Best free popup builder– What’s exciting when someone visits your website, and when they saw a popup with free offers and discounts? They try to grab the offer, and you get leads and sales.

With a good and best free WordPress popup plugin, it will help you convert your website visitors into paying customers, and email subscribers.

There are plenty of WordPress popup plugins, there that can help you improve conversion rates. you can also get new customers through pop-ups.

So today in this article we will tell you some of the best free WordPress Popup Builder Plugins, that will get your business to the next level.

What’s the need for popups?

There are lots of things to determine the need for a popup, and some of them are as follows…

  • To increase conversion rates.
  • For attracting new and returning customers or visitors.
  • It helps to grow an email list.
  • Get instant customer feedback.
  • To offer a special promotion or sale.
  • Reduce bounce rates and convert visitors into paying customers.

If you knew that simple pop-ups would increase your email subscription rate by 99%, would you consider adding one?

Of course, you would! And while developing and maintaining an email list is important for your business for a number of reasons, web pop-ups have many uses to translate more engagement and ultimately, more customers.

Popup Builder is a powerful popup plugin for WordPress that allows you to create beautiful popup windows for your website.

With Popup Builder, you can easily create popup windows for your website that will help you to increase your website’s conversion rate and get more subscribers.

In this article, I will tell you which popup builder will help you and fulfill your needs.

How to Find the Best WordPress Popup Plugin?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a suitable popup builder plugin. You need to first know your needs for the use of popups.

If you have a blogging website, then you may need a subscriber popup, and if you have a business website then you may need a Lead generation popup or an offer, and sale popup.

So it is up to you, to choose a popup plugin as per your need, and desire. Popups appearing on your website can be a valuable tool for getting a quick response.

You can set it up on one of your pages, such as one with frequently asked questions so that visitors can easily and quickly ask or comment on your product or service.

Best Free WordPress Popup Builder Plugin

1- WP Popup Builder


With WP Popup Builder configures your own popup. whatever type of popup you would like to have on your site- you can build it using countless capabilities of WP Popup Builder.

Announce sales and special offers, collect subscribers and feedback, show warm welcome popups, inform about upcoming launches, and get anything you need.

WP Popup Builder works with any WordPress theme. With the WP Popup Builder tool, you are free to build customized pop-ups of all kinds and introduce them to your website with ease.

It comes with an interactive Drag and Drops Feature, which helps you to create any type of design you want.

The drag and drop feature helps to create the form in a very easy step without having knowledge of coding. And also you can easily design and edit your form using easy to use interface.

This Popup builder also comes with pre-build popups that help you to create easy popups.


  • Drag and Drop Interface.
  • Real-Time Popup Editor.
  • Pre Built Popup Designs.
  • Multiple Layouts.
  • Supports responsive themes.
  • Enable/disable modules.
  • Shortcode is available.
  • No Coding is Required.
  • One-Click Demo Imports.
  • Traffic Bouncer popups.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Multiple styling options for text are available.
  • Optimization for search engines, faster loading of scripts.

2- Popup Builder 

Free WordPress Popup Builder

This Popup Builder is another popular popup builder. With This Popup Builder plugin, you can insert any type of content, right into your Popup. Insert them into any page or post.

This is also a drag and drops popup builder. You can simply design your own popups by adding a background, choosing colors, images, etc.

Containing the simple purpose of converting visitors into subscribers, Popup builder provides a simple, user-friendly opportunity to quickly create lead boxes without the need for a developer.

You can create a Pretty good popup With a variety of elements, like the modal popup, the slide-in popup, info bars, scroll boxes, inline forms, a sticky notification bar, and more.


  • Customize the look and feel of the popup.
  • Pre Design Popup templates.
  • Set a pop-up location on the screen.
  • Visual Composer is compatible.
  • Shortcode popup.
  • Live Editing.

3- Popup by Supsystic

Free WordPress Popup Builder

Another free popup builder by Supsystic, with this popup builder you can create a lightbox with any type of information you want to show to your visitors.

It has an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to customize Popup, set up targeting, view stats, and run customized campaigns on your online store.

Like another popup builder, this builder also comes with pre-built templates, to create popups.

With this plugin, you can easily change the styling of your forms in no time to match the styling of your theme.


  • Pre-built Templates.
  • Different Popup Location settings.
  • Popup opening animations.
  • Real-time editing.
  • Automatic lightbox popup.

4 – WordPress popup plugin

popup box wordpress plugin

The next WordPress popup plugin is Popup Box․ This beginner-friendly plugin doesn’t require any coding skills, so everyone can use it without any difficulty. It is mobile-friendly as well and suits all types of mobile devices and tablets.

This fully customizable plugin helps you to create popups of different types like Shortcode, Custom Content, Subscriptions, Yes or No, Video, and Iframe. You can use these popups to advertise your products, get more subscriptions and attract attention.

Create popups with unique and responsive design: you can easily set background images and colors, change text and overlay colours, make popups full screen, add animation effects, and more.

The other great advantage of using this plugin is having the possibility to create flexible popups. Create popups that will be shown for each user once at a certain time. You can even place your popup wherever you want.


  • Multiple scheduling.
  • Reports tracking.
  • Limitation count.
  • Export and import of popups.
  • Real-time editing.
  • Session type option.
  • User role permission.

5- Brave Popup Builder

brave popup builder 72

Brave Popup Builder is simple to implement and the most comprehensive yet inexpensive WordPress opt-in Plugin that will build your email list and double your conversions.

Brave’s Inherent drag and drop Popup editor lets you create unique pop up easily, and also it is lightweight.

You can easily create newsletter opt-in popups, contact form popups, announcements, Modals, Lightboxes, EU cookie notices, slide-ins, etc.

the Brave popup builder comes with a unique design and user-friendly interface, that gives freedom to create any type of style.


  • Drag and drop popup builder.
  • Interactive Elements.
  • Customize Display Frequency.
  • Animate Popups.
  • Newsletter Service Integrations.
  • Pre-built Templates.

6- Poptin popup

Free WordPress Popup Builder

Poptin popup is another WordPress popup builder out there. It comes with some unique and useful features to attract visitors.

Poptin comes with Advanced Drag & Drop editor for simple customization, with responsive design and display of options on mobile devices.

You can create a campaign, by selecting a design and customizing it per your needs.

Poptin forms and popup plugin uses an analytical tool to track the website’s visitors’ behavior and shows them the right message at the right time.


  • Drag and drop inline form builder.
  • Ready-to-use templates.
  • Responsive design popups.
  • Full-screen overlays.


Best WordPress Popup Plugin free

WP Popup Builder By ThemeHunk is the best free WordPress popup plugin.

It is easy to use popups in WordPress?

Yes with WordPress plugins it is easy to create popups on WordPress websites.

Which one to choose?

As you have seen we have discussed, and have got an overview of some of the Best Free WordPress Popup Builders.

With a wide range of tools, both free and paid, available for lead generation purposes, your small business can present a professional website appearance.

You can choose anyone from the above-mentioned list. As per your need, you can select any Popup builder. We recommend you use and go with First One, which is WP Popup Builder.

Because it has almost all the features you need, and also it comes with very light code but with high performance.

So I hope we have helped you to know the Best WordPress Popup Builder if you have any doubts, or want to ask something, just comment below we would love to help you.

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