Are you looking for The Best Programming AI Helper Tools to enhance your coding experience and streamline your development process?

In the fast-paced world of programming, having the right tools at your disposal can make a significant difference in your productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting on your coding journey, having access to the latest AI-powered tools can help you write better code, debug more effectively, and optimize your workflow.

Join me as we explore some of the top programming AI helper tools that can take your coding skills to the next level and beyond!

What are Programming AI Helper Tools?

A programming AI helper tool in the context of AI programming, typically refers to a tool or feature that assists developers in writing code more efficiently.

Here are some common functionalities provided by code assistants Programming AI helpers:

Code completion 1

Why Use Programming AI Helper Tools

AI helper tool programming can be very beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency: These tools can significantly speed up the development process by automating repetitive tasks, suggesting solutions to common problems, and providing shortcuts for coding.
  2. Error Reduction: AI helper tools can catch errors early on, reducing the likelihood of bugs and issues in the final code. They can also offer suggestions for improvements and optimizations.
  3. Learning and Education: For beginners, programming AI helpers can act as tutors, guiding them through the basics of coding and helping them understand complex concepts through interactive examples and explanations.
  4. Code Quality: By providing best practices, style guides, and code reviews, these tools can help maintain consistency and improve the overall quality of the codebase.
  5. Collaboration: AI helpers can facilitate collaboration among team members by providing automated code reviews, suggesting changes, and integrating with version control systems to streamline the development workflow.
  6. Accessibility: They can make programming more accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience or disabilities by offering features like voice commands, auto-completion, and code interpretation.

14 Best Programming AI Helper Tools 2024

GitHub Copilot

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It’s like having a coding buddy who’s seen millions of lines of code before. As you type, it offers suggestions based on what you’re trying to do, drawing from a vast pool of existing code on GitHub. This can save a ton of time by giving you ready-made solutions to common problems or even entire functions or classes.


  • AI-powered code suggestions based on context and comments.
  • Generates entire functions or classes based on a few lines of description.
  • Supports multiple programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, and more.
  • Provides real-time suggestions as you type, increasing coding speed and productivity.
  • Integrates seamlessly with GitHub repositories for collaborative coding.


It is free and for Paid plans Contact to the Github copilot team for more details.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

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Think of it as a performance guru for your code. It analyzes your code for potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies, then whispers suggestions on how to make it faster or more efficient. It’s like having a seasoned pro look over your shoulder and offer optimization tips tailored to your specific codebase.


  • Leverages machine learning to suggest optimized code snippets.
  • Offers personalized recommendations based on coding style and preferences.
  • Provides quick fixes for common coding errors and vulnerabilities.
  • Supports integration with AWS services for cloud-based development workflows.
  • Enables code reviews and collaboration among team members within the AWS ecosystem.


It is Free and Professional Plan start from $19/user/month.


New Project 43

It’s like having a psychic coder on your team. As you write code, Tabnine predicts what you’re going to type next, based on your coding style and the context of your project. It’s great for reducing typing errors and speeding up the coding process, almost like having autocomplete on steroids.


  • Utilizes deep learning to predict code completions accurately.
  • Offers support for numerous programming languages, IDEs, and text editors.
  • Learns from user’s coding habits to provide context-aware suggestions.
  • Works offline, ensuring uninterrupted coding sessions.
  • Compatible with various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Start from $12/free for 90 days and goes up to $39 per user/month.

Sourcegraph Cody

New Project 44

This tool is like having an eagle-eyed code reviewer who never sleeps. It scans your code changes, looking for potential issues or areas for improvement. Whether it’s spotting bugs, suggesting refactors, or enforcing best practices, Cody helps keep your codebase clean and healthy.


  • Employs code intelligence to navigate through large codebases efficiently.
  • Provides contextual information about code references, definitions, and usage.
  • Enables cross-repository code search for comprehensive code discovery.
  • Integrates with version control systems like Git for seamless code exploration.
  • Supports code reviews and collaboration features to enhance team productivity.


Start from Free Plan and goes up to $19per user/month.


New Project 45 1

It’s like having a coding mentor available 24/7. AskCodi is a chatbot that’s always ready to answer your coding questions, provide code examples, or offer explanations for tricky concepts. It’s perfect for when you’re stuck on a problem and need a little guidance to get unstuck.


  • Offers natural language interface for querying code-related questions.
  • Provides instant answers and code snippets for programming queries.
  • Integrates with popular development environments and chat platforms.
  • Learns from user interactions to improve response accuracy over time.
  • Supports team collaboration by sharing knowledge and solutions across members.


Start from Free Per user, per month and goes up to $29.99 Per user, per month.


New Project 46

Imagine having a knife for software development. CodeWP combines a bunch of useful tools and services into one platform, making it easier to manage your projects from start to finish. From writing code to testing, version control, and project management, CodeWP has got you covered.


  • Provides tailored code recommendations based on specific WordPress development tasks.
  • Offers WordPress-specific code snippets and best practices.
  • Integrates with WordPress development environments and IDEs.
  • Assists in plugin and theme development for WordPress.
  • Facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing within the WordPress community.


Start from 0$ goes upto $48/month, billed annually.


New Project 47

Codeium is like that ingenious friend who always knows the latest coding trends and can whip up a sleek website in no time. Codeium resembles that clever friend who is always up-to-date with the latest coding fashions and can swiftly create a polished website.


  • Utilizes AI to generate code snippets and solutions for common programming tasks.
  • Supports multiple programming languages and frameworks.
  • Offers code optimization suggestions to improve performance and readability.
  • Integrates with popular IDEs and text editors for seamless workflow.
  • Provides code analysis and debugging features to enhance code quality.


Individual – 0$(Free)

Team – $12 per seat/month

Enterprise – Contact Codeium Team for more information


New Project 48

Safurai is a cutting-edge AI-powered Code Assistant that revolutionizes the way developers work by offering a wide range of invaluable services. From swiftly identifying and resolving bugs to streamlining code through intelligent refactoring, Safurai is a reliable ally in enhancing code quality and efficiency.

Its ability to automatically generate comprehensive documentation simplifies the task of documenting code, saving developers valuable time and effort.


  • Employs AI-driven code generation to assist in secure coding practices.
  • Offers suggestions to mitigate common security vulnerabilities.
  • Provides code scanning and analysis for potential security threats.
  • Integrates with development workflows to ensure security measures are applied throughout the development process.
  • Supports compliance with industry security standards and regulations.


Start from Free plan For individuals and Paid plan For startups, scaleups, and enterprises coming soon.


New Project 49

It’s like having a WordPress expert on speed dial. WPCode makes WordPress development easier by suggesting code snippets, integrating with documentation, and offering tips for optimizing your code for security and performance.

WPcode is the go-to pal for anything WordPress-related, making customization a breeze. Whether you’re building a plugin or a theme, WPCode has the tools you need to get the job done right.


  • Tailored code suggestions and snippets for WordPress development.
  • Provides solutions for common WordPress tasks, such as theme and plugin development.
  • Integrates with popular WordPress IDEs and text editors.
  • Offers guidance on WordPress coding standards and best practices.
  • Enables collaboration and knowledge sharing within the WordPress development community.


Start from $49 and goes up to $299.

Source AI

New Project 50

Meet SourceAI, your friendly AI-powered code companion designed to make code generation a breeze across different programming languages. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, its user-friendly interfaces cater to everyone.

By enabling one-click code generation, SourceAI not only saves time but also enhances efficiency in software development.


  • Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to provide intelligent code suggestions.
  • Supports a wide range of programming languages and frameworks.
  • Offers context-aware code completions based on project context and requirements.
  • Integrates with popular IDEs and code editors for seamless integration into existing workflows.
  • Provides real-time feedback and suggestions to improve code quality and efficiency.


The pricing of this tool is determined by the total number of tokens required to guide the model in executing the task, in addition to the tokens in the query and those produced by the API.

You can contact to the SourceAi for more details regarding price plan.


New Project 51

Codesquir is your go-to AI code companion, catering to data scientists, engineers, and analysts by offering real-time code completion suggestions as they type. With the convenience of a downloadable Chrome extension, users can effortlessly transform their ideas into functional code snippets.

This versatile tool simplifies the process of coding by enabling users to seamlessly convert comments into code, craft functions, and formulate SQL queries with ease.


  • Employs AI-driven code generation for efficient coding workflows.
  • Supports multiple programming languages and frameworks.
  • Provides personalized code recommendations based on coding style and preferences.
  • Offers code optimization suggestions to improve performance and maintainability.
  • Integrates with version control systems and collaboration tools for team-based development projects.


This is Free.


New Project 45 3

Blackbox AI is a game-changing AI tool designed for developers seeking to search and autocomplete code snippets across a vast array of over 20 programming languages. With access to a vast repository of over 100 million open-source projects, this tool simplifies code search and is conveniently accessible as a Chrome extension.

Users can seamlessly extract code snippets from videos and PDF documents, thanks to its innovative features.


  • Provides code anonymization and obfuscation to protect intellectual property.
  • Supports secure code sharing while preserving confidentiality.
  • Encrypts sensitive code segments to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Integrates with version control systems to manage access permissions.
  • Enables compliance with data privacy regulations and industry standards.


This is Free.


New Project 45 4

Introducing Diff, the AI-powered code review assistant that revolutionizes team collaboration and code quality. With Diff, teams can effortlessly craft polished pull request descriptions, expedite code reviews and merges, and keep all team members in the loop, regardless of their technical expertise.

By offering one-click suggestions for pull request improvements, translating technical jargon into easy-to-understand summaries, and providing customizable usage options, Diff simplifies the code review process. 


  • Offers intuitive visual diffing tools for comparing code changes.
  • Highlights differences between code versions with color-coded annotations.
  • Supports various file formats and languages for comprehensive comparison.
  • Integrates with version control systems for seamless code review workflows.
  • Provides side-by-side comparison views for easy identification of changes.


It’s Free with limited features access and Pro Plan Starting from 19$ to 199$.


New Project 45 5

Fronty, an AI-driven tool, swiftly transforms images into HTML/CSS code, streamlining the website creation process with speed and simplicity. Boasting a user-friendly no-code editor, Fronty facilitates the development of intricate websites, allowing users to manage styles, edit content, and launch their sites with custom domains and optimal uptime. 


  • Employs AI-driven code suggestions for front-end development tasks.
  • Supports popular front-end frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js.
  • Provides responsive design suggestions for cross-device compatibility.
  • Integrates with front-end development environments and IDEs.
  • Offers code snippets and best practices for front-end development workflows.


Free for now.


Q: What are AI helper tools in programming?

A: AI helper tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to assist programmers in various tasks such as code generation, bug detection, and code optimization.

Q: Why are AI helper tools becoming popular among programmers?

A: AI helper tools are gaining popularity among programmers due to their ability to automate repetitive tasks, improve code quality, and enhance productivity in software development.

Q: Can AI helper tools assist in debugging and code optimization?

A: Yes, AI helper tools can help programmers in debugging code by identifying errors and suggesting fixes. They can also optimize code by analyzing performance metrics and recommending improvements.

Q: Are there any free AI helper tools available for programmers?

A: Yes, there are free AI helper tools available for programmers, offering basic functionalities such as code completion, syntax checking, and basic code analysis.


The advent of Programming AI helper tools in programming has revolutionized the way developers approach software development.

These tools, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, offer a wide range of functionalities such as code generation, bug detection, and code optimization, thereby enhancing productivity and code quality.

The popularity of AI helper tools among programmers is on the rise, thanks to their ability to automate repetitive tasks and provide intelligent suggestions for optimizing code.

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