In this article I am going to cover the points about free WordPress themes available at, there authors and how you can choose best from them.
One question always arises in your mind while creating a site for self or for client. Is using a free WordPress theme for my site is good or not? Answer is Yes, WordPress free themes are fully safe and secure.

Selecting theme for my project

There are nearly 10k themes are available at, so there are lots of theme for particular portfolio means what you want to create is easily created by free version of theme. As we know there are three tabs available at WordPress for looking theme:

  • Featured Tab
  • Popular Tab
  • Latest Tab
  • Feature Filter

1) Featured Tab:
WordPress randomly show 15 themes that are changed daily, so just see featured tab and if you find out a theme that you want, then simply download it.

2) Popular Tab:
Themes that are popular in market is available will be shown here, cons of using popular theme is that you are using a very common design for your project that is already used by thousands of users.

3) Latest tab:
As per name newly released themes are available here, you can choose a theme from here for your project because these all are new design.

4) Feature Filter:
There are lots of categories available.Just search your desired category/feature and you will get the particular theme for the project.
One question in mind is still knocking. Is it good to use theme from any author? I said yes because all are follow guidelines to submit themes but there are some theme authors whose are included in Trusted Author in WordPress, so you can use theme of trusted author, we proudly say that ThemeHunk is certified as trusted author by WordPress. Some themes from our free collection available at WordPress:

You can choose the best suitable theme from them.

Importance of free WordPress theme

If you have a very good amount of fund, you probably think why should i use a free theme for my project? Main role of free theme starts from here, suppose you are a freelancer and want to create site for your client. but you think using a free theme will make a bad impression on your client. In my point of view free theme stands for trial theme. Before going to buy any premium theme you can just try a free theme and use it. Because if you are creating a website using a theme then before buying product, you can check that is it really useful for me or not. One more thing that we know by using free theme is the behavior of theme author because you need to deal with them after buying product for theme related supports. Therefore trying a free theme before buying will worth it.

WordPress is really a very good developing community on web market, there are lots of products available there. Therefore, Many authors are highly interested in for submitting their theme. So that user can choose desired theme from the large collection of themes for their projects.
Hope I have covered the main points related free WordPress theme, if I missed something then you can comment below, I will improve that point in my article thanks 🙂