Are you looking for the best Contact form plugins for your WordPress website?

When a visitor visits your website and wants to contact you for inquiries or more details, then they search for contact details. And most easy and convenient way to contact the site owner is to fill out the contact form and submit it.

So it is very necessary for the site owner to use a very functional and good-looking contact form that can be easily filled out by visitors.

And it is not an easy task to find the contact form which is best for our requirements. Here our team researched the 15 best contact form plugins for our folks which you can choose for your site.
So without wasting time let us discuss them one by one.

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

1. Lead Form Builder

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

It is the most advanced and effective form builder. Using it you can create multiple forms like “Contact Form”, “Newsletter”, “Lead Form Generator” etc. It also comes with a Google one-tap login for lead generation.

It also provides you stunning features like storing leads in a dashboard and also receives in emails, supported Elementor builder, sending emails in WordPress via SMTP, Mailchimp integration, one-click lead import-export, Google Recaptcha Integrated, Unlimited forms allowed, Easy Field ordering, and many more.

Its user-friendly design helps you create and manage forms easily. Also, you can style your form by using its “Customize Form Skin” option. An amazing drag-and-drop option gives you the power to alter your form.

And another amazing feature is its “Auto Responder”. Not only the user but the admin also receives mail when a form is submitted.

Separate leads are stored for each form, So it can be accessed without hassle. This form has both free and pro versions, To try it you can download a free version.

2. Contact Form 7

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

This is the most popular contact forum with over 5 million active users. Using this plugin you can create your own form and it can manage multiple forms so you can create more forms for your site.

The main highlighting feature of this is “Ajax Powered Submitting”, “CAPTCHA feature”, “Akismet Spam Filter” etc

Its design interface is so clean that any newbie can also easily design its form. And it is free to use.

3. Ultimate Form Builder Lite

banner 772x250 1

Ultimate Form Builder Lite is a completely free WordPress contact form plugin that allows you to create various contact forms with a drag-and-drop form builder.

The plugin is fun to use as you can create, customize, and build beautiful forms for your WordPress website on your own. Easily receive the contact email on any desired email address and store the form entries in your database listed in the backend for future reference.

The plugin is a perfect suit for any kind of website and works best for most WordPress themes. Selectively choose the layout of the form builder from 5 beautiful pre-designed form templates and preview it before using it on the site. 

4. Jetpack


Jetpack is one of the most installed plugins in the WordPress market with more than 5 million active installs. Along with a contact form, Jetpack also offers site security and performance features.

Here we will only discuss its form. In the classic editor, you will get a button at the top and in Gutenberg, you will get a Form block to create your form. It’s a responsive form that will fit all screens. And allows multiple email options to get emails.

5. Wp Forms Form Builder

wp builder

WpForms is another beautiful and famous contact form on our list. It has more than 3 million active users on WordPress.

Its highlighting feature is its drag-and-drop form creator, That is the reason we call it form builder. Using this plugin you can create many types of forms such as Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, Subscription Forms, NewsLetter Forms, Payment Forms, and many more.

This form is both the version free and paid. It is obvious that the paid version has more benefits than the free version. This is a completely responsive form so you don’t have to worry about it.

Also, the performance of the form is so optimized that it can pass the speed test and can give complete value to users. They also provide 150+ pre-made templates to choose, from because everyone is not so perfect, and also save time.

It has four different payment options but I am discussing some points which you will get in the pro version. Paypal and Stripe payment system integrated, Geolocation option, Signatures, Mailchimp, and Aweber integration also supports and updates.

6. Hash Form

image 1

HashForm is a user-friendly tool designed for creating contact forms effortlessly. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface featuring over 20 elements, even those without coding expertise can craft custom forms seamlessly. So, if coding isn’t your thing, HashForm has got you covered, ensuring a hassle-free form-building experience.

Offering a clean interface, Hash Form allows you to drag and drop the elements once you have created the form and want to tweak the elements of your elements.

6. Gravity Forms


Gravity form is another great form builder that is working on lots of sites. and are a trusted brand by many users. It can be used to create forms as well as you can ask users to upload files also.

So the main features are Ease of use, More than 30 ready-made fields, It has conditional logic fields that only show when any particular field is clicked, and many more.

Its design is completely responsive and can fight spam by using its Google Recaptcha feature. Notification features notify the admin whenever a firm is submitted.

Another main feature I like in this is you can partially fill out the form and save it, to complete it afterward.

It is also integrated with many services like MailChimp, Paypal, Stripe, Highrise, Zapier, DropBox, FreshBooks, and more.

This is a paid form so you need to pay and yes they have three different plans you choose according to your convenience. Click the button below to get more details

7. Ninja Forms


Ninja Forms has more than 1 million active users at They claim that if you are not a developer or you are new to technology then also you can create a good-looking professional form and feel like a developer.

It has a drag and drop feature, a Row and column layout also can create multi-page forms and conditional forms. It also allows forms to upload files like PDF, Excel, .doc, etc. Payments are also accepted using it just like Paypal or Credit card.

They also provide a pre-made form for different requirements, Users can use them to quickly start. Also, all forms that are pre-made or that you create will be mobile-friendly, You don’t have to worry about it.

This form has both versions free and pro. You can download free from here, and get the pro version from its official site.

8. Formidable Forms


Formidable forms are the most advanced forms to be used, They not only allow you to create a contact form but you can also create a Quiz Form, Surveys form, Registration, Calculator form, and many more. Its drag-and-drop feature is so easy that any non-technical user can also create forms very easily.

This feature-packed plugin is completely responsive( Created for Mobile, Desktop, and laptop ) and optimized for maximum speed and performance.

This form contains both free and pro versions. However free version contains all the features that are necessary to create a great form, But for more advanced features like Email Subscription, Multi Page, File Upload Form, Conditional Form, Payment integration services, etc., You need to get the pro version.

The pro version contains three different pricing plans, All of which have different features, You can choose the one which fulfills all the requirements for your company. Check all the details of the form by clicking the below button

9. Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder

Visual form builder has more than 80 thousand active users. They offer to create any type of form without writing a single line of code. Users can add fields with a single click and can manage the ordering of fields using the drag-and-drop feature. It also has an anti-spam system

You can add all types of fields including Date, URL, Currency, Phone, File Upload, etc. Whenever a form is submitted a confirmation mail is sent to the user, and those entries can be managed in the WordPress dashboard by the admin. This form generates a shortcode that can be easily used on any page or post, Also it has the facility to duplicate forms which saves time. And user can also add their own CSS to make its design more perfect.

Some of the more exciting features are Bulk Export Using CSV files, Post form submission control, Redirect to custom URL, Text recaptcha verification and many more are available in the free version.

To get the pro version you need to choose a plan among three plans. Get plan details and pro features using the button below.

10. We Forms


We form is another drag-and-drop contact form builder for beginners, There is no need for coding to build this form. They claim that this plugin is so user-friendly that you can create any form that you have in your mind.

This form has more than 20 fields, With the help of it you can create contact forms, lead Generation forms, Registration forms, and many custom forms. The form is coded very neatly so that it won’t affect the performance of the site and is responsive.

Some of the important features of free form are Unlimited Forms, Predefined and customizable forms, Drag and Drop Builder, Real-Time Live Preview, Expiry Time, Entry Restriction, Form Redirection, Field Customization Options, Form submission notificationss, Export/import forms, and many more.

You can get the premium version of this plugin also, They provide 4 pricing plans, and every plan has its own benefits, so you can choose according to your requirements.

11. FormCraft


FormCraft comes in the tenth position of our 15 best contact form plugins. This is another drag-and-drop form builder that claims WYSIWYG, which means there is no need for coding, you can easily create forms with available modules and can use them immediately. Using it you can create simple contact forms and complex application forms.

This plugin allows you to create very beautiful forms and all of these are responsive forms, So no need to worry about any device. When a form is submitted email notification is sent to the admin. So no need to log into the dashboard each time a form is submitted.

Here are the highlighted features of this form Responsive Forms, Shortcode to embed form, Email Notification, Lite and Fast, Form Validation, Translate Ready, and more.

Apart from the free version you will get more features in the pro version, they are Conditional Logic, Math Logic, Auto Save form, File Uploading Option, Embed Popup form/Sticky Form, Export leads to CSV and in spreadsheet format, and many more

12. QuForm


QuForm is a premium contact form builder plugin, It has a drag and drop form building feature to create forms without knowing coding. It has more than 15 elements to use for a perfect form creation, Some of them are Select Menu, CheckBox, Radio Button, MultiSelect, File Upload, Date, Time, etc

More amazing features of these forms are reCaptcha, Responsive Form, Drag & Drop feature, Leads stored in WordPress and send email at form submission, File Upload feature, and File Upload progress feature, etc.

This is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress and works very smoothly with your site.

13. Contact Form

Contact form

Contact Form is a free and easy plugin by BestWebSoft, You can easily receive messages from users. This form generates a shortcode, Which can be placed anywhere in the post, page, or in the sidebar.

It has many important features that should be present in a form, Some of them are GDPR compliant, Data Validation, Email Notification, Custom edit your mail, Responsive Layout, Required Field option, File attachment, Two Column Layout, Drag & Drop feature to reorder fields, Translation ready, Captcha compatible and many more.

Along with free features, you can also get more pro features to enhance the functionality of your form. You can check all pro features by clicking the button below

14. Happy Forms

happy forms

Happy form is created after taking the ideas of many customers. They built it according to the requirements of users, It is a drag-and-drop form builder that is easy to use and manage. It is a complete responsive form that will work for any device.

It has more amazing features in the free version which will definitely improve your business. They are Drag and Drop Form Builder, Live Preview, Add form in page, post or widgets, Add multiple forms on the same page, Completely mobile responsive, Can duplicate forms to save time, Confirmation Message, Email confirmation to user, and many more.

Also, it has more features in the pro version, You can purchase those features from its official site.

15. Caldera Forms

caldera forms

Cardela form is another drag-and-drop form builder with more than 2 lakh active installs. It also provides many free add-ons to give extra features in form. Its main features are Anti Spam, AJAX, Email notifications, Database entry tracking, and more

Here is the list of more features of form that you will experience, it contains many fields to create a form like calculation, Dropdown, Radio Button, File upload, etc. Conditional Logic, Autoresponder, etc. You can create an unlimited number of forms, and anti-spam gives power to your form which restricts bots to do spamming.

You can also get many more features in the pro version like Integration to many payment systems like Paypal Pro, Paypal Express, Stripe, etc. Also, MailChimp and Aweber services also integrated. For more information, you can click the below button

16. Form Maker By 10Web

Form maker

This is the last form builder in our list of the 15 best contact form plugins, but it is not an ordinary form, it has more than one lakh active installs. This plugin is so easy that you can create a beautiful form in a few clicks. All of its designs are responsive, which can work on all devices. It comes with more than 40 fields, which means you can create any type of form using it.

You will also get the feature to show your form as a popup form or you can add it to any post. It contains 5 different templates to quickly start your work, and each and every form submission can be exported to a file, Automatic reply option gives a user-friendly experience. It can also receive payments using its integrated payment system of Paypal and Stripe.

This form also has its premium version in which you will get tons of features and future updates + support.


Q: Which is the best contact form plugin for WordPress?

Ans: The best contact form plugin for WordPress depends on your specific needs and requirements. In our opinion, Lead Form Builder, WP Forms, and Ninja Forms are the best.

Q: What factors to consider when choosing a contact form plugin?

Ans: Ease of use, features, customization, pricing, and support are the main factors you should consider when choosing a contact form plugin.


So here is the list of 15 best contact form plugins that can be very helpful to you, I know there are lots more plugins available in the WordPress market, but the purpose of this post is to give knowledge of the listed plugins so that I can reduce off of your confusion, and you can choose the best plugin for your need.

Now the decision is yours, If still, you still have any queries then you can send them below.

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