Are you looking for free web hosting services to create your website? While free web hosting may seem attractive, it’s important to consider its limitations and drawbacks, especially if you’re planning to run your website for a long time.

In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between free and paid web hosting, highlighting the advantages of paid hosting.

Free Website hosting is not always good for you and your business. especially when it comes to running any website for long runs.

With free website hosting you’re bounded to certain limitations. You have limited freedom to create your desired website.

So in this blog, we are going to tell you all about free web hosting providers and services. You will get to know everything after reading this blog.

There are various free web hosting providers and we will tell you about 000 free web hosting and many more. We also cover free subdomain hostings.

Many people want to start a business online and want to create a website but don’t have money or the proper knowledge about creating a website.

Free Web Hosting vs Paid Hosting

If you’re going to run a website for a very short period of time then you can get any free web hosting services.

But if your goal is big and want to create a website for a long time then you should go with some best web hosting providers.

There are many free hosting providers on the internet, but there are also many drawbacks to using them. Paid hosting providers usually offer more features, better support, and more reliable service.

Here is a quick comparison of Free Web Hosting and Paid Hosting

FeaturesFree Web HostingPaid Web Hosting
Customer support✔️
Useful features✔️
Good for SEO✔️

Apart from these features, there are many more things that make Paid website hosting better than free web hosting.

The only advantage of free web hosting is that it is free. But it will not give you proper storage, bandwidth, no security, and many more things.

When you use a free web hosting service you will see lots of unwanted ads on your website. The service is free because of the potential money that the web provider could make from you.

When someone clicks on these ads your free website hosting provider makes money. and that is fair enough why they’re offering you free website hosting.

Unlike paid website hosting services, you will not get 24/7 support. Also, you can expect to receive limited or no access to customer support.

Free hosting comes with limited features- may not have the scripts or tools you need like- PHP, CGI Script, FTP, MySQL Database, SMTP, Cpanel, etc. There is also a big security risk.

Free website hosting plans will not provide you with a real domain name. You will be given a subdomain name that includes their name in your URL.

Websites will often encounter issues like slow loading time and downtime due to limited bandwidth. You will get limited customization options.

However, if you want to create a website in which you want to work for the long run then we suggest you buy some reliable and Fast Web Hosting Services from the Best Website Hosting Providers.

Although here are some of the best free web hosting services providers, where you can consider hosting your website.

Best Free Web Hosting Service Providers 2023

There are many free web hosting service providers available on the internet. The following are some of the most popular free web hosting providers:


Free Web Hosting

000Webhost is a free web hosting provider that offers free unlimited web hosting and domain name registration. 000Webhost also offers a free website builder that allows users to create a website without any programming knowledge.

000WebHost is a free as well as paid website hosting services provider by Hostinger. You can host your website free in 000WebHost.

It also offers you a Zyro Page Builder to create your website. In this free hosting, you will see ads on your WordPress dashboard and your visitors won’t see any ads which is a good thing.

Creating a free account on 000WebHost doesn’t require any payment methods. You can sign up for free use.

And after some time if you’re willing to upgrade and want to move on to paid hosting you can easily move to their paid plans.

However, 000webhost is a free website hosting solution that provides an array of valuable features, including a website builder, WordPress support, and no ads.

Users can upgrade to a paid plan to get even more features and support, but based on our reviews, 000webhost is the best free web hosting solution for those on a tight budget.

Main Features-

  • Host 1 Website.
  • 300 MB Disk Space.
  • 3GB of Bandwidth.
  • Cloudflare Protected Nameservers.
  • 1X Allocated Resources.
  • 1 FTP Account.
  • 1 MySQL Database.


Free Web Hosting

InfinityFree is another free website hosting service provider. free website hosting with PHP, MySQL, and no ads on your site!

InfinityFree also gives you access to Softaculous Script Installer which helps you to install WordPress on your website.

You can host your own domain if you have one. or you can pick a free subdomain to create your website.

InfinityFree claims 99.9% Uptime, and it is completely free, with no credit card required, and no hidden fees.

There are also no ads for visitors on your website. However, there will be ads in cPanel on the back end.

They provide promotional offers for alternative, premium services for people looking for more, but their services are very different. InfinityFree is not a representation of these offers.

Main Features-

  • 5 GB Disk Space.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • 400 MySQL Databases.
  • 400+ ready-to-install apps.
  • Latest PHP.
  • .htaccess support.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free DNS


Free Website Hostings

AwardSpace is a free 7 premium website hosting provider with an affordable pricing structure. You can get free website hosting, free subdomain, PHP, MySQL, etc.

You can host your website here for free. Like 000WebHost and InfinityFree- AwardSpace is also added free and one advantage you will get in this hosting is that you can place ads to monetize it.

It provides Free Web Hosting which you can use as a sandbox, or to launch your business idea’s website and start your blog for free.

You host up to 2 websites with your own domain in this hosting. Apart from this, you will also get a limited 24 х 7 Support.

Main Features-

  • Host 2 websites.
  • Unlimited Disk Space.
  • Free SSL & HTTPS.
  • 24 х 7 Support.

Best free website hostings
Ratings is the provider of free website hosting. It provides all the free features and tools you need to create a website.

You can use your own domain with this free website hosting to create your website. or you can also register a domain here.

With this free website hosting service, you will also get a Website builder to create and design your website. This hosting is good for creating a free WordPress-based website.

The free account can serve roughly 30,000 daily visitors of PHP-based websites or virtually unlimited visitors of pure HTML websites.

Main Features-

  • 10 GB storage.
  • 1 hosted website.
  • No subdomains.
  • 1 e-mail account.
  • 1 MySQL database.
  • Site Builder.
  • Linux / Apache / PHP / MySQL


freehosting 7031

Freehostia offers free cloud-based hosting. It is another good hosting for people who are looking for free hosting to host their website.

In its free plan, you will get up to 250MB of disk space with 24/7 customer support. It is good hosting for creating an online business.

It features a 1-click Applications Installer with Shared SSL IPs and SSD Data Caching. They also offer Full DNS Management.

Main Features-

  • 5 Hosted Domain.
  • 6 GB bandwidth.
  • 250MB Disk Space.
  • 3 E-mail Accounts.
  • 1 MySQL Database.
  • 10MB MySQL Storage.
  • Website Builder.


x10hosting 42

x10hosting is another free cloud-based web hosting. It comes with various pre-build-ready import demo templates.

With over 150 premade templates this hosting service also provides a site builder to create and customize templates.

x10hosting offers unmetered bandwidth and disk space. It has a 1-Click Software Installation that includes scripts like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

You can upload, edit & do more things via FTP. they also offer to manage MySQL databases via PHPMyAdmin.

Main Features-

  • Admin control panel.
  • 3 Email Addresses.
  • 500MB Disk Space.
  • 3 Domains.
  • Community Forum Support.
  • Website builder.


byethost 31

ByetHost provides you with an ad-free load-balanced free hosting site service including a Softaculous one-click installer.

With ByetHost you will get FTP, PHP, MySQL, and a one-click scripts installer. You can install many popular scripts such as WordPress PHPbb2 and PHPbb3, Zen-Cart, etc.

ByteHost’s free hosting account includes a VistaPanel or control center. it allows you to add extra domains, and sub-domains, or park an existing domain onto your free website.

Main Features-

  • 1GB Disk Space.
  • Control Panel.
  • FTP account.
  • 5 MySQL databases.
  • Subdomains.
  • Free Community Access.
  • Free 24/7 support.


hyperphp 31

Hyperphp is another option for getting free website hosting. It gives features like Automatic Self-Signed SSL & Softaculous Script Installer.

There are no hidden fees and despite its free status, you will get a 99.9% uptime guarantee according to the service provider.

The Softaculous platform gives you the automatic installation of WordPress and hundreds of other popular web applications.

Main Features-

  • Softaculous Script Installer.
  • Automatic Self-Signed SSL.
  • MX Record Entry.
  • MySQL Database.


googiehost 596

GoogieHost offers 1GB of SSD storage for hosting free websites. It has free CMS installers with 380+ popular scripts.

Free Account limited to 1 Website per user. You can host your own domain and Free hosting without forced ads.

You will get the latest MySQL Database version with GoogieHost’s free web hosting account with 2 FTP accounts.

Googiehost also offers its free website builder to create and manage your website. You can also choose PHP version 5.3 to the latest version of PHP.

Main Features-

  • 1GB SSD Storage.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • 1-Click Installer.
  • No Forced Ads.
  • 2 MySQL Databases.
  • 2 FTP Accounts.
  • Free Website Builder.

Subdomain Based Free Subdomain Hostings

Let now know about the best subdomain-based web hosting providers. hosting

Every site comes with a free subdomain. You can create a free website with a subdomain.

If you already own a domain, or you’d like to register a new one, you can add a custom domain to your site starting with a Personal Plan.

You will get a Subdomain with some features of Jetpack. It also comes with a Pre‑Installed SSL Certificate.

You will get free WordPress themes with some basic design customization and community support.

If you create a free subdomain-based website with you will also see Ads and banners on your website. also, your visitors will be able to see those ads.

Main Features-

  • Subdomain.
  • 1 GB Storage Space.
  • Community Support.
  • Jetpack Essential Features.
  • Basic Free Themes.
  • Pre-installed SSL Certificate.

wix free website 14

Wix is a free web hosting provider that allows users to create a website for free. Wix also offers a paid subscription plan that allows users to create a more custom website. also provides their user a subdomain-based hosting to create a website. It also has its own website builder.

With you will get an assigned URL like- and Wix ads appear on every page & favicon in the URL.

All things are good but the free plan also does not come with Google Analytics or any other tracking systems.

Main Features-

  • Subdomain.
  • 500GB of Disk space.
  • 500GB of Bandwith.
  • Premade templates.
  • Free SSL.
  • Wix ads.


weebly free 31

Weebly is a free web hosting provider that allows users to create a website for free. Weebly also offers a paid subscription plan that allows users to create a more custom website.

Like and in Weebly, you can also get a subdomain-based free web hosting where you can create a website.

It comes with an easy-to-use control panel to manage your website. Create a free website with Weebly with its page builder and premade templates.

When you create a free Weebly account you can add a subdomain with Weebly brandings. It also includes community and chat & email-based support.

Main Features-

  • Weebly Subdomain.
  • 500MB Storage.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free SEO tools.
  • Contact forms.
  • Community Forum.


Q: Advantages of Using a Free Hosting Website?

Ans: One of the biggest advantages is that it is free. This means that there is no cost to use the website, which can be a big advantage for those who are on a tight budget. Additionally, free hosting websites often have a wide variety of features that can be used to create a website.

Q: What are the Disadvantages of Free Hosting?

Ans: Fastest WordPress Hosting 2023 Beginners GuideThere are several disadvantages to using free hosting for a website, like Limited bandwidth and storage, Ads, Lack of control, Limited uptime, Security risks, and Lack of Support.

Q: Difference between free hosting and paid hosting

Ans: The main difference between free hosting and paid hosting is that paid hosting typically offers more features and a higher level of service. Paid hosts often have better server hardware and software, as well as more bandwidth and disk space. Paid hosts may also offer more support options, such as live chat or telephone support.


So as you can see there are various options for getting free website hosting for your website. While with free hosting plans, you will not get any good things in return. that we have also discussed at the start of this blog.

Although, if you’re willing to get free web hosting we will suggest you go with 000WebHost or AwardSpace. Here you will get many free things and also good customer support for your queries.

We hope this article helps you to get the all needed information regarding free website hosting.

If you have any questions regarding anything, do not hesitate, just comment down below, and we will help you to solve your problem. Thanks for reading this blog. 

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