There are every category of website on the Internet. One such category is Donation. Donation websites gather Donations from users for their cause.

As we all know, for some extra functionalities, a plugin is needed. Same with the Donation websites where Donation plugins are needed.

The Donation plugins offer multiple features along with gathering money, which include form building, donor management, modes of payment, payment gateways, etc.

if you are searching for the same then this blog is gonna helpful for you. We will see some best WordPress Donation Plugins. You can pick your best-suited one.

Let’s get started,

Best WordPress Donation Plugins

Here are the Donation Plugins listed below. You can compare all of them and start your Donation-gathering website.

GiveWP – Donation Plugin & Fundraising Platform

Give WP

Rating :

Active Installations : 100,000+

GiveWP is one of the most downloaded donation plugins. This is because it offers lots of features and functionalities.

It gives you the facility to create dynamic forms. You can customize the form and make it as per your desires. You can choose between multiple payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

It works well with popular page builders to extend your designing experience.

Donation Forms by Charitable


Rating :

Active Installations : 10,000+

This WordPress Plugin helps to create the donation form easily. You can create multiple fundraising campaigns if you need to. You can make it time-sensitive, so it will end once the time ends.

You can suggest some amount to pay or the donor can also pay as they want. Sometimes, Donors pay the suggested amount if they are capable.

It is GDPR-ready so you don’t have to worry much about the safety of your site.



Rating :

Active Installations : 10,000+

Donorbox, as the name signifies, helps to gather donations from the users. The Forms can be created quickly and highly customizable as you can match your brand with the form.

Donorbox is integrated with various payment Gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo. So the Donor can use its preferred Gateway.

Monthly recurring payments can be set up. After every donation, an automated receipt is generated, and the transaction is recorded in the account.

Donation Platform for WooCommerce

Donation Platform

Rating :

Active Installations: 4,000+

It is modern designed and accepts multiple payment gateways. With this wide compatibility, the site becomes more functional.

You can allow the users for recurring payments or schedule the donation payment. This helps the users to not make payments manually.

The plugin is optimized for mobile so your mobile donor can also your site and make payments easily.

Accept Donations with PayPal & Stripe


Rating :

Active Installations: 20,000+

PayPal is a well-known Payment Gateway. It is used to accept payments around the globe. This WordPress plugin helps to gather donations via PayPal and Stripes.

From the admin panel, you can see all the donations. The plugin is multilingual, it can be translated into 18 languages.

Users can opt to make recurring payments.

Woo Donations

Woo Donations

Rating :

Active Installations: 4,000+

With the help of the Woo Donations Plugin, you can create a simple donation form quickly. There are easy steps to make payments.

It offers lots of free features that you barely need the premium version, but, if you need the pro features then you can go for it. In the Pro version, you get features like Donation ordering Listing, Fundraising Donation Campaigns, Auto Create Woo Donation Page.

It gives you control over the customization of the plugin. If you were searching for a Donation plugin with such features then you can go with this.



Rating :

Active Installations : 400+

FundPress is suitable for fundraising websites like charities, NGOs, and Donation websites.

It gives the users multiple payment gateway options to donate. The available payment gateways include PayPal, Authorize Net, and Stripes.

It has a donate button widget, so you can receive payment on the website. You can create a compensation plan which can be a small thank you note or a small reward, that is used after donating. This makes the users feel happier.

The plugin is SEO-friendly so your site gains organic traffic on site.


Q. What are the payment gateways?

Ans. The payment gateways are the software that is used to make and manage payments. These are also used to pay internationally.

Q. Where donation plugins are used?

Ans. Donation Plugins are mostly used by the sites that seek donations to operate. Mostly these include NGOs, Charities, Campaigns, etc.

Q. What if these free WordPress Plugins’ features are not enough to fulfill the needs of the websites?

Ans. If these free WordPress Plugins’ features are not enough then you can consider buying a pro version. The premium version provides some more features.


So we have discussed some best WordPress donation plugins. You can pick any one of them. You can compare the features and choose the best-suited one.

All the WordPress plugins mentioned above are free and available on If you run a donation website then these plugins may help you make a functional website.

I hope this blog will help you. Still, if you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.

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