Here we are introducing Advanced Responsive Typography in our premium WordPress themes. Now you can easily customize each section with different Google and standard font families, styles, font classes, and much more. Responsive Typography will give an engaging look to websites and is suited for each type of device.

Why Typography is important-

Typography is an element in web design that allows you to create visual art in the form of written words. Typographical designs will provide a great look to your website and engage visitors to spend more time on the site.

Our themes come with Typography which can be easily used by any beginner. Themes are fully compatible with around 250+ Google fonts and standard fonts. Now I will tell you how many elements are present in our WordPress theme.

Font Subsets – Google font families support every subset. If you are using any particular language first enable the font subset. We are giving subsets like Latin, Latin-ext, Cyrillic, Cyrillic-ext, Greek, Greek-ext, Vietnamese, and Arabic. Without this special character cannot be displayed properly in other languages.

Body Typography and Heading h1 to h6 – This will enable to use of the typography in the whole body and headings of the website. It includes –

  • Font family –

Choose any font family of Google fonts or standard fonts that you want to use on your site.

  • Font size –

Adjust the font size of your font family and according to your device (PC, tablet, mobile). It differs from device to device you can easily adjust the size.

  • Line Height –

Adjust the line height according to your device.

  • Letter spacing –

Give space in your letters. In typography, letter spacing, also called tracking, is the amount of space between a group of letters to affects the density of a line or block of text.

Advanced Responsive Typography

Anchor Typography – This is applicable or all anchor links present on your site. Simply add the font family of anchor text.
Typography in each Section We are giving typography in each of our theme sections. Customize each text element of your text written the section.

Advantages of Using Advanced Responsive Typography –

Lots of advantages to using responsive typography on your site. Responsive typography will enable you to customize the font size, line-height of text according to your device. You can easily adjust it without using any code. This will make your site beautiful and attractive.

Responsive Typography in Our WordPress Themes

Recently we have launched Advanced typography in our premium themes ShopperLine pro, Elanza Pro, and Oneline. In our Premium WordPress theme, you will get advanced typography which will help in creating a wonderful website with amazing text. Just go with Advanced Typography you will easily understand how typography works in our themes.

Wrapping up–
I hope you will like this article. You can easily buy our theme by just going to our website. If you have any other queries related to our blog, you can visit our support form.

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