Looking to add a search bar to your theme? You’ve come to the right place! I’ll show you how to integrate it easily and quickly.

Adding a search bar to your theme is a great way to enhance user experience and make it easier for visitors to find the content they are looking for on your website.

With a search bar readily available, visitors can easily search for specific topics, products, or information, saving them time and effort in locating relevant content.

This enhancement not only improves user satisfaction but also increases the overall usability and functionality of your website.

So, if you want to provide a more efficient and user-friendly experience for your visitors, adding a search bar is the way to go!

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the free plugin “The Advance Product Search Plugin” for adding Ajax product search with Ajax in WooCommerce.

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What is AJAX product search?

AJAX product search is a feature on a website that allows users to search for products without having to reload the entire page.

It uses asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology to send a request to the server in the background and retrieve search results without disrupting the user’s browsing experience.

This allows for faster and more seamless product searches on an e-commerce website.

Why Should Use AJAX?

Ajax is commonly used in web development to create more dynamic and interactive user experiences.

It allows websites to load new information or content without refreshing the entire page, making the browsing experience faster and more seamless for users.

This can help improve user engagement, increase retention rates, and enhance overall user satisfaction with the website.

Additionally, Ajax can also help reduce server load and bandwidth usage, as only specific parts of the page are updated instead of the entire page.

Overall, Ajax is a powerful tool for enhancing the functionality and usability of websites.

Now, I’ll introduce you to the free plugin “The Advance Product Search Plugin” for adding Ajax product search with Ajax in WooCommerce.

Let’s get started!

Plugin Installation (Free Version)

Th Advance Product Search Plugin is a super fast Ajax live search for searching your product, page, and post.

Step 1: Install “Th Advance Product Search” plugin.

image 44

To install the “The Advance Product Search” plugin on your WordPress site, go to “WP Admin Plugins” and click on “Add New.” Search for the plugin, click “Install Now,” and activate it to start using its features.

Step 2: Type “Th Advance Product Search” in the plugin name in the search box and clickInstall Now

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Search for “The Advance Product Search” in the plugin search box, then click “Install Now” to add it to your WordPress site.

Step 3: Activate the plugin.

image 46

After installation, click “Activate” to enable the plugin’s functionality on your WordPress website.

Step 4: Navigate to “Advance Search” & click on it.

image 48

Upon activation, “The Advance Product Search” plugin will display the “Themehunk” tab on the left side of your dashboard.

Step 5: Accessing “Th Advance Product Search” settings.

scrnli 2 28 2024 12 31 37 PM

To access advanced product search settings, select the “Advance Search” option. This will allow you to customize and refine your product search criteria. Use this feature to find specific products more efficiently.

Ways of adding Advance Product Search.

Now, I’ll show you how you can Integrate and Add a search bar to your Theme in Easy ways

  1. Add a search bar by using “Shortcodes.”
  2. Add a search bar by using “Block.”
  3. Add a search bar by using “Widgets.”
  4. Add a search bar by using “PHP.”
  5. Display the search bar as a “menu.”

You can also add settings for the search bar, including:

  • Voice search,
  • Loader,
  • Autocomplete settings,
  • Search scope in the product,
  • Highlight in the Product,

For these awesome settings you want to see on your website, you canUpgrade to pro” and get TH Advance Search Pro“.

How to add Ajax Product Search in WooCommerce For Free

1. By using “Shortcodes.”

Step 1. Access the Advance Product Search settings.

Go to your dashboard, and you will see the “Themehunk” tab on the right side. Select “Advance Search” to access the Advance Product Search settings.

scrnli 2 28 2024 1 56 26 PM
image 52

Step 2. Choose & Copy the “Shortcodes.”

Under Integration, you can see the “Shortcodes.” you have to choose the search bar style and just copy the shortcodes of your preferred search bar and paste them into your site editor.

image 53
scrnli 3 2 2024 6 10 20 PM

2. By using “Block.”

Step 1. Start by accessing the Dashboard.

Go to the “Pages” section on your Dashboard and click on the “Shop Page.”

Untitled design 1

Step 2. Now, Click on the [+] Icon.

image 54

Step 3. Search for “Th Advance Product Search” Block and Click on it.

image 53

After clicking on the “Block” button, the shortcode will be automatically pasted.

image 57

Step 4. Now, Click “Update” and go to the Preview site.

image 56

3. By using “Widgets.”

Step 1. Adding “TH Advance Search Widget.”

  1. To locate the “TH Advance Search Widget,” kindly navigate to the Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Navigate to the Primary sidebar, search for “The Advanced Search widget”, and select it.
image 51

Step 2. After adding “Th Advance Search Widget” click on Update.

Step 3. Look for Visit site & Preview.

scrnli 3 4 2024 12 00 32 PM

4. Display search bar as a “Menu.”

Step 1. Go to the Appearance > Menu

image 50

Step 2. Check the “TH Advance Search Bar” and click the “Add to menu” button.

image 51

Step 3. Look for the Menu setting. and tick(✓) main of the Display location.

  1. Look for the Menu setting. and tick (✓) main of the Display location.
  2. Click on “Save menu”
Screenshot 17
scrnli 3 2 2024 6 13 29 PM


Q: What is Ajax Product Search in WooCommerce?

Ans- Ajax Product Search in WooCommerce is a feature that allows users to search for products on a WooCommerce website without the need to reload the page. It provides a seamless and interactive search experience for customers.

Q: How do I configure Ajax Product Search on my WooCommerce website once I have installed a plugin?

Ans- The configuration process may vary depending on the plugin you choose. Typically, you will need to access the plugin settings in your WordPress dashboard to customize the search behaviour, styling, and other options related to Ajax Product Search.

Refer to the plugin documentation or support resources for detailed instructions on how to set up and configure the feature on your website.

Q: Are there any recommended plugins for adding Ajax Product Search to WooCommerce for free in 2024?

Ans- Some popular plugins that offer Ajax Product Search functionality for WooCommerce include WooCommerce Product Search, Th Advance Product Search, and YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter. These plugins may have free versions with basic features or offer a free trial period for you to test out the functionality and pro version for other settings and features.


Adding Ajax Product Search to your WooCommerce website for free is a convenient way to enhance the search experience for your customers.

By utilizing plugins or code snippets available online, you can implement this feature without incurring additional costs.

It is recommended to explore popular plugins such as WooCommerce Product Search, Th Advance Product Search, and YITH WooCommerce to find a suitable solution that meets your requirements.

While some technical knowledge may be beneficial for the configuration process, many plugins offer user-friendly interfaces for easy setup.

By following the provided guidelines and seeking assistance when needed, you can successfully integrate Ajax Product Search into your WooCommerce website to improve usability and customer satisfaction.

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