WordPress updates are always exciting. Every update comes with numerous features that make us realize that WordPress is being developed and reducing the dependency on third-party tools.

This update gets us new functionalities and features in terms of block options, design, and control over the block theme site.

If you remember, WordPress 6.4.3 was also interesting as it introduced very helpful features like revisions, background images, renaming the group, new designing options, and more.

This time, in WordPress 6.5 some features are coming that are lifesavers. We will discuss them in detail. Be with us till last.

Features Coming in WordPress 6.5

Font Library

For a perfect site, fonts play a very crucial role, but there were not enough fonts that you could choose your favorite fonts.

But now there is a different scenario. It not only has a various number of fonts but can also be extended.


You can see the fonts from styles and then Typography.

Manage Fonts

When you click on the highlighted icon, you will see a window of fonts like below.

Fonts 1

Not only are there more fonts but you can upload the fonts also. So if you want the fonts matched with your brand you can upload them and use them on the site. If your desired font is in Google Fonts then you can connect with it too.

Plugin Dependency

In WordPress, there are lots of plugins. But some are dependent on others. That means you need to install some other plugins to use one.

For example, there are many plugins that need woo-commerce to work on the site like cart plugins, delivery plugins, inventory management plugins, and more.

in WordPress 6.5, this is introduced that if a plugin needs some plugins, then it will activate once all the plugins that are required are activated.

It will show all the plugins that are required. So that you can install them directly.

This update will help you to see if there is not a plugin that is dependent on this plugin.

Block Editor

Now WordPress is switched to blocks. Every theme being developed is of blocks. Blocks-based themes are better in almost every measure.

This release has come with more effective updates. As it is now more accessible.

Drop Shadow Effect

Drop shadow creates an appealing appearance. It looks like a 3D section that is making its shadow.

Let’s learn how to do it.

Style Drop Shadow

Click on styles to go to the style options.

Drop Shadow

After following these steps, you will get some shadow designs. You can pick your favorite design.

Drop Shadow Designs 1

A shadow has come to the column. Looks good, isn’t it?

Block Rename

In the previous update, we had to rename the groups. Now in WordPress 6.5, we have accessibility to rename the individual block.

Right Click Settings

Previously we had to click on three dots to open the settings. But now right click is enough to open the setting.

Page Titles

When you link some texts, it shows page titles. You can directly choose a page without copying the link.

Preference Panel

The preference panel is updated as some more sections are added in this release.

Synced Post

It has given the option to make changes to the original pattern.

Pattern 2

It has given the option to override. You have to check the box for this.


The appearance is enhanced as the preview is upgraded. You can now sort the items according to different types.

Revision 2 1

The revision section has become more expressive as it shows the changes made clearly. Switching to a revision has become easier.

Several bugs have been fixed in WordPress 6.5. Bugs are one of the most annoying things that nobody to encounter.

Along with the bugs, additional functions are introduced including, grid view, background images, editing, block settings, and more.

MySQL version is raised to 5.5.5. Previously it was 5.0. Now onwards you will need a minimum of version 5.5.5 to access the latest version of WordPress.

So these are some of the necessary updates introduced in WordPress 6.5. In this blog, we have used the Vayu X WordPress Block theme. You can consider it for your website.


Q. Where I can test the updates before release?

Ans. You have to install the WordPress beta tester plugin and change some settings, you should get the update option in updates.

Q. What are the benefits of testing the updates before release?

Ans. There are no benefits, you just get ideas of what is coming next with the update.


WordPress 6.5 is getting released on 26 March 2024. We have seen a glimpse of some new features and functionalities.

Many new features are added and new functions are added to existing ones. As I wrote above every WordPress update is exciting. And as we have seen the WordPress 6.5 glimpse it confirmed that this update is also useful.

These updates are not all but some of the most awaited ones. You can see all of them on the WordPress official site.

I hope the blog will help you to understand the future updates of WordPress. You can share this blog with more WordPress users. Thanks for being with us till here.

I hope this blog will help you. Still, if you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.

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