Are you looking for the best free ChatGPT alternatives? You can explore our list of conversational AI to find the best ChatGPT alternatives.

ChatGPT stands out as a widely used AI chatbot that made significant advancements across various areas, including coding, delivering accurate search results, and enhanced human capabilities.

However, the vast field of conversational AI provides a range of options that meet various requirements and individual preferences.

In this guide, we compiled some of the best ChatGPT alternatives. These alternatives have different features and ways of working, giving you lots of options to cater to your specific needs.

Whether you are a writer, developer, or anyone who wants to explore AI interactions, you will find the best alternative option that suits your needs.

What are the Factors to Consider in ChatGPT Alternatives

The key features to consider when choosing ChatGPT alternatives are-

  • Needs and Preferences – What is your focus area, like text generation, coding, conversation, or something else? You should select a tool that strengthens your target area.
  • Accuracy and Quality of Response – Check if the model can provide correct and relevant answers to user questions. Also, examine how effectively it understands language and stays aware of the ongoing conversation context.
  • Ease of Use and Integration – Check if the tool is easy to use and understand, even for non-technical users. Consider how the AI integrates with your existing workflows or tools.
  • Creativity and Performance – Check if the tool generates reliable, trustworthy, and engaging content. Also, examine how quickly the tool processes your request and delivers results.
  • Language Support – Check if the tool can support different languages. If your users use different languages, make sure the tool can handle that.
  • Security and Privacy – Check the safety measures and privacy protection provides by the model. Does the model follow the rule for keeping users’ information secure and protected from unauthorized access?
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Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives

PluginBest ForRatingPlatformsPricing
GeminiMultimodel capabilitiesWebFree / $19.99 per month
Microsoft CopilotSmart recommendationsWeb, iOS, and AndroidFree / $20 per month
Perplexity AIResearch-based resultsWeb, iOS, and AndroidFree / Starting at $20 per month
ChatsonicFactual accuracyWeb, iOS, and AndroidFree / Starting at $16.67 per month
Copy.aiHigh-quality content creationWebFree / Starting at $36 per month
GitHub CopilotDevelopers seeking coding assistanceWebFree / Starting at $10 per month
ClaudeIntelligence, speed, and costWebFree / Starting at $20 per month
You.ComPersonalized search experienceWeb, iOS, and AndroidFree / Starting at $15 per month
GetGenie SEO-focused contentWebFree / Starting at $11.4 per month


Gemini is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives available.

Gemini, formally known as Bard, is developed by Google. It is one of the best free ChatGPT alternatives that you can use.

Unlike ChatGPT, which deals mainly with text, Gemini has many capabilities. It can handle not only text but also images, and there’s a possibility it might handle other things in the future.

It opens up exciting possibilities, such as creating images based on written descriptions or summarizing what’s in an image. The best part is that you can use these features for free in the ‘Gemini Basic’ version.

Gemini seamlessly integrates with other Google products and services, such as Search, Assistant, and Drive, enabling users to navigate and interact effortlessly within the broader Google environment.

Key Features

  • Multimodel capabilities
  • Provide real-time information
  • Creating text in various forms like poems, code, scripts, musical composition, emails, etc.
  • Providing informative responses to your questions
  • Creating text with smooth flow and various ways of organizing and presenting information
  • Translate languages
  • Generate different kinds of creative content
  • Seamlessly integrated with the other Google products

Who should choose Gemini over ChatGPT?

If you are looking for an AI that understands and uses real-time beyond what it trained initially and is excellent at doing different tasks like text, code, and images, then Gemini might be a more suitable choice than ChatGPT.

Microsoft Copilot

microsoft copilot 11

Microsoft Copilot is an AI chatbot launched in February 2023, designed to enhance efficiency, inspire creativity, and help you understand information better, all within a simple and direct chat interface.

Copilot can chat with you, answer your questions, and create creative text styles like poems and songs. Its goal is to be your everyday AI companion.

It integrates with Microsoft 365 and other popular apps, offering real-time code generation, bug detection, translating languages, and automating repetitive tasks. It also helps you to summarize text and planning schedules.

It also can generate images and compose music based on your prompts. This flexibility allows users to try out creative products beyond regular coding activity.

Key Features

  • Assist you in various tasks, like writing code and drafting emails
  • Providing suggestions, helping you brainstorm, and assist in problem-solving
  • Simplifies complex information
  • Multimodel capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365
  • By offering smart recommendations, Copilot helps maintain high-quality work
  • Boost productivity and enhance communication

Who should choose Gemini over ChatGPT?

For developers and programmers who prioritize code completion and seamless integration into their coding environments, choosing Microsoft Copilot over ChatGPT could be more beneficial. Copilot’s focus on code, real-time accessibility, and integration with Microsoft 365 makes it a more suitable option for coding-related assignments.

Perplexity AI

perplexity ai 128

Perplexity AI is a free ChatGPT alternative founded in 2022. Its main aim is to innovate the process of uncovering and sharing information.

Unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity AI is not only just a text generator but also a search engine. It uses advanced language processing (NLP) to understand your questions and gather information from various websites. It is designed to provide accurate and up-to-date answers to your questions.

It helps to generate content, offering accurate detail and relevant insights that match your topic. It also provides references for the information it shares that can help you confirm the accuracy and source of its answers.

Users can get the ChatGPT 3.5 model for its free version, and with the premium version, they enjoy access to GPT 4, Claude 2, and the Experimental Perplexity Model.

Key Features

  • Grasp the deeper meaning and context behind your questions
  • Provide more relevant and insightful information on your question
  • Focus on up-to-date information
  • Provide references and sources for the information
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integrates with popular search engines

Who should choose Perplexity AI over ChatGPT?

Perplexity AI is best for those who want precise and up-to-date information. It works as a research assistant, exploring various sources and providing references, making it well-suited for learning new things or verifying information.


chatsonic 15

Chatsonic is a powerful ChatGPT alternative developed by Writesonic that offers several advanced features that make it different from others.

By utilizing the large language models it creates text, translates languages, writes various types of creative content, and provides informative responses to your questions. It can also generate images from textual prompts.

It integrates with Google search, providing up-to-date and accurate responses to your questions. It also understands and responds to your voice commands.

It stores information from earlier conversations and uses that information to give better and more relevant answers in ongoing chats.

Key Features

  • Access real-time information
  • Generate creative content including images
  • Voice commands and responses
  • Summarize long-form content
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Offer a library of 1000+ prompts
  • Focus on factual accuracy
  • Compatible with various platforms

Who should choose Chatsonic over ChatGPT?

Chatsonic is best for those who want up-to-date information, voice commands, basic visuals, and team collaboration options. It provides limited free-use options along with a subscription-based model.

copy ai 51 is another strong ChatGPT alternative that utilizes artificial intelligence to help create high-quality written content efficiently.

It provides templates and tools that help users generate ad copy, product descriptions, social media posts, website content, and more.

The platform also provides customization options, allowing users to define the type of content they want, incorporate essential points, and choose the appropriate writing styles. also works as a research assistant. It can browse the web in real time and provide a source of information it includes. This feature helps to save your time and effort.

Key Features

  • Multiple content templates and tools
  • Generating content for marketing material
  • Create long-form content, like blog posts and article
  • Suggesting creative concepts and headings
  • Provide inline document editor
  • Real-time data integration
  • Accessible and user-friendly interface to everyone
  • Integrates with over 2000 tools

Who should choose over ChatGPT? is ideal for those looking for a tool, especially for content creation and collaboration, such as workflow. Its wide variety of content creation templates and ability to create bulk content make it an optimal option for organizations and marketing teams.

GitHub Copilot

github copilot 26

GitHub Copilot is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives that utilizes AI technology to assist developers in writing code more efficiently.

It is designed especially for developers, offering functionalities like code completion, suggesting entire functions, and helping with code reviews and improvement.

It trained the massive database of code to understand the context of your project and provide relevant suggestions accordingly.

It seamlessly integrates with popular IDEs such as Visual Studios Code, Visual Studio, and JetBrains IDEs.

Verified students, teachers, and maintainers of popular open-source projects can use it for free, while others need to subscribe to paid versions. It also provides a free trial, so you can check its capabilities before purchasing.

Key Features

  • Provide auto-complete style suggestion
  • Understand programming context
  • Generate accurate code suggestion
  • Explain its suggestion
  • Improve code quality
  • Boost your coding productivity
  • Works with popular IDEs

Who should choose GitHub Copilot over ChatGPT?

GitHub Copilot is an ideal choice for developers seeking specialized code assistance. It seamlessly integrates with various coding tools, understands project context, and generates code accordingly to meet unique requirements.


claude 3

Claude is another excellent ChaptGPT alternative developed by Anthropic. It is a family of large language models that can assist you in various applications.

Claude comes in different versions. Anthropic recently released its most intelligent family Claude 3, on 5 March 2024, offering improved performance and efficiency.

The Claude 3 family consists of three models- Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus. Every model has unique capabilities that provide the right balance between intelligence, speed, and cost to cater to different use cases.

Beyond general chat, Claude can help you in various areas, including data analysis, content creation, code generation, and multilingual support.

The latest Claude family is available in both free and paid versions. Sonnet is free for everyone, Opus is available in a paid version, and Haiku is still in development.

Key Features

  • Focus on natural conversation
  • Deliver answers with high accuracy
  • Ability to handle complex query
  • Produce reliable results
  • Capable of analyzing data and trends for making predictions
  • Generate different creative text formats
  • Generate code snippets based on prompts
  • Understand and respond in multiple languages

Who should choose Claude over ChatGPT?

Claude is ideal for anyone seeking factual accuracy, data analysis, safety, and deep context understanding. It can perform well in tasks like code generation, data summarization, and handling complex information. It is also a budget-friendly choice for large-scale use.


you chat 51

You.Com is a chat-based AI search engine launched in 2021. It aims to enhance user experience by delivering a more personalized and interactive search result.

It combines the functionalities of the search engine and chatbot interface. Users need to type their queries naturally, and You.Com uses its search capabilities to find and deliver relevant answers. It is an excellent platform for doing research and learning about new topics.

You.Com is not just limited to search but also offers additional functionality. It provides tools like Youwrite for content creation, Youimagine for image generation, and Youcode for code assistance.

You.Com makes sure that users get up-to-date search results. It offers different AI modes, such as Smart, Genius, GPT-4, Research, and Create. Smart is free for everyone.

Key Features

  • Focus on personalized search experience
  • Offer more up-to-date information
  • Ability to create different kinds of content
  • Summarizing text
  • Write different creative text formats
  • Create images based on text descriptions
  • Help to solve coding problems
  • Multilingual Support

Who should choose You.Com over ChatGPT? is ideal for those seeking factual accuracy, impartial results, and in-depth research. It offers a unique combination of search, chat, and AI tools that enhance the search experience for users, making it more specific and engaging.


getgenie 24

GetGenie is an AI-powered tool that assists in generating and optimizing content, serving as a great ChatGPT alternative.

It excels in creating diverse content formats, including blog posts, product descriptions, social media captions, ad copy, and more.

It has many templates suitable for different types of content. It can also create images based on textual description, making it a versatile tool for various content creation needs.

It also assists users in identifying relevant keywords and analyzing the content of competitors to enhance their content strategy.

Key Features

  • AI writing assistant helps generate content based on user input
  • Offers various pre-built templates for different content types
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
  • Generate a blog in one-click in 60 seconds
  • Evaluate content and provide ratings according to its SEO optimization
  • Create content in multiple languages
  • AI-powered chatbot for a highly interactive experience
  • Ability to generate images from text

Who should choose GetGenie over ChatGPT?

GetGenie is ideal for those seeking SEO-focused content over general conversational text generation. It provides pre-built templates for product descriptions and optimized content for search engines.


Q: What are ChatGPT alternatives?

Ans: ChatGPT alternatives are other large language models (LLMs) that offer similar capabilities but each has unique strengths and limitations. These tools are good for various tasks such as generating creative content, translating languages, and providing informative answers to your queries.

Q: Why use free ChatGPT alternatives?

Ans: Exploting free alternatives can be a good option for testing LLMs and examining their capabilities with your requirements before opting for a paid service. It is also a good choice for those who don’t require the complete capabilities of the paid version.

Q: Are there any limitations to using free alternatives?

Ans: Compared to the paid model, free alternatives often come with limitations, including reduced accuracy, fewer features, and usage restrictions. Additionally, they might have restricted access to specific types of content and tasks.

Q: Why did you choose ChatGPT alternatives?

Ans: There are several reasons why you might choose ChatGPT alternatives, such as factual accuracy, creative content, coding assistance, multilingual capabilities, or other specific features that meet your needs.

Final Words

ChatGPT has established a notable benchmark in natural language processing, yet there are plenty of ChatGPT alternatives that offer excellent features and capabilities.

These ChatGPT alternatives cater to different needs, including creative writing, coding assistance, and research-based options. Choose the one that best fits your requirements.

We hope this article will help you find the Best free ChatGPT alternative.

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