There are many myths floating around about WordPress themes. If anyone is looking for WordPress themes that help in creating a website, some common myths about WordPress themes will confuse and trouble them in making a website.

We are here to break these myths about WordPress themes through our article, I am confident it will remove all the unpleasant myths from the reader’s mind.

Let’s Check Some Common Myths About WordPress Theme


WordPress themes are insecure

The Internet is a medium where nothing is 100% secure. Now WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for themes and plugins among all. Therefore WordPress themes are as secure as the other themes available on the internet. Just to update the theme from time to time to secure if the theme is outdated, the website might be at a security risk. It has been a very long time since WordPress is hitting the web, growing and becoming better and more secure every dawn. The more precautions are taken to secure the site, the more secure it will be. As a precautionary purpose, sometimes one should avoid free themes which are outdated and downloaded from sources other than and go for premium themes because they come with more security.


WordPress themes don’t come with support

Is one of the biggest myths that WordPress themes don’t come with support this is not at all. Whether using a Premium theme or a free theme they come with full support, if stuck at any point while creating a WordPress website they are happy to help you and solve the user’s problem. Sometimes the support also depends on the theme author whether they are providing life support or not. For this just need to search about them in detail. Their support team is available every time. WordPress has a great community of developers, designers, and support teams, etc who are always ready to solve your queries related to themes or plugins.


WordPress themes are not responsive

A great number of web traffic is generated through mobile and other handheld devices. So you should use a fully responsive theme for the appearance of your website. If a theme is fully responsive it will fit with any type of screen width of any device. WordPress is providing this type of responsiveness in its themes which can be easily used by web designers. Due to the popularity and development of WordPress CMS, themes that are specially made for sites powered by WordPress also gained considerable fame in the market.


Premium theme cost a lot of money

This is one of the myths I hear every time that premium themes are too much costly and unaffordable. This is not true if you wish to have a unique layout and customized design; it might cost you approximately 50 times more than a premium theme for $50. Most of the important factor is if you are buying a premium theme it comes with detailed documentation, video tutorial, regular updates, and time-to-time support. So investing money in a premium theme is not a bad idea.


SEO is not a concern

SEO is always a very big factor in your Website you can’t neglect. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine. Many premium WordPress theme developers will let you know that their themes are optimized for SEO. SEO remains a concern and you shouldn’t only rely on partial features included in your theme, but focus on SEO as a separate issue. So, apart from other features that you consider for buying your WordPress theme, you should also look at what kind of SEO features the theme has.


Difficult to customize WordPress theme

It is not true that most of the WordPress themes are not edited or personalized to align with the website requirements. They can be fully edited by changing their custom CSS, any good WordPress theme provides you with these types of aspects to fully customize your website. Consequently, they provide you with an array of options to synchronize the theme with your brand and strategies. WordPress is customizable you can change the entire original theme according to your need or change its internal files too.


All WordPress themes are the same

The truth behind this myth is all the themes come with different and their own styling, some features are looks similar but when you took a closer look you will see the difference in them, every theme developer has a different approach and that makes every theme different. Therefore now a day’s trends are moving very fast, there are new features and styling in the theme are added for making your site attractive and elegant.


WordPress theme will slow your site

As we know site speed is very important. If the site is slow it will stop all the work and you will proceed further very slowly as compared to others. Yes, the speed of the site should be good but the WordPress theme will do nothing with this. this is happening because of poorly coded plugins and cheap hosting providers. Poor code and junk code will affect the speed of your site. So thinking that the theme is affecting your site speed is not true.

The Bottom line

Hence WordPress is surely the CMS anyone is looking for, don’t forget to consider the above points and make the right decision accordingly.

I am sure this article will help you in coming up with these types of common myths. For more queries visit our support forum. In the meantime, though please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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