Nowadays, everyone aspires to be successful, and most think they should have a flourishing business. But first, it takes to open a startup with a good idea.

At this time lots of startups are getting started and hence, the competition is increasing gradually. There are multiple small businesses around us.

To overtake the competitors, you must have a good strategy and modern solution. And in order to get a modern solution, you can use the AI tools that are being developed for almost every online task.

AI tools can solve complex issues within a couple of minutes even seconds. you just need to have the right tool for the issue. It has made every task easier whether it is doing your school work or building a website.

These AI tools are designed to complete your tasks smoothly. You can use these for meetings, automated chat, recruitment, and many more. Let’s get started.

What Are AI Tools?

AI tools are designed to work efficiently and effectively. As they are powered by artificial intelligence the work becomes smoother and faster.

AI tools work as they are designed. For example, if it is designed to order and arrange the applications then it will do so with speed and faster with human beings.

AI Tools for Small Business

9 Best AI Tools For Small Business

Here are the 9 best AI tools that you can use if you possess a business, especially a startup.

1. Jasper


Jasper is an AI-powered content writing tool. It can be a crucial tool for marketers and business owners as they have to write a lot for the business.

Within a very few time, it gives the content written with AI that you can use. You can also edit the content at the same time.

You can describe the purpose of the content and it will write the same. It is a creative tool that may be perfect for your business.

Its features are beyond thinking, that allow you to improve the content if you don’t like it.

Key Features

  • Pre-built Templates
  • Multilingual
  • Art and Images
  • Integrated with Grammarly and others

2. Otter

PricingFree + Premium

Otter is the online meeting assistant. It can record the meetings too. You can connect to Google or Microsoft Calendar and attend meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

In case, you missed some points then you can see the transcripts. It generates a summary of the communication. After the meeting, the summary will be sent to your mail automatically.

Its amazing features like adding comments, highlighting key points, etc are on the next level. You can chat with this tool also.

Key Features

  • Live Summary
  • Live Transcript
  • Connect with Calender
  • Automated Meeting Notes

3. Lavender


Lavender is a super tool for your business. If you find the email a painful task, you can get its help. It is known for its email intelligence. It will help you to reply to emails perfectly. It improves the AI as it is powered by OpenAI and LLMs.

Its smart way of writing emails can save you a lot of time. It will definitely help you to clear your waitlist.

It is integrated with Gmail, Hubspot, Groove, Salesoft, Outlook, and Outreach. Its integration can lead to linking the Lavender with these platforms easily.

Key Features

  • Email Optimization
  • Personalized Intros
  • Real Data-Backed Insights
  • Faster and Intelligent Result

4. ClickUp

PricingFree + Premium

It can be a good choice if you are searching for a tool for your project management, helpful for saving time and increasing productivity.

AI helps to summarise the big article and make notes from it. This is a very crucial feature if you want to put your effort into productive work instead of reading the full article.

Its flexible workflow helps to improve the writing and gives a better environment to you. You can track time for various tasks and improve it.

Key Features

  • Flexibility
  • Team Management
  • Agile task and issue management
  • Resource and workload optimization

5. Upmetrics


Upmetrics is best known for the business planning. It can generate a good plan for business owners within less time. You can also use its AI assistant. With AI assistance, it will generate automated content.

You can grow your business with planning, forecasting, and strategy. You can create a perfect pitch deck and carry the business with it.

For some ease, you can pick its sample plans and go through the tutorial and documentation. They can make the operations easier.

You can also design the site with its creative cover pages.

Key Features

  • Pitch Deck Creator
  • Responsive Interface
  • Sample Business Planes
  • AI-Powered Text Generation

6. Crystal

PricingFree + Premium

This AI tool helps to keep the data of every person you meet. You can keep the important points regarding the person and list them individually.

This helps to know better whom you are going to meet and what to keep in mind during the meeting. For example, you are going to meet a client, so you build a proper strategy to make it your buyer.

It is very necessary for everyone to know their team. You can also use this tool for your team.

Its Artificial Intelligence analyzes the quality of a person from different platforms that are publicly available and gives you results.

Key Features

  • Email integration
  • Predictive analysis
  • Team collaboration
  • Personality insights

7. LiveChatAI


As its name signifies, it is a live chat tool. It can help you to chat with the users. You can use it if you don’t have enough employees that can chat with the users in real-time.

It chats like a real person. You can also shift the support team from live chat to other productive work.

It is a GPT4-powered AI bot that can be set up easily on your site and work effectively. You don’t have to be an AI expert to train this bot. It is also available in multiple languages.

It can answer the inquiry in no time, so it will reduce the workload.

Key Features

  • Transparent
  • Multilingual
  • 70% AI Resolution Average
  • Efficient Support Operations

8. Storydoc


Storydoc is an engaging presentation powered by AI. Its decks may help you to attract clients to your business.

In order to create a deck, you have to type the command and it will generate the deck easily. Then you can edit the deck and personalize it accordingly. You can connect your CRM, calendar, etc for better integration.

Decks can be useful if you want to add more people to you. It leads to the growth of your business. It is a powerful tool to create decks.

Key Features

  • Mobile Friendly
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Engaging Content
  • Real-Time Analytics

9. Mantal


It is an AI-powered recruitment tool. You don’t need to go through the applications one by one manually. This tool will do it for you.

It recommends the profile after analyzing them. It can save much time because of its automated work.

It searches the details in multiple platforms gathers data and shows suggestions. As it is a responsive tool, you can access the data from any device, whether it is a laptop, tablet, or mobile.

It can be set up easily without any technical knowledge.

Key Features

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Candidate Enrichment
  • Placement Management


Q. Do I need coding to set up these tools?

Ans. No, You don’t need to have any technical knowledge in order to set up these AI-powered tools on the site.

Q. How can these tools help in the growth of the business?

Ans. These tools can help you and you can grow your business. These tools are powered by AI and hence save time with faster operation.

Q. Are these tools free?

Ans. Some are free and some are not. You check the price from the pricing page.


So, at the end of this blog, you have got some fantastic AI tools. If you have a business then you can use these and increase productivity.

These AI tools are specially designed to help businesses to step forward to growth. With the help of AI, most online work has become easier and faster. It has reduced the load with its automated and intelligent work.

It is very necessary for a business owner to consider all the aspects to keep growing the business. It takes time and employees for better operation. This problem can be solved at a certain level with these AI tools.

I hope this blog will help you to get the perfect AI Tool for your business. Thanks for reading this blog.

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