As we all know about the popularity of WordPress and every one wants to create website in a very easy way. For them WordPress will be the first choice. So the first thing required is the knowledge of WordPress Installation. In this article I will show you three methods to install WordPress.

  • From WordPress Hosting.
  • Using cPanel (Manual Installation).
  • Using FTP (Manual Installation).

Method 1 : Using WordPress Hosting

Select a host that offers WordPress pre-installed. It is very easy to work over the host that have pre-installed WordPress. There are lot of hosting providers who provide this service. Here are few of them :

I am continuing with SiteGround. If you are looking fast hosting with 24 X 7 customer support, Then SiteGround is best option for you. Follow this URL to purchase hosting.

Lets Start :

  • Login SiteGround customer area.
    1. As you are accessing for the first time,  You will see a pop-up asking if you want to “Start a new website” on your account. Select the option.
    2. Click WordPress, As shown in the image.
    3. Add required details like Email, Username and Password.
    4. And press “Confirm” button.
  • Now system ask to choose enhancements. If you want to add any. Now press “Complete Setup” button.
  • And that’s it!, Now you can go to your website home, Login WordPress dashboard and start website setup.

For manual setup methods using cPanel or FTP, You have create database first.

Let’s Create Database :

  • Login cPanel (You can access cPanel from direct URL provided by host Or from hosting provider website).
  • Scroll down and find “MySQL Database” inside Database row.
MySQL Database
  • Click “MySQL Database“.
    1. Now you will get options to add database name. Add desired name and click “Create Database” button.
    2. Now create database user. For that, add “Username” and “Password”. These credentials are required at the time of WordPress installation.
    3. Now Link newly created database with the user. So select new user and new database. And click “Add” button.
add details

Method 2 : Install WordPress Using cPanel

  • Make confirm that you have created database, As shown above.
  • Access your cPanel.
  • Now look for the “File Manager” in the cPanel and access it.
file manager

  1. You will be redirected to root directory.
  2. Now click “public_html” or “www” (depends on hosting you are using). You will see empty directory in the right panel.
  3. Now click “Upload” as shown in the image below.
upload wp

  1. Now download WordPress from this link. And upload downloaded zip as shown in the image below.
  2. This window also allow you to change permissions. “6, 4, 4” is default. User can read + write file (4+2=6), Group can read file (4) and world can read file (4).
    • Read 4 – Allowed to read files
    • Write 2 – Allowed to write/modify files
    • eXecute 0 – Read/write/delete/modify/directory

  • After uploading file you will be redirected back to root directory “public_html” or “www”.
    1. Now select uploaded file.
    2. And click “Extract”.
extract wordpress

  • As soon as you click extract, A confirmation popup will display asking at which location you want to extract this file. So just check location and press “Extract File(s)”.
move files

  • You can see that your WordPress is extracted. Now open WordPress directory.
extract wp

  1. Select all inner files.
  2. And click “Move File”.
select all files

  • As soon as you click “Move File”, Again a confirmation popup display asking where do you want to move selected files.
    1. Remove “wordpress” from the address bar.
    2. And click “Move File(s)”. So all files will be moved to root directory.
remove address

  • So moved files will look like this in the “public_html” or “www”. Now select and delete empty “wordpress” directory and its zip file.
remove files

  • Now access your domain in the web browser (like : and run WordPress installation.
  • Choose the desired language and click on the “Continue button”.

  • Now click on “Let’s go!” button.
lets go

  • Now add all informations which you have created in the “MySQL Database“.
    • Database Name = “Created in MySQL Database”.
    • Username = “Created in MySQL Database”
    • Password = “Created in MySQL Database”
    • Database Host = localhost (Leave it localhost if your WordPress and database are at same server. If database is at another server, Then add its name.
    • Table Prefix = wp_ (You can change it, If you want to install multiple WordPress in a single database or if you want to improve security. Because “wp_” is known to all).

  • Now WordPress is ready to install, Just click “Run the installation” button.
run install

  • Now set Username and password, I suggest you to copy these credentials because these credentials are required to access your WordPress dashboard. In the same way add site title and your email id. You can check search engine visibility option to Discourage search engines from indexing this site.
  • After adding details press “Install WordPress”.

Now Login WordPress dashboard and thats all. Your WordPress dashboard is ready to use. There are lot of free and premium themes available at ThemeHunk. You just need to select theme according to your requirement.

Method 3 : Manual Setup Using FTP

FTP is a medium using which you can transfer files to and from your server or web hosting. There are lot of FTP clients available like FileZilla, WinSCP, FireFTP etc.
I recommend FileZilla, Because it’s fast, Available for both Windows and Mac OS and support SFTP, It’s a secure way to transfer data, So it won’t be compromised in the path.

Let’s Start :

  • Make confirm that you have created database, As shown above.
  • Download FileZilla from this Link. And install it.
  • Login FileZilla and Open root directory.
  • Now download WordPress from this link.
    1. Extract downloaded zip (WordPress) file.
    2. & 3. Now open extracted WordPress folder, Select everything inside it and copy.
Copy files

  • Now paste copied files in the FileZilla at the location shown in the image below.

Note : You have to paste inner files only. Because if you paste files including parent WordPress folder itself, Then WordPress will be installed in the sub directory (like :

  • Now access your domain in the web browser (like : and run WordPress installation. For detailed instruction follow this link.
  • WordPress Installation Setup

I hope this post is helpful for you. Please feel free to contact our support staff in case of any query. We provide help using live chatemail and support forum.

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