Adding WooCommerce Variations in Products is little difficult for newbie who has just started their shopping site, Specially for clothing shop site, Because they have many variants for their product.

So this post is for those who want to learn How to add WooCommerce variations in products. So let’s get started.

How about we start by creating new product in our WooCommerce store to add variations in products.

1. Creating a Product

For that we need to go to our dashboard and navigate to “Products > Add New”
Enter product name in title field.

Enter “T-shirt with logo” as the title for this item.

From the “Product Data” drop down, pick “Variable Product”.

woocommerce variations

Now let’s add some attributes for the product

2. Adding Attributes

  • Navigate to “Attribute” tab in “Product data”
  • Select “Color” and then click on “Add” Button
woocommerce variations
  • After that click on “Used For Variations and click “Select all” and hit “Save Attribute” button
woocommerce attributes

Now Click on the variation tab

  • Now click on “Variations” tab
  • Then select option “Create variations from all attributes”
  • It will show you a popup, Click “OK”
variations selection

We should now observe your WooCommerce varieties, as appeared in the picture underneath.

variations submission

Now click into every variety and change explicit things.

Now let’s upload a custom image for variation that will allow user to choose specific product

Click on the “Photograph” symbol and upload your pic

variations image upload
  • You can repeat this process for other variations
  • Please make sure you hit “Save changes” button after completing all the task.
  • Now let’s check the result when we choose “Blue” color and “Medium” size.
woocommerce variations result

You can see the result, it will show the updated price which is assigned to that particular variations.

Variation process makes our customers to select actual product without navigating more pages.

Now you see Adding WooCommerce” variations to product is not as tough we think. If still you have any doubts or want to ask something, you can ask via the comment section below. we will try to help you. Thanks for reading this blog ūüôā

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