What are dofollow and nofollow links and their importance? This is a common question that pops up in WordPress users’ minds.

If you ever worked on WordPress. I mean writing a blog or creating a page. Then when we paste the link of another page we get an option to choose the the dofollow or nofollow.

These small keywords have a huge significance in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As this is related to SEO, it becomes more interesting to know and use it wisely on the site.

But what does this mean? How it affects when users get referred and how important it is. Let’s discuss this in depth.

Dofollow n Nofollow

What Are Dofollow Links In WordPress?

When we refer users to a new page the link juice also gets shared. In a simple example, we can say if a website is linked to another website then it shows that the second website has also some information.

It plays a very important role when a popular or high-ranking site is liked with dofollow link to a low-ranking site. This helps to grow the low-ranking site by getting it in the search engine.

But remember with the do follow links share the link juice it means you are sharing the SEO of your website with another. So excessive use of dofollow links is not good either.

Dofollow linking is a good practice to promote a website with ourselves. Let’s take another example. Your site has 100 points for SEO and you linked a page as dofollow then you shared some of your SEO points to the linked page.

What Are Nofollow Links?

Unlike do follow links, nofollow links don’t share link juice while referring. Nofollow links are used to refer the users without sharing the link juice.

If the site is full of dofollow links without any nofollow links then this may be a fishy thing. Sometimes spammy sites link the site to promote them even if they are irrelevant to the topic.

But it doesn’t mean the nofollow links don’t help to grow our website. Let’s understand with the same example but in a nofollow context.

Suppose a high-ranking site links a low-ranking site with nofollow. Then it is right that it is not sharing the link juice but if the users are going to a low-ranked site then they are at least getting aware of your site without marketing.

As we have discussed in dofollow with an example, we can do the same here. You have 100 SEO points and if you link a page as nofollow then you will have all your SEO points for your website.

Difference Between Dofollow And Nofollow Links

Differentiation is a good way to understand the term. So let’s understand the difference between both.

AspectDofollow LinksNofollow Links
AttributeNo Attribute – As it is the default choice“nofollow”
Link JuicePasses Link JuiceNo Relation – As it is the default choice
Impact on Linked SiteHelp To Improve Search Engine RankingNo Impact
SEO ImpactShare the Site equityNo Impact
UsageTypically used for editorial links, endorsements, and citations within content.Often used for user-generated content like comments, forum posts, and sponsored content.
Visibility in SERPsCan contribute to better visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).Does not directly contribute to visibility in SERPs.

How To Know The Link Is Dofollow Or Nofollow WordPress?

To know if the link used in the page is dofollow or nofollow, follow these steps.

Step 1) Right-click on the link and click on Inspect


It may vary according to browsers. You can also use a shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + i and then select the link.

Step 2) Find the Link

Inspect Nofollow

Here you can in red box. It shows that the Achor text is linked with a nofollow link.

How To Use Dofollow And Nofollow Links?

When you make an anchor text it gives an option to choose if you want to make it dofollow or not.

Dofollow 1

Here in this image, it is showing a checkbox to mark the link as nofollow named Mark as nofollow. The link is by default dofollow. It means if you want to make it nofollow link then check the box and save the changes.


Q. What is Link Juice?

Ans. It is a term used in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which is a kind of equity, passed from the page to the linked page. It is also known as link equity.

Q. What are the measures to use Dofollow and Nofollow links WordPress?

Ans There are not any measures but it depends on the page you are linking. If you want to share your site’s SEO with another page then you can use dofollow link. But if you linked a page just for showcasing and don’t want to share link equity then you can opt for nofollow.


In this blog, we have discussed so many points about dofollow and nofollow links. We have also discussed how to use them and how to know if the link used in a page is dofollow or nofollow.

If you are a WordPress user then I hope your doubts regarding the links are now cleared. And it is clear that excessive use of any one link would not be good for a website.

These keywords are some of the crucial terms for SEO. These are used while creating a page or writing a blog. Using both links has various significance.

I hope this blog will help you, still you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.
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