Envision Google Analytics on your WordPress dashboard.

Today I am going to share very important plugin information which is essential to all website owners using google analytics. I think tracking of a website is essential to check who are our visitors as it helps us to improve our website content.   Here I will tell you some important information about “Google Analytics […]


Adding a map in your site.

As you want to show your office or site location in your website but you are facing difficulty to add it. Many users try to install any plugin to show google maps, which may conflict with your themes query. Here I will explain you a simple step to show your maps in widget section website. […]


Create Your Own Multisite Using WordPress

There is an amazing feature in WordPress that you create your site as a multisite. It doesn’t take hard steps, you have to follow just some simple steps and you can make your own multi-site. Before creating multi-site WordPress let us learn why it is necessary to create. Actually it is a collection of sites […]