Website building has become very easy now. But when we create a specific website it becomes a little complicated. In this blog, we will learn to create a plus size clothing website using WordPress.

WordPress offers too much concession in building a website. But in the case of a plus size clothing website, there are not many templates available. I will help you in so with the easiest way.

By the way, the idea of building a plus size website is so inspiring as there are not so many websites on the internet.

The way we will be using may be the easiest you have ever seen. Within a few steps, your website will be ready.

If you ever created a clothing store or any type of online store, you have felt that it is complicated to design every single part and insert the products.

But don’t worry, in this blog, we will not do anything like that. However, adopt a simple and fast technique by importing a template of the Shop Mania theme.

What Are Plus Size Clothing Websites?

Plus size clothing Websites are the websites that showcase the Plus Size clothes and sell them.

This type of online store only sells plus size clothes none other than. So the people who like to wear such clothes do have not to search for so long. They can directly go to your website and make purchases.

What Is The Significance Of Building Such Websites?

It has a huge significance as there are few such types of websites. So if you create this website and grow your website with proper strategy and good marketing then you can make your site notable easily.

And it is well known that it is easy to spread the idea if it is unique.

How To Make A Plus Size Clothing Website Using WordPress?

In this blog we will be using the Shop Mania theme which is specially designed for ecommerce websites, It comes with lots of prebuilt templates. We will use one of the templates for the plus size shop.

The Shop Mania theme is free but the Plus Size template is premium so you need to purchase the Pro plugin to increase your limit and access the template.

Let’s get started,

Step 1) Open your Dashboard


Open your site’s dashboard first.

Step 2) Click On Appearance


In the menu, go to Appearance, from where themes are managed.

Step 3) Click On Add New Theme

Add new theme

To add a new theme to your site, click on Add New Theme at the top left corner. You will redirected to the theme page from where you can install any WordPress theme for free.

Step 4) Search For Shop Mania and click on Install


To install the theme, go to the search bar and search for Shop Mania. After the search, find the Shop Mania theme and click on Install.

Step 5) Click on Activate


After installation, click on activate.

Step 6) Navigate To Appearance and click on TH Shop Mania Options

Shop mania Options

After activation, click on TH Shop Mania Options. This will let you go through the SHop Mania options.

Step 7) Click On Demo Import

Demo Import

Click on Demo Import to import the demo.

Step 8) Click on Install Now and then Import Demo

Install And import

Click on Install Now to install the Starter Site Plugin. After installation click on Import Demo.

Step 9) Search for the Plus-Size Shop and Click on it


Here you will get to see the templates to import.

The Plus Size Shop Template is a Premium Template, So you need to first purchase it from here.

Step 10) Click on Install Plugins > Import This Site > Done! View Site

Install Plugins and Import Site 2

Now you will see the preview of the template. On the top left corner you will see a button saying Install Plugin, click on it. After installing the required plugin, click on Import This Site.

This is the last step. After importing the site, click on Done! View Site and you will get to see your site.

Bravo! The Site Is Ready

Plus Size 1

This is the preview of your site. Your Plus Size clothing website site is ready.

So you have witnessed, how easy is to build a Plus Size Clothing website with the help of the TH Shop Mania theme template.

Video Tutorial


Q. Can the data of prebuilt templates be changed?

Ans. Of course, you can customize the site and put your original content. You have got the layout of the website just replace the content and launch your site.

Q. How can I improve my site’s ranking?

Ans. To improve your ranking of the site, you need to adopt an effective strategy that fulfils the required conditions for the search engine and helps to improve the SEO of your site. For better growth, you can use the SEO plugins.


In this blog, we have seen how can we create a plus size clothing website in the easiest way I think. If you want such a smooth way to create a website then this blog should be helpful for you.

If you think there are already images, don’t worry replace the dummy data with the original one. This site is responsive, SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible, and has more features that an ideal website needs.

In this process you didn’t need to install the required plugins manually, they automatically downloaded. And the whole website was set up smoothly.

It is one of the most convenient ways to set up a WordPress website. It took 10 steps and hardly 5 minutes, and our website is ready.

I hope this blog has helped you clear all the queries regarding building a website in a very short time. If there are still some, then let me know in the comment section.

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