Are you looking for the best Search plugins for Storefront Theme? This blog will help you to find the best plugin for your website.

As we all know the Storefront theme is developed by the WooCommerce core team, so it is deeply integrated with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce has built-in search functionality, but it is quite limited in features. So, you need to replace it with a faster and more responsive search.

How Can I Improve Search Results in Storefront Theme

If you want to improve search results in the Storefront theme to provide your visitors with accurate and fast search results, the best way to enhance the user’s search experience is to use WordPress search plugins.

Search plugins enhance the functionality of the default WordPress search system. So your visitors can quickly find accurate matches of products with some information like product attributes, descriptions, or discounts on the product they want to buy.

This helps visitors find the products they want to buy in your store. So visitors can stay a long time on your website. It will surely increase your sales. Apart from the eCommerce website, you can also use the search plugin for any other website, like blogging and business.

There are many WordPress search plugins available on the internet, but we select some of the best plugins that always give fast and accurate search results. After reading this blog, you will find the right search plugin for Storefront Theme.

Search Plugins for Storefront Theme

So if you are in a hurry, let’s have a quick look at our list.

PluginRatingFree Paid
Advance WordPress Search Plugin✔️✔️
YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search✔️✔️
Advanced Woo Search✔️✔️
Smart WooCommerce Search✔️✔️
Ivory Search✔️✔️

Now, let’s check these plugins in detail.

Best Search Plugins for Storefront Theme

Advance WordPress Search Plugin

Best Search Plugins for Storefront Theme
Active Installation10,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $49 per year

Advance WordPress Search Plugins is one of the best search plugins for Storefront Theme. It is a freemium plugin that improves the default search functionality.

It is designed especially for WooCommerce websites. It comes with an advanced Ajax search bar that allows the user to search products, posts, and pages. Users can easily search product titles, descriptions, images, categories, IDs, and even SKUs. You use a shortcode or widget to place the search bar wherever you want.

It gives you the freedom to edit color and styling as per your requirements. As it supports Google search analytics, you can easily monitor website visitors and search behavior.

You can display the search bar anywhere on your website according to your needs. For instance, with the help of a shortcode, you can display the search bar in multiple search types and styles, or if you want to show the search bar in the footer or sidebar, then use the search widgets. This plugin will be the best Search Plugin for Storefront Theme.

Key Features

  • Fast and quick search
  • Search using Ajax
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Advanced Search for WooCommerce Products ( Categories, Description, Image, Price, SKUs)
  • Advanced Search for Post ( Categories, Description & Image )
  • Advanced Search for Pages ( Description & Image )
  • Unlimited color options for search elements
  • Display Search Forms anywhere on your site
  • Autocomplete Search
  • Search Analytics Support
  • Supports multilingual

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

Search Plugins for Storefront Theme
Active Installation70,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $69 per year

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search is one of the most powerful search plugins for Storefront Theme that can help visitors find any product quickly.

It provides real-time product search results to customers without loading other pages. Your visitors can find the products on the basis of categories, tags, and filters.

The theme comes with the feature to add product badges, and prices, and also allows you to highlight particular discounts and promotions in search results that help your customers to know more about the particular products.

This plugin is highly customizable and compatible with other WooCommerce plugins, such as YITH WooCommerce Quick View, YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter, and more.

Key Features

  • Display the search form anywhere on your site with the help of Shortcodes and Widgets
  • Accurate display of the WooCommerce search results.
  • Show filter for search fields
  • Exclude Out of stock products from the search
  • SKU search including variable products
  • Search by product categories and tags
  • Extend search in WooCommerce product excerpt and product content
  • Multiple customization options

Advanced Woo Search

advanced woo search 21
Active Installation70,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $69 per year

Advanced Woo Search is a powerful WooCommerce product search plugin. It supports shortcodes and widgets, so you can place your search bar anywhere on your site.

It allows visitors to easily search for products, like titles, content, excerpts, IDs, categories, SKUs, etc. In the premium, you have more search options, like WooCommerce product attributes, custom taxonomies, custom field search, tax, attribute page search, and more.

Each search result shows the image and price of the product, which gives a clear picture to the users about the product. You can also display an add-to-cart button for each search result.

It is compatible with page builders and plugins like WooCommerce Multilingual, WPML, Polylang, and more.

The advanced features of this plugin make it one of the best search plugins for Storefront Themes.

Key Features

  • Supports Ajax search and search result product page
  • Search all WooCommerce products
  • It uses smart ordering to display search results
  • Customized the look of your search result
  • Variable product support
  • It uses filters to exclude some products from search-based
  • Multilingual support
  • Compatible with page builder plugins
  • Supports ACF, WCFM, and Dokan plugins


Search Plugins for Storefront Theme
Active Installation100,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $49 per year

FiboSearch is a fantastic WordPress search plugin for Storefront Theme. It replaces the default search bar with its advanced Ajax search bar that provides ultra-fast live search suggestions.

It doesn’t matter how many products are on your website, it gives the fastest search results that help to increase sales and higher user conversion rates. It gives simple search options, you can search by product title, long and short description, and SKU.

Your customers can search the products by categories, tags, attributes, and brands. When the customers type any product in the live search bar, the product results appear with an image, price, and description. It will help them quickly make their decision.

The mobile-friendly nature gives a better user experience on any mobile device. It is also integrated with the WordPress theme.

Key Features

  • Specially built for WooCommerce
  • Instantly display search results using Ajax without reloading a page
  • Gives a high-performance search experience for users
  • Mobile first search mode for better UX
  • Easy integration with the WordPress theme
  • Supports WooCommerce search results
  • Fuzzy search
  • Search in a custom field, attributes, category, tags, brand, and more
  • Search by variation product SKU

Smart WooCommerce Search

Search Plugins for Storefront Theme
Active Installation10,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $49

Smart WooCommerce Search is an amazing and efficient search plugin for Storefront Theme that provides an ultimate search experience to your visitors.

With the Ajax live search, your customers will find quick product search results with images and prices, which take the customer’s search experience to the next level.

It is fully customizable, giving you full control to edit your search form as you need. Also, this plugin is deeply integrated with the WooCommerce Product Search widgets. So, it will help you to display search widgets anywhere on your site, including pages and sidebar.

This plugin is fully compatible with famous page builders, such as Elementor, Divi, WP Bakery, and more. It is also mobile-friendly, so it works well on all mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Simple integration into default search widgets
  • Search in variation
  • Search by product SKU
  • Search by product categories and tags
  • Search through product attributes
  • Exclude out-of-stock products from search results
  • Search results with the add to cart button
  • Highly customizable
  • Page builder compatible
  • ACF plugin compatible
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Multilingual support

Ivory Search

Search Plugins for Storefront Theme
Active Installation100,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $19.99 per year

Ivory Search is one of the most versatile WordPress search plugins for Storefront Theme. It gives you the freedom to create your own custom search form.

It allows you to search WooCommerce products, such as product category, product type, custom field, and product attributes like color, size, etc. It also gives you the option to exclude out-of-stock products from the search.

You can create unlimited search forms and customize each one individually. You can display a custom search form anywhere on your site, including header, footer, sidebar, widget area, custom post types, and more.

You can search any content on your site, including post types, categories, taxonomy, terms, custom fields, post status, comments, date, and many more.

Ivory Search is available in both free and premium versions.

Key Features

  • Create unlimited search forms
  • Display search from anywhere on the site
  • Search using Ajax
  • Search WooCommerce products SKU and product variations
  • Exclude ‘out of stock’ WooCommerce products
  • Exclude specific content from the search, like posts, pages, categories, taxonomy, terms, etc
  • Search images, audio files, videos, pdf, documents, and more
  • Highlight search term
  • Fuzzy matching and Keyword stemming
  • Supports multilingual search
  • Integrates with WooCommerce, bbPress, Weglot, WPML, and more
  • Multilingual search


Q: Which is the best Search Plugin for Storefront Theme?

Ans: We have shared the list of best Search plugins for the Storefront Theme, but which plugin we recommend from the above list is hard to say because each plugin comes with some different functionality and features. Now you have to decide which plugin is best for your website.

Q: Can we use these search plugins in any WooCommerce theme?

Ans: Yes, you can use the listed plugins in any WooCommerce theme.

Q: Why should you use a search plugin for Storefront Theme?

Ans: The product search and filters that come with WooCommerce are limited in features and are not good enough to provide accurate product search results. That’s why you should use the Search plugin to provide fast and accurate search results for your visitors.

Final Words

So, this was our list of the best search plugins for Storefront Theme. You can choose any plugin from the above list that best suits your website.

If you find this article helpful, do share it with your friends. If you have any questions regarding this, do not hesitate to comment below. We will help you to solve your problem. Thanks for reading this blog. 

We hope this article will help you find the best search plugins for Storefront Theme.

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