Do you want to know how to delete themes from WordPress? In this article, we will explain the procedure for how to delete themes from WordPress.

If you installed different WordPress themes to try out various styles of your website or redesign often, you need to clean up your theme list by removing unused ones for better organizations. This is the right place you come to.

Why Delete Unused WordPress Themes

Deleting unused WordPress themes is essential for various reasons. Firstly, it takes up storage space on your website server, which can hamper your website performance. Even if you not using the theme, these themes contain valuable resources like data, files, and code.

Secondly, these themes that are not updated regularly can make a security issue. Deleting unused ones can eliminate the chances of cyberattacks and improve your website security.

Aditionally, dealing with themes you don’t use can be a problem. Whenever WordPress or the theme gets updated, you need to make sure it’s safe and works well. Deleting unused themes makes managing your site easier, so you can focus on the ones you use.

How to Delete Themes from WordPress

If you want to delete the active theme then you will need to activate another theme before removing the current one. Deleting a theme will remove its file and customization. So make sure you create a backup of your WordPress site, before deleting the theme.

There are three different ways you can delete a theme from WordPress.

  • Through the WordPress Dashboard
  • Hosting Panel

Now we suggest the step-by-step procedure.

Delete a Theme through WordPress Dashboard

Deleting the theme through the WordPress Dashboard is the most straightforward or recommended way. You need to access the admin screen to remove the installed theme.

  • Log on to your WordPress Dashboard as an administrator.
  • Now go to Appearance>Themes and you will see all the installed themes on the screen.
appearence themes 12
  • The first theme listed is your activated theme. Hover over the theme you want to delete and click on Theme Details.
wp theme delete 324
  • A pop-up window will appear, click the ‘Delete‘ button at the bottom right corner.
wp theme delete 3231
  • Now a message will show up asking for confirmation. Click the ‘OK‘ button to delete the theme from your WordPress installation.

Delete a WordPress Theme through FTP/SFTP

If you don’t have access to the WordPress admin dashboard, you can still delete the theme using FTP/SFTP. Using an FTP client, you will get your WordPress file into a remote computer.

  1. Once you have connected with FTP, Open the FTP client and go to the ‘WP-Content‘ folder, and then open the ‘Themes‘ folder.
  2. In the theme folder, you will see all the installed themes. Now locate the theme you want to remove. Right-click on it and click the delete button. Just make sure this theme is not a currently used theme on your site.
  3. Now a message will show up asking for confirmation. Click the ‘OK‘ button to delete the theme from your WordPress installation.

Delete a WordPress Theme through Hosting Panel

If you don’t want to remove your theme by using an FTP client then you can also use your hosting panel to delete your theme files. Here we are using the cPanel dashboard images.

  • Log in to your hosting account – go to the dashboard and find the ‘File Manager‘.
file manager 21
  • After clicking File Manager open the ‘public_html’ then click the ‘wp-content‘ folder and then the ‘themes‘ folder.
cpanel themes 15
  • Now locate the theme you want to remove. Right-click on it and click the delete button.
themes 12
  • Now a message will show up asking for confirmation. Click the ‘OK‘ button to delete the theme.

Why You Shouldn’t Delete a Theme?

Deleting themes from WordPress can help your website work better, but there are some situations when you still need them.

  • If you customized a theme with a lot of specific settings, layouts, or features and you might want to use it again in the future, keeping a theme can be a smart move. If you delete it, all of your customizations and settings are gone, and you need to do it again when you will install the same theme.
  • If you are using a Child Theme that is made on a certain parent theme, and you delete a parent theme, this can affect the functionality of the child theme. It is crucial to keep the parent theme so that the child theme works properly as it should. If you don’t, the child theme might break when you made customization. It is essential to keep the parent theme safe for future updates.
  • If the active theme encounters issues, having another theme can help your website remain functional while you work on fixing the issues.


Q: What you should do after deleting a WordPress theme?

Ans: After deleting a WordPress theme, you need to check out your site. Some files from your old theme might still be working on your site. If so, then delete these files also.

Q: Is it safe to delete unused themes?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to delete them.


Deleting themes from WordPress that you are not using makes your website faster, safer, and easier to handle. It also helps manage site smoother and offers a better user experience to your visitors. It’s essential practice to keep your site optimized, secure, and running well.

Thats it! Now you have learned the step-by-step procedure of How to delete themes from WordPress. In this article, we have discussed various methods to delete themes.

Still, if you have any doubts, or questions regarding anything related to this post, you can ask us via the comment section below.

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