Looking for a timeline plugin for WordPress? You’re in the right place! Below, find the best WordPress timeline plugins with their pros and cons. Browse through the list to discover the plugin that suits your requirements.

Take a look at the list below to discover the plugin that will help you display your content in a visually appealing and informative way.

What Are Timeline Plugins?

WordPress plugins increase the functionality of the WordPress websites. Timeline plugins are tools or software components used to create interactive timelines on websites or applications.

These plugins allow users to visually represent events in chronological order, often with the ability to add descriptions, images, and links to each event.

Timeline plugins are commonly used for showcasing historical events, project milestones, company timelines, or any other sequence of events that need to be displayed in a chronological format.

They can enhance the user experience by providing an engaging way to navigate through a series of events or information.

Benefits of Using Timeline Plugins:

Using timeline plugins in WordPress can offer several benefits, such as:

  1. Enhanced Visual Presentation: Timeline plugins help to visually represent chronological information in a structured and engaging way, making it easier for visitors to understand the sequence of events or content.
  2. Improved User Experience: By presenting content in a timeline format, visitors can easily navigate through the information and find what they are looking for quickly, enhancing the overall user experience.
  3. Storytelling: Timelines are great for telling stories or compellingly showcasing historical events, making it easier for users to follow along and engage with the content.
  4. Organization and Structure: Timeline plugins help in organizing content in chronological order, which can be useful for showcasing project milestones, company history, or any other sequential information.
  5. Interactive Features: Many timeline plugins come with interactive features such as animations, hover effects, and clickable elements, which can make the timeline more engaging and visually appealing.
  6. Customization Options: Most timeline plugins offer customization options, allowing you to adjust the design, layout, colours, and fonts to match your website’s branding and style.
  7. Responsive Design: Good timeline plugins are usually responsive, meaning they adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  8. SEO Benefits: Using a timeline plugin can help improve your website’s SEO by organizing content in a structured manner, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site.

7+ Best Free Timeline Plugins WordPress

Cool Timeline

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Cool Timeline is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that enables you to create stunning and interactive timelines for your website. This plugin uses pure HTML & CSS to create both horizontal and vertical timelines that can showcase your brand’s history, milestones, achievements, progress, and more.

With Cool Timeline, you can easily add images, videos, texts, and custom icons to your timeline entries. You can also choose from a variety of timeline styles, colours, and animations to match your website’s design and branding.


  • Create both and one-sided timelines
  • Pop-ups for timeline images
  • Multiple customs and colour options
  • Translation ready with 3 languages
  • Optimized and clean code
  • Option to choose cool icons with stories
  • Specific Story Background Color

Timeline and History Slider

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The Timeline and History Slider is a highly versatile and feature-rich WordPress plugin that can help you create and display beautiful sliders with ease. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, you can easily add or modify sliders to showcase your website’s history or timeline in a visually appealing way.

This plugin comes with many features like multiple slider layouts, horizontal or vertical orientation, custom colour options, and more. Additionally, you can add images, videos, and texts to your sliders to further enhance their visual appeal and provide more information to your visitors.


  • Added Gutenberg block support.
  • Timeline Plugin for WordPress.
  • Touch-enabled Navigation.
  • Fully responsive. Scales with its container.
  • Fully accessible with arrow key navigation.
  • Given shortcode and template code.

Post Timeline

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Post Timeline is mainly used for displaying your posts in a neat timeline format. This plugin can help you by offering you the possibility to create your style and design. It is one of the more well-known WordPress timeline plugins and is enjoyed by all kinds of users.


  • Auto Create Navigation from Tags
  • Set Color for each Timeline Post
  • Assign an Icon for each Timeline Post
  • Select the Date for each Timeline Post
  • Setup Separate Page URL
  • Assign Category and Tags
  • Create Tag based Timeline
  • Responsive UI that looks cool on every single device
  • Beautiful UI of the vertical timeline
  • Multi-Language supported

Elementor Timeline Widget

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The Elementor Timeline Widget is an incredibly useful tool that has been specifically designed to complement the Elementor page builder plugin.

With this widget, users can effortlessly create captivating timelines that are both interactive and visually stunning, making it an ideal choice for individuals who are looking to enhance their WordPress websites.

Whether you are a blogger, a business owner, or a website developer, the Elementor Timeline Widget is a must-have tool that can help you showcase your content uniquely and engagingly.


  • Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Animation Effects
  • Timeline Events
  • Timeline Navigation
  • Integration with Elementor

Timeline Block

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The Timeline Block plugin is a user-friendly and versatile plugin that enables users to showcase events, stories, or any chronological information in a timeline format. It is designed to be easily customizable and integrate seamlessly with the WordPress block editor.


  • Responsive Design
  • Customization Options
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Multiple Timeline Layouts
  • Rich Media Support
  • Timeline Navigation
  • Animation Effects
  • Timeline Filtering
  • Integration with Gutenberg

Timeline Event History

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Timeline is a useful tool for showcasing an organization’s history and event timeline on any page or post, or even on a sidebar widget.

The Timeline event history is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that displays your life history or your company’s story in a responsive vertical chronological order based on the year and date of your posts.

It’s the best plugin to create a timeline theme, and you can also use it to convert your blog posts into a blog timeline. This awesome timeline template maker plugin is a great addition to creating a visual representation of your content.


  • 2 Timeline Designs
  • 2 Vertical Timeline Layouts.
  • Colors & Typography
  • Custom Color Option For Every Story
  • Multiple Timelines

Post Timeline

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The Bold Timeline Plugin for WordPress is a tool that enables you to create visually appealing timelines for your WordPress blog in a fast and straightforward manner.

With this plugin, you can design both vertical and horizontal timelines, providing you with the flexibility to customize them to your liking.

This plugin comes with six different styles to choose from, making it easy to find a design that fits your website’s look and feel.


  • Unlimited free timelines
  • Beautiful Side Navigation with Smooth Animation
  • Auto Create Navigation from Tags
  • Set Color for each Timeline Post
  • Assign an Icon for each Timeline Post
  • Select the Date for each Timeline Post
  • Setup Separate Page URL

B Timeline

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B-Timeline is an exceptional WordPress plugin that offers a seamless experience in creating and showcasing engaging timelines on any Posts, Pages, or Widgets. With its user-friendly interface, you don’t need any technical knowledge to use it.

B-Timeline is easy to install and customize, so you can bend it to your will. It’s a lightweight plugin, which means it won’t slow down your website’s performance. Overall, B-Timeline is a fantastic tool that will enable you to create stunning timelines without much hassle.


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • JavaScript has a very low loading time
  • User-friendly interface


Q: What are timeline plugins for WordPress?

A: Timeline plugins for WordPress are tools that allow you to create interactive and visually appealing timelines on your website. These timelines can be used to showcase a chronological sequence of events, projects, stories, or any other type of content.

Q: Are these timeline plugins free to use?

A: Yes, all the timeline plugins mentioned in our blog are free to use. However, some of them may offer premium features or upgrades for a fee.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the timelines created with these plugins? 

A: Yes, most timeline plugins offer customization options such as changing colours, fonts, layouts, and animations to match the style of your website.

Q: Do I need coding skills to use these timeline plugins?

A: No, you do not need coding skills to use these timeline plugins. They are designed to be user-friendly and can be easily implemented on your WordPress site using simple drag-and-drop interfaces.


Incorporating timeline plugins into your WordPress website can enhance the visual appeal and user experience for showcasing chronological content.

The “Best Timeline Plugins for WordPress” blog provides a comprehensive list of plugins that offer various customization options, responsiveness, multimedia support, and compatibility with popular page builders.

While free versions of these plugins offer valuable features, premium versions may provide additional functionalities and support.

By selecting the right timeline plugin based on your requirements and design preferences, you can effectively create engaging timelines to captivate your audience.

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