Do you want to know How to increase organic traffic on your website? then this blog is for you. In this blog, I am going to tell you all about increasing organic traffic on your website.

Nowadays organic traffic is very important for any website to rank higher on search results. So without organic traffic, it is not possible to rank higher on search results.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic describes the website traffic that came from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, etc., and did not click on the paid ads. “Organic traffic” or even just “Organic” typically describes Organic Search visitors, and by doing SEO you can drive organic traffic on your website.

How can we increase organic traffic?

To increase organic traffic on your website, you need some good practices. You need to understand the ways by which you can improve and increase organic traffic on your website.

1. Optimize your content

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For getting organic traffic to your website, you need to optimize the content on your website. Do remember these points while optimizing the content on your website.

  • If your website is a blog website then you need to write properly.
  • Update your best blog regularly.
  • Try to write viral content.
  • Create content that drives more traffic.

2. Guest Posting

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If your website is a blogging website, then you have to start guest posting on your blog. Guest blogging offers mutual benefits for both the guest blogger and the website hosting the guest content. featuring guest posts on your own blog will help you deliver new perspectives and fresh content to your audience.

Guest blogging can be a great tool for building your domain authority and moving up in SEO rankings. The way Google sees it, if other people are linking back to your blog on their own websites, then the content on your blog must be relevant and interesting. Moreover, link building service plays an important role in building domain authority and moving up in SEO rankings.

Guest posting establishes a relationship with the blogger hosting your post, taps into their audience for additional exposure, and helps you establish authority among an audience. Guest blogging can be a great source of valuable content for a blogger’s audience that can help to increase organic traffic.

3. Keyword Research For Blog Posts.

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This is very important for any blog to do keyword research. Before doing anything on your website It is very important to do some research on content for your website.

The right keywords can get your blog in front of the search results. Keyword research is a process of discovering and determining the keywords that matter most for the objectives of a given website.

Keyword research enables you to understand the specific terms people are using to solve their problems. Make the keyword research process one of your regular habits for good SEO health and growth.

4. Create viral content

increase organic traffic

Viral content such as an article, an image, or a video spreads rapidly online through website links and social sharing. A single piece of viral content can generate significant amounts of brand awareness and traffic to your website.

A single viral content can change everything. you can get or even increase organic traffic from 0 to 1,000 in no time. With viral content, you can reach an even wider audience.

For creating Viral content Focus On Trending Topics, And the best way to find growing topics. Google Trends. You can find the growing topic in which you can create content that is growing.

In your blog try to write viral headlines, according to a study, viral headlines with numbers are 36% more likely to generate clicks.

5. Add share button to the website

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Adding share buttons to your website can make your visitors share your content. Adding share buttons to your page can increase organic traffic.

Google determines search results listings by using many ranking signals, among them are the number of times that content is shared, tweeted, liked, or posted to social media.

One of the biggest benefits of adding social share buttons is that it can help increase traffic to your site. Share buttons allow website visitors to share content easily on their social media channels with their friends.

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Interlinking is the process where your article has links to other articles on your site which is related to the current article, so the reader can click and be redirected to another article on your site so that they can spend more time on your website, that improves CTR of your website.

Interlinking increases the average session duration by the visitor. It reduces the website’s bounce rate. It helps to increase the ranking for a particular keyword. It helps Google to crawl your site better way and understand your niche.

When you interlink articles on your website, you hold your visitors within your website. Related to another article on your blog then there should be a link that takes the user to that article for a better understanding of your topic.


This is how you can increase organic traffic on your website. By trying the above-mentioned methods you can drive more organic traffic to your website.

For most SEO and inbound marketing efforts, organic traffic is typically the primary measure of success for increasing top-of-the-funnel traffic and awareness.

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