Do you want to create a beautiful eCommerce website, with a free theme? don’t worry today we will tell you about the Top store best free WordPress theme, that you can use to create your eCommerce website.

The eCommerce business is getting wider, and nowadays many websites are running on WordPress. In this blog, I am going to assist you to create your next WordPress eCommerce website with Top Store WordPress Theme.

An online store with all the tools you need to build, manage, and grow your online business. The top store theme is enough to create your stunning eCommerce website.

Top store free WordPress theme download

With an elegant and modern style, Top store best free WordPress theme has all things you need. It will give your customers a fresh and attractive interface.

There are various multipurpose WordPress themes out there, but the Top Store theme is perfect to show your products online.

Top Store Free WordPress theme comes with these awesome features.

  • Advanced Header Layouts.
  • Advanced Footer Layouts.
  • FrontPage and Inner Page Sidebar.
  • Smart Cart
  • Top Slider Layout.
  • Product Carousel.
  • Tabbed Product Carousel.
  • Woo Category Layouts.
  • Full Color and Background Manager.
  • Advanced AJAX Search.
  • Product Quick View.
  • Product Hover Style
  • Multiple Widgets
  • Mobile Theme

Let’s know in detail about the above features of the Top Store Theme.

1- Advanced Header Layouts


This theme comes with a futuristic header style, you can customize the header as per your need and desire, and choose a header type that will fit your website needs, and style as you wish.

The theme comes with a Sticky Header. Let you show your header while the user scrolls down the web page.

Enable sticky headers to keep the navigation of your WooCommerce store a 1-click affair for your customers. it also helps increase the time spend on your site which directly drives conversions.

Display contact details, USP, or promotional messages at the very top of your website. Display the current cart content summary in the header.

It has Advanced search, Account, Wishlist cart, Menu Items, etc. users can see a dropdown add to cart products on the header.


Unlock possibilities, and show freely what you want to show on your footer section.

This theme has everything that you can customize your favorite footer design. The theme comes with four-column footer layouts.

You can add text, widgets, links, shortcodes, menus, galleries, and anything you want.

The theme comes with a three-column layout, Above, and below the footer. You can add Text, Menu, Widget, and Social Media according to your wish.

In the footer, you can show your trending products, endpoints, your contact details, and a short about us note to tell your customers about your products.

3- FrontPage and Inner Page Sidebar


Add unlimited custom sidebars, so you can add your desired widgets in that sidebar and assign them in the header, footer, page/post left or right navigation as well as in the content area also.

You can use the theme’s inbuilt front page and inner page sidebars. you can Activate Sidebar on both the Left and right sides. Or you can Disable it for a particular side.

Frontpage Sidebar:- here you can beautifully showcase your products, on the sidebar on the front page of your website.

you can add sidebar banners and advertisement images, to promote your products, and get quickly get noticed by your customers.

Inner page sidebar:- with this you can even promote your products, and showcase them on inner pages like, on product pages, or on any custom page, where you want to show your inner page sidebar.

if you don’t want to show the sidebar in your inner pages, then you can Disable it for a particular side. You can also set No Sidebar for your Inner pages.

4- Smart Cart

Top store best free WordPress theme

This Top store WooCommerce theme comes with an optimized design for conversion with a smart cart.

It is a feature that allows your customers to add items to the shopping cart from any page on your store and see a quick preview of the cart without leaving the page they are on.

5- Top Slider Layout

Top store best free WordPress theme

The theme comes with banner sliders. you can create any type of image slider for your products and, you can also add links to your single slider image.

Banner sliders that display featured products and trending products. Product categories feel smooth in the user experience.

The slider has an autoplay function, you can also enable or disable the slider autoplay.

Product Carousel, Top store best free WordPress theme

This theme comes with a product slider feature option to showcase products as a carousel.

Sliders are highly effective in quickly showcasing your product portfolio and this WooCommerce theme comes with a powerful product slider that you can customize further.

You can display all types of products (new, best-selling, on sale, featured, discount, most popular), and many more are displayed in a slider with smooth effects and a nice design.

You can also use a category products slider, In this name of products, categories are displayed with their thumbnail image beautifully and logically, showing your product beautifully.

Tabbed Product Carousel, Top store best free WordPress theme

This tabbed product archive will be perfect for showing recent, featured, sale, and best-selling products, like the above-shown screenshot.

Tabbed Product Carousel helps you to showcase your different products via category through the carousel.

You can display products by type: Sales products, Featured products, New products, and Bestsellers.

This feature will be helpful in showcasing multiple product categories and displaying your site best selling and trending products.

All product categories will be shown in dynamic form. While clicking the particular Tab category product will display.

Display your trending products, and show more products in grid form.

8- Woo Category Layouts

woo category layouts 32

The Category pages are an important part of any eCommerce site. Clients browse product categories to find what they need.

That’s why your category pages need to look just as good as your product pages, and also when they are displayed on your home screen.

In Woo Category Layouts you can show product categories in the form of various layouts.

You can display category images and can select their layout from the given options inside the customizer.

If you don’t want to, show Woo Category Layouts, so you can simply disable it, and when it is needed you can enable it as per your need.

9- Full Color and Background Manager


If you are familiar with website design and, at least if you have some knowledge about it, you can understand the value of colors on a website.

Color and Background are the vital elements of a good website, to attract users.

Choosing the right colors for the design of your website is crucial for your online success. Colors can be your most powerful tool to gain a reaction from your targeted audience.

The top store theme comes with unlimited color options, You’re completely free to choose any Color.

You can change the color of links, text, overlays, title color, and also over colors, and also you can change the background by uploading images for your background.

Top store best free WordPress theme

Your customers can find products in a second with the Top store’s optimized Ajax search function.

The theme comes with Ajax search, It can be used to create more user-friendly and interactive searches. Like search has many benefits compared to traditional searching.

AJAX Live Search is a search form that displays the result as you type. It acts like the Google Search Autocomplete (Auto Suggest) feature.

11- Product Quick View

Product Quick View Top Store, Top store best free WordPress theme

Save time for your customers to look at items with the Quick view feature in the Top Store eCommerce WordPress theme, customers can see products without going to the product page.

Your store’s products should be always ready to be measured and purchased among their variations needless to go to any other page.

You can turn on/off Quick View, which allows you to show all the necessary product information in a fancy popup box without leaving the page.

12- Product Hover Style

Top store Product hover style

This theme has an impressive hover style, use them to add value to your user’s experience in the store.

It is really very easy to Display your Product with a cool Zoom effect.

Whenever the mouse pointer touches the product’s image, it will Zoom out and show a clear image of the Product.

Also, users can see the Quick view, compare, and Wishlist tabs on the over-effect.

13- Multiple Widgets


The Top Store WooCommerce Theme comes with four different widgets, they are the About us widget, Testimonial Widget, Highlight, and Post widget slider.

You can these widgets in your website’s sidebar as well as in the footer widgets.

Add an About us widget to your website sidebar for quick interaction with your customers, they can see about you, on your website sidebar.

With testimonials, they can see the customer’s reviews and their views regarding your store, and the products.

You can also show posts in your website’s sidebar as a slider, showing that the customers can easily access to the latest published blogs.

14- Mobile Theme

Top store best free WordPress theme, Mobile version

Top store WordPress theme comes with a mobile theme, that gives your customers a more friendly design when they visit your store.

The theme is simple well-designed and optimized on mobile & other devices, which gives a seamless experience to users.

Did you know? all websites are required to have mobile-friendly versions or suffer the SEO consequences. According to a study, 1/3 of purchases are completed on a smartphone

Give your mobile users quick access to their account, cart, and wishlist, and also they can quickly navigate to the homepage via the floating home button on the floating footer menu bar.


So this is how you can create an online store with the Top store best free WordPress theme, by using the above fabulous features.

Top Store Theme is a stylish and modern WordPress theme, that comes with a modern integrated WooCommerce system.

The theme is a perfect solution for customers willing to start an online fashion shop.

The unique multipurpose theme is crafted with easy-to-use plugins and it can be adapted for other businesses like clothes stores, electronic stores, accessories stores, men’s fashion, etc….anything you want to build.

If you have any questions regarding anything related to the Top store best free WordPress theme, you can as us via the comment section below. Thanks for reading this blog.

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