Useful Plugins For WooCommerce- Starting a business online? seems very difficult? This is the thought that comes in minds of many people before starting an online store or business.

Creating an online store is now so easy that, your online store is just a click away with WoCoomerce.

When it comes to creating a website or an eCommerce website, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is how they will create a website. because they don’t have any knowledge about creating a website.

But with the Help of WordPress and WooCommerce, anyone can create their own online store within minutes.

So today in this blog we are going to tell you about the Top 10 Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites, that will help your business to grow.

In this blog, I will tell you about the essential plugins for your WooCommerce Website, so read this blog fully to get to know everything about Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites.

14 Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites.

Here is the list of Best Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites that we have picked under essential WooCommerce Plugins for an eCommerce website.

  1. TH All in One Woo Cart
  2. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro
  3. TH Product Compare
  4. TH Advance Search
  5. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips.
  6. WooCommerce Blocks
  7. Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce
  8. TH Variation Swatches for WooCommerce
  9. WP Popup Builder – Popup Forms & Newsletter
  10. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery
  11. Lead Form Builder
  12. Product Addons for Woocommerce
  13. Min and Max Quantity for WooCommerce
  14. Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

So above are the important and useful plugins for WooCommerce Websites. let’s know in detail about these plugins, and how they can be useful for your eCommerce business.

TH All in One Woo Cart

th all in one woo cart 32

TH All in One Woo Cart is a powerful extension that helps to innovate the functions of the Cart on the WooCommerce Store.

The plugin also provides users with many useful tools to design all the elements relating such as Sidebar Cart, Menu Cart, Sticky Add To Cart button, and Checkout on Sidebar Cart, which will make your WooCommerce Store work more effectively.

This plugin will bring you convenience and appeal, it allows the shopping cart to float on the website along with fly to cart effect.

display the Sticky add to Cart on single pages which helps to increase the rate of adding products to the cart from customers because Customers can add products without scrolling the bar to find the add to cart button.

Main Features:-

  • Cart Integration Using Shortcode
  • Cart Integration Using PHP code
  • Auto-Open with Ajax
  • Responsive to each & every device
  • Compatible with All WordPress Theme
  • The dropdown on click Cart Open Style

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

woocommerce shipping tracking pro 1

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Plugin lets you integrate Order Tracking functionalities into your WooCommerce store.

By using this WooCommerce Order tracking plugin, you provide your customers with an easy way to track their order delivery from various shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL Express, and 80+ other carriers.

Main Features:-

  • Add shipment tracking information to WooCommerce orders in an instant
  • Send WooCommerce shipment tracking notifications in order completion the email
  • Add live shipment tracking information to the customer’s My Account page
  • Easily add/remove new shipping service providers
  • Automatically mark the order as completed
  • Real-time order delivery status updates using a dedicated Shipment Tracking API
  • Define your own order-tracking messages
  • Bulk Import WooCommerce tracking details using CSV, FTP & SFTP upload
  • Schedule an automatic import of WooCommerce tracking details
  • WPML Compatible

TH Product Compare

th product compare 32

TH Product Compare is an excellent plugin for comparing products in your Woocommerce store with the same or different categories. The user can add and remove products to compare products.

Create comparison tables with ease, choose the data you want your users can compare with, and help your customers to find the differences between products.

You can set the number of products to compare in the comparison table, display compare button on the shop page or single product page as well as both pages, compare button text color, background color, etc.

Main Features:-

  • Add Compare button or link with Text
  • Display product fields like Image, Title, Rating, Price, Add to cart, Description, Availability, and SKU
  • Display Compare Button at Product Single Page, Shop, and Archive Pages
  • Fully compatible with WordPress Themes
  • Easy to remove products from the table

th advance search 381

TH Advance Search is a very powerful and easy-to-use WooCommerce Search Plugin that turns a simple search box of your WooCommerce Store into a powerful multifunctional magic box that helps you to sell more products. 

It gives very fast search suggestions by product name, description, category, tag, and attributes with no waiting time.

This WooCommerce plugin is a very powerful and easy-to-use tool that converts a simple search input into a powerful multifunctional live search box without refreshing the page.

Main Features:-

  • Quick and Fast Search Results
  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Advanced Search for WooCommerce Products ( Categories, Description, Image, Price, SKUs)
  • Advanced Search for Post ( Categories, Description & Image )
  • Advanced Search for Pages ( Description & Image )
  • Search using AJAX search
  • Exclude specific content from search results
  • Color Manager options for each Search element

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites

If you have a WooCommerce website, or you are going to create one, then don’t forget to use this plugin.

If you have an online store and your online store sells goods, then you have to give your customers a product invoice, right?

With WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin, you can automate PDF invoicing of your eCommerce website. The admins can view, edit & download PDF Invoices from the order page.

You can upload a new logo or choose an existing logo from the image library to set as the shop logo header on your PDF invoice.

Main Features:-

  • Download the PDF invoice/packing slip of customer orders.
  • Automatically attach invoice PDFs to WooCommerce emails.
  • Send invoice PDF directly to customers.
  • Comes with customizable HTML/CSS invoice templates.
  • Generate PDF invoices/packing slips in bulk.

WPLoyalty – Points and rewards for WooCommerce

WPLoyalty 997

WPLoyalty is a well-built plugin with impressive features to reward and retain customers. With this plugin, you can not only boost sales but also improve and generate more revenue. 

It’s now made easy to acquire more customers through implementing word-of-mouth sales. Reward points, coupons/discounts, and freebies for every customer’s action at your store. 

Using the WPLoyalty plugin, you can make your customers feel special and give them a smooth shopping experience at your store.

Main Features:-

  • Create levels/badges
  • Add point expiry to the points
  • Launcher-widget
  • WPML support
  • Integrates multi-currency
  • Import/export customers

WooCommerce Blocks

Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites

The WooCommerce Blocks Plugin allows you to add WooCommerce products to your pages and posts.

This is a very helpful plugin for those who, want to add their products to any page and post on their website.

In this plugin, WooCommerce Blocks are the easiest, most flexible way to display your products on posts and pages.

Main Features:-

  • Top Rated Products Block
  • Featured Product Block
  • Best Selling Products Block
  • Products by Category Block
  • On-Sale Products Block
  • Filter Products by Attribute
  • Product Categories List Block
  • Filter Products by Price
  • Reviews by Product

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

advance shipment tracking plugin 4

Let your customers can track their orders and get to know, when they will get their product, with the help of Advanced Shipment Tracking for Plugin WooCommerce.

With this plugin, you can add tracking information to orders, and provides your customers with an easy way to track their orders.

This plugin also integrates the order tracking information with other tracking services.

With the advantages of tracking orders, shop owners can manage tracking orders easily and inform their customers about the order’s journey. Likewise, customers will feel secure and comfortable in tracking their orders.

The Plugin helps shops manage WooCommerce orders in a more officiant way and automate the post-shipping operations.

Main Features:-

  • Add Tracking information to orders
  • 250+ Shipping Providers
  • Customize The Tracking Display on the Order Emails
  • Custom Shipping Providers
  • Bulk Upload from CSV

TH Variation Swatches

th variation swatches 32

TH Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Plugin is very useful for a store with a variety of product options.

The plugin turns the product attribute select dropdown into beautiful swatches. It means you can turn the product variation selection dropdown into the color, button, radio, and image swatches.

It turns the product variation select options fields into radio images, colors, and labels.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce not only offer the color, image, and label attributes in the single WooCommerce product. It also enables them to produce a quick view of the shop page.

Main Features:-

  • Control Product Page Swatches Size
  • Enable Color Swatches For Variable Product Attribute Variations
  • Enable Image Swatches For Variable Product Attribute Variations
  • Option to Globally Select ROUNDED Attribute Variation Swatches Shape.
  • Product Page Swatches Size Control
  • Flexible Swatches Tooltip Insert and Display settings
  • Compatible With Elementor Page Builder Plugin

WP Popup Builder – Popup Forms & Newsletter


WP Popup Builder is a professionally designed popup to convert visitors on your site into taking an action whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter, offering a discount/coupon for leaving customers

You can apply a popup on page load, on exit intent, on scrolling down, on user’s inactivity, on AdBlock detected, or show it when users click something.

This plugin is intended to insert any type of content in a Popup in the fastest and easiest way on any page of the WooCommerce website.

It also offers Drag & Drop Popup Builder, just drag & drop selected elements and make your own popup design in seconds.

Main Features:-

  • Pre-Built Popup Templates
  • Drag & Drop Popup Builder
  • Optimized Performance
  • Mailing system supports
  • Traffic Bouncer popups
  • Many Popup opening animations

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites

Are you frustrated with Cart Abandonment in your store and losing Revenue? Here is the solution for you, WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery Plugin for your store.

It is a WooCommerce extension Plugin that will recover abandoned carts and increase sales.

Cart Abandonment happens due to a variety of reasons and sending mail (with follow-up emails) can be the best way to Recover Abandoned Carts which is exactly what this Plugin does.

The plugin captures the email address of users on the checkout page. this is one of the ways to build customer relationships.

If the purchase is not completed within 15 minutes, it will automatically start sending a follow-up email to your customers that you can customize to match your store’s needs.

This allows you to re-engage with customers thereby building a relationship with them which results in an increase in trust, and loyalty in your store and result in higher future purchases.

Main Features:-

  • Create Unique Checkout Links
  • Pre-made templates for follow-up emails
  • Coupon Code Features

Lead Form Builder

Lead form builder

Lead Form Builder is the only thing you need to have all kinds of fill-in forms on your site.

This plugin offers a universal tool that has everything to allow you to create a wide range of forms to collect data from your clients.

Design an inviting and simple contact plugin with Lead Form Builder to attract customer contacts.

The Lead form builder is all page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, Brizy, and site origin page builders.

This plugin gives you the freedom to design limitless contact forms with advanced styling.

The plugin comes with features like Form export & import, Unlimited lead export, Mailchimp addon, SMTP mail configuration, Drag & drop field ordering, Admin & User email settings, Live customizer, and many more.

Main Features:-

  • Generate easy-use shortcode.
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Autoresponder feature
  • reCAPTCHA integrates to secure your site.

Product Addons for Woocommerce

Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites

Product Addons for Woocommerce plugin allows store owners to create unlimited product options & assign the options to the products, the plugin supports addon fields to create the options.

This plugin supports form fields text, input, radio, checkbox, and textarea. It also supports file, number, date, time, date range, number range slider, color picker, etc.

Also, this plugin comes with a drag-and-drop form builder and supports various essential elements.

Main Features:-

  • Text and Number field 
  • Checkbox and Radio field
  • Email and Password field

Min and Max Quantity for WooCommerce

Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites

This plugin lets you configure different rules to specify a quantity for products, variations, and orders.

You can specify the minimum as well as maximum thresholds based on your store strategy.

The Min and Max Quantity for WooCommerce plugin allows you to set up limits for the cost of products in orders and in groups and limits for the number of products, product variations, products in orders, and products in groups.

Main Features:-

  • Quantity limits for product variations
  • Cost limits for products in the cart
  • Quantity limits for products
  • Quantity limits for products in the cart

Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

multi step checkout for woocommerce

Do you know, that the Checkout page is the most important part of any eCommerce website? This plugin can be used to convert your checkout page into multi-steps.

If the customers find the checkout process too complicated, chances are they will leave without buying and might not come back.

This plugin helps to improve your conversion rate by simplifying and beautifying the checkout process.

Main Features:-

  • Responsive layout
  • Adjust the main color to your theme
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Sleek design
  • Mobile friendly

For a more functional website, we suggest you use a Fully functional, eCommerce, or WooCommerce WordPress Theme to run your online store.

These are our Top Picks for the Top 10 Useful Plugins For WooCommerce Websites. you can get many more WooCommerce plugins that will fulfill your needs.

Thanks for reading this blog, we hope this article helps you to find important plugins for WooCommerce if have any queries you can ask us via the comment section below, we would love to help you. 🙂

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