalog

Using this option you can enable swatches in your Shop page product catlog. This will make the visitor to easily select the variation and proceed to buy that product.

You can display Color swatch, Image swatch or button swatch in product catlog. You can also align your swatches left, center or right respectively.

Pro Feature

Highlight Attributes

With Pro plugin you can easily highlight desired Attribute. This will grab visitor’s attention on any particular attribute.  You can select Color, button or image swatch and make it large on single product page. Adjust the Font size, Width & height of your highlighted Attribute. 

Pro Feature

Stock Availability

Using this option you can display the Availability stock quantity with tooltip. It is very necessary to show the remaining product variation. It can show the clients all the remaining stock for any particular variation. It will boost your site usability and boost sales.

Free V/S Pro

TH Variation Swatches
TH Variation Swatches Pro
Swatches for Shop page, Archive pages
( Three Filter Layouts )
Color Variation Swatch
(Styling Options Available)
Image Variation Swatch
(Styling Options Available)
Button Variation Swatch
(Styling Options Available)
Tooltip on Variation Swatches
Tooltip Styling Option
Image Tooltip Option
Multiple Shape Style
Attribute Behaviour ( Blur/Hide )
Swatches for Quick View
Swatches for Product Catlog
Highlight Attribute
Stock Availabillity Tooltip
( Priority )

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