Are you using ChatGPT for your work or for other things? then you must know about some best ChatGPT Prompts.

ChatGPT Prompts can help you to get the most accurate and effective response from ChatGPT. we have selected some of the best ChatGPT Prompts for you.

You can use these prompts for your daily usage, we have only listed here some useful prompts for different writing.

before knowing about the ChatGPT prompts let’s first know about prompts.

What are Prompts?

In terms of artificial intelligence Prompts are the specific text or phrases that are used to initiate a conversation with a language model like Open Ai’s ChatGPT.

The prompts can be used to start the conversation in a particular direction, to explore specific topics, or ideas, or to simply generate interesting and various responses from the language model.

for example- for example- If you want to ask CHATGPT about the meaning of life, you can use the prompt “What do you think is the meaning of life?” as the starting point of the conversation. then it will generate a response based on your question.

CchatGPT Prompts List

Best ChatGPT Prompts

Here are the best Best ChatGPT Prompts that you can use to ask CHAT GPT to get an appropriate response.

ChatGPT Prompts for Coding

Refactor CodeWith this prompt, you can improve the readability, extensibility, and maintainability of the codebase for easier understanding.
Act as a Fullstack Software DeveloperThis will turn ChatGPT into a developer and it will give you various straight answers.
Act as a Machine Learning EngineerThis will turn ChatGPT into a machine learning engineer to help you.
Python interpreterIt will turn ChatGPT into a Python interpreter, and help to carry out Python code for outputs.
SQL terminalIt will turn ChatGPt into a SQL terminal.
Merge to list inYou can use these prompts for merging lists for eg. Merge to list in Python, or Merge to list in Java.
Check Palindrome Stringfor checking Check Palindrome String.
Implement a data encryption algorithm.It will turn ChatGpt into a data encryption algorithm Implementer.
Develop a REST APIUse this to Develop a REST API from any language.
Optimize database queriesIt will help you to Optimize your database queries
Search a treeIt will help you to get a specific value or node within a tree data structure.
Define a functionIt will help you to break down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces of code.

Prompts for Marketing

1. Act as a Social Media Manager

It will turn ChatGPT into Social Media Manager. You can ask questions related to social media.

2. YouTube Content Scriptwriter

With this, you can get ideas for YouTube. You can generate content for your YouTube channel. For Example-

Prompt– Write a Content script on Family Holiday for YouTube

3. Instagram Description with Hashtags, emojis and call to action

With this prompt, you can get ideas for Instagram posts or reels.

Prompt- Instagram Description for New Product launch with Hastag, emojis and call to action

4. Spreadsheet creator

You can create spreadsheets of various kinds of data. for Example

Prompt– A two-column spreadsheet of top science fiction movies and the year of release:

Title | Year of release

5. Ad from product description

You can create an Ad from the product description for example-

Prompt– Write a creative ad for the following product to run on Facebook aimed at parents:

Product: Learning Room is a virtual environment to help students from kindergarten to high school excel in school.

6. Promotional Email Format

You can create a unique and appealing Promotional Email Format with ChatGPT

Prompt– Write a promotional email for 50% off on Electronics for the month of April

7. Shortcuts and formulas

You can get the Shortcuts and formulas that can help you with data processing and analysis.

Prompt– What’s the excel formula for Average Percentage

8. SWOT Analysis

You can ask for a SWOT Analysis of any company.

Prompt– SWOT Analysis of “Google”

Prompts for Productivity

1. Time Management

You can use ChatGPT for Time Management.

Prompt– Set a 10-minute timer and concentrate on finishing a single task during that time

2. Resume improvements or Edits

You can ask ChatGPt to edit and improve your resume.

Prompt– Please review my resume and suggest any improvements or edits

3. Plan a wedding

You can even ask ChatGPT to plan a wedding.

Prompt– Plan a wedding in 6 months with Minimum Budget

4. Negotiate a Raise

You can even ask ChatGPT to write about Negotiate a Raise.

Prompt– Negotiate a Raise with a promotion

5. Write article outlines

You can even ask ChatGPT to write about Negotiate a Raise.

Prompt– Create an article outline for creating a website

6. Healthcare and Wellbeing

You can get suggestions for Healthcare and well-being.

Prompt– Can you suggest some self-care activities for stress relief?

Other useful ChatGPT Prompts

1. Grammar correction

You can ask ChatGPT for Grammar corrections.

Prompt– Correct this to standard English: He no went to the school.

2. English to other languages

You can ask ChatGPT for translation.

Prompt– Translate this into 1. French, 2. Spanish and 3. Japanese: What is the price of this?

3. Science fiction book list maker

You can ask ChatGPT for a list of science fiction books.

Prompt– List 10 science fiction books

4. Create study notes

You can ask to create study notes.

Prompt– What are 7 key points I should know when studying Ancient India?

5. Summarize the Paragraph

You can ask ChatGPT to summarize the paragraph.

6. Summarize in Bullet-list

You can ask ChatGPT to summarize the paragraph in Bullet-List.

Prompt– Summarize this paragraph in Bullet-list: Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is very big and bright. It can be seen with our eyes in the night sky and it has been known since ancient times. Its name comes from the Roman god Jupiter. It is usually the third brightest object in the night sky after the Moon and Venus.


Q: What are ChatGPT Prompts?

Ans: ChatGPT Prompts are the specific text or phrases that are used to initiate a conversation with a language model like Open Ai’s ChatGPT.

Q: What is Prompt Writing?

Ans: Prompt Writing is the process of creating ideas or generating a writing session by using specific text, topic, question, or phase as a beginning point.

Q: How can I write effective prompts in ChatGPT to get better results?

Ans: To get better results, make sure your prompts are specific, detailed, and relevant to your writing needs. You can also try different prompts and ask more questions to make the idea even better.


So these are some useful ChatGPT Prompts that you can use to make the most out of ChatGPT. We have divided these prompts into 4 categories. You can use these prompts to get various right answers from ChatGPT.

Which ChatGPT Prompts you liked? or do you also have any useful prompts to share? then you can share via the comment section below.

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