Complete Guide for, How and Where to Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins. Best Marketplaces to sell WordPress Themes & Plugins.

Are you a developer or WordPress Themes & plugins designer? and looking for the best marketplaces where you can Sell WordPress Themes and plugins.

In this blog, we will tell you about, websites where you can sell WordPress themes & plugins.

WordPress is an open-source CMS where people can build their websites for free. All the plugins and themes that we see on the WordPress plugin repository are also free!

You can also Sell WordPress Themes & plugins exclusively as premium themes & plugins, not uploading them on the WordPress repository, but via your website or from other marketplaces.

Best Places to Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins

There are different marketplaces around the internet where you can sell your WordPress Themes and Plugins. We have selected the best places where you can sell your WordPress themes & Plugins.

1- ThemeForest

Sell WordPress Themes

With high website traffic Themeforest is the first choice for any WordPress Theme & Plugins developer.

ThemeForest has millions of users on its website, so if your product got viral on ThemeForest, then that will be very good for you.

However uploading Themes and Plugins on ThemeForest is not that easy but, yes if you have knowledge regarding your product and you can make changes to it then it is nice.

Envato charges an Author Fee that varies depending on your all-time sales and whether you’ve chosen to sell your work exclusively on Envato.

Non-Exclusive Author Fee: 55%

Exclusive Author Fee: 12.5% – 37.5%

The amount you earn for every sale is calculated by taking the Item Price and deducting our Author Fee.

For more details on Earning on ThemeForest click here to read T&C.

For selling your WordPress Themes & Plugins on ThemeForest you need to create and set up an Envato Author account.

You can see your WordPress Themes & Templates on Themeforest, and for plugins codecanyon, which is integrated with ThemeForest and Envato Market.

2- Template Monster

Sell WordPress Themes

After ThemeForest, Template Monster is the best place to sell your WordPress Themes and Plugins.

For selling Themes & Plugins on Template monster you can Become an Author on the Template monster Marketplace page.

Template Moster has over 2 million monthly visitors on its website. means there is a need for many more WordPress products on the site.

If you’re a new developer and want to start with beginner-level marketing for your WordPress products, then Template Monster will be a good place for you.

According to Template Monster– authors of exclusive web templates get a 65% cut, and at the same time, both exclusive and non-exclusive graphics products authors get a 65% cut.

They also offer MonsterONE a subscription-based service to boost your earnings. You can check MonsterONE for more details.

TemplateMonster digital marketplace is a great place for new developers to sell their WordPress Products.

3- MOJO Marketplace

mojo marketplace 32

Mojo Marketplace is another old and popular WordPress theme and plugin marketplace. You can add your products to their website.

The advantage of selling your WordPress Themes and Plugins on Mojo Marketplace is the access you get to its partners. 

Mojo Marketplace is connected with various Hosting Service Providers, and they provide customers with access to themes during the hosting setup.

They have partnered with more than 30+ hosting partners like BlueHost, iPage, JustHost, Hostgator, and Hostmonster.

Selling on the Mojo marketplace gives you 50-70% commission rates based on sale counts and exclusive items.

For more details on selling on MOJO Marketplace, you can visit their seller page to get the idea and get started.

4- Creative Market

creativemarket 731

With over 6 Million users Creative Market is another popular place to sell your WordPress Themes.

On Creative Market you not only sell WordPress Themes but also, Graphics, Fonts, Photos, and more.

Like other Marketplaces, you can also control your product prices and change them at any time on Creative Market.

There are no restrictions on exclusivity. You can sell your files right away because there is no approval process to go through.

If you want to start selling your products on Creative Market you call to visit their Sellers Page and open a Shop.

5- Codester

codester 371

For new developers, Codester is another good option to sell WordPress Themes and Plugins. Apart from the WordPress Themes & Plugins you call also sell codes and scripts on the Codester.

It is a user-friendly, comprehensive, and intelligent marketplace that allows anyone to sell and download items. Developers can also choose their pricing within a suggested range.

You can become a Seller on the Codester website and can start selling your WordPress themes and Plugins. If you sell your Themes and plugins on Codester you’ll receive a 70% commission.

6- WordPress Themes & Plugins Directory

wordpress .directorypng

Everyone knows WordPress has a separate WordPress Themes and Plugins directory, where you can place your Themes and plugins.

Listing your Themes and Plugins on gives you access to a huge audience and can be a great way to get started.

Developers can submit Themes & Plugins for review and get them published as long as they are free.

This is a popular strategy for both plugin and theme authors to list their Themes & Plugins in the WordPress directory.

Many people things that listing WordPress products on is not worth it. But they are wrong.

For the authors or developers that are new in this WordPress themes & plugins business, their first step is

From here they can launch their Freemium products to a wider audience. You just have to upload a lite (Free) version of your Themes & plugins.

and if your product is good and liked by people then you can offer them more features and premium features of the Themes & Plugins.

So if you’re a new WordPress developer and want to make some name in the market then, you should first look at the

Which Marketplace will be best for you?

In the end, the main question is which marketplace will be best for you to ell your WordPress Themes & Plugins.

So, we will suggest you first see and study each marketplace by yourself. Then you will get an idea of the best marketplace, where you can sell your products.

Right now there are various WordPress Developers and Authors that are already in this market and they are now the masters of this business.

So if you’re a new developer and in the beginner’s mode, then you should use WordPress Directory.

Yes, now you can think that we can only place products that are free on the WordPress directory. But there is a lot of that.

If your product is good and liked by the audience of, then it can be a massive hit to your product.

You can offer Free and Paid versions of your WordPress Themes & Plugins with some extra features and extensions.


As we know Designing a high-performance theme entails not just creating an appealing design, but also selling it effectively.

We have given details about the Best Places to Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins on the internet.

If you have any questions regarding anything, do not hesitate just comment below, and we will help you to solve your problem. Thanks for reading this blog. 

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