It irritates everyone when we upload a file to a WordPress website and an error occurs that says The package could not be installed.

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. This error occurs while uploading a theme or plugin file. It is one of the most faced errors.

There are certain reasons responsible that we will discuss here in detail. Also, you will get to know how to avoid this error. This blog is gonna help you onwards.

Although, this error is fixable also the problem may be somewhere that can’t be traced. We will see all the cases and see the best way to resolve the issue.

Let’s get started,

Why “style.css not found” Error Occurs?

This error mostly occurs while uploading theme files.

image 13

This is what it looks like.

These are the reasons that led to the error.

Fix The Issue In 2 Steps

style css error 32

In the first image, I uploaded the plugin to the theme file. So the dashboard has shown an error.

In the other image, the plugin is uploaded to the plugins and it has been uploaded. After uploading the successfully, you can activate the plugin.

So the issue has been resolved just by understanding the right path.

Compatibility To WordPress

It is a common problem that leads to error. So make sure if the file you are uploading is compatible with the current version of WordPress.

Modification In The File

The file may have been modified and some files may be misplaced. While seeing the file it is possible that accidently you have changed some folders.

The file must be the same as the original to run effectively. Modification is not allowed with the file.

Bad Installation

Bad installation is a common cause of this error. This happens when a users upload a plugin or other file to the theme or theme or other file to the plugin.

So while uploading we should be confident that the file we are uploading is right.

How To Fix The “style.css not found” Error

Some remedies can help you to avoid the error.

Upload The Right File

When you install a file or buy it, lots of files also come with the file that includes documentation, license, icon, and more. You may need to find the right file that is installable which looks like

Only zip files are uploaded to the dashboard.

Upload The Same Child Theme

When a user uploads a child theme, by mistake it may upload a child theme of another theme. Then this error occurs.

It should be noted that the child theme should be the same as the parent theme.

Location Of “style.css” File

Make sure that the Style.css file is in the right location.

Style css file

In the above image, you can see the location of the Style.css file. It should be in the root folder. You can see that it is the same folder where functions.php is also located.

Upload The WordPress File Only

Here compatibility may also be an issue. Make sure the file you are uploading, whether it is a theme or plugin, is compatible with WordPress.

For example, if A user has downloaded a theme file from a website, that is made for another CRM other than WordPress, and uploads it to the WordPress dashboard then this error will occur.

You can avoid this by confirming the file is made for WordPress.

Contact The Author

After all the remedies the error occurs then you can ask for support from the Author. The support team will look into the issue and guide you.

If there would be any errors that could be fixed then you would get it and the problem would be fixed.

Seek For An Alternative

If the problem is not getting solved after the efforts then you can seek another file that can replace your choice.

There are lots of alternative themes and plugins that can be used in place of.

How To Know The File Is Theme Or Plugin?

Sometimes, because of the same name, users get confused and upload the wrong file to the site and then an error occurs. To avoid this you can recognise the file and upload the right file.

To know the file. You need to follow these steps.

Open The Zip file.

style 1

You can see the style.css file is here which means this is a theme file. Only theme files contain the style.css file.

On the other side let’s see the plugin’s zip file.

plugin zip file

This is the zip file of a plugin where the style.css file is absent. You can recognize that if there is no style.css file, it is a plugin file.

Video Tutorial to Fix Style.css Error


Q. What is a style.css error?

Ans. This is a WordPress error that most users face while uploading a theme or plugin to the dashboard.

Q. Are there any methods to avoid or fix the style.css error?

Ans. There are multiple ways to fix the error. You can learn to fix the error in this blog.

Q. Is style.css a critical error?

Ans. No this is not a critical error to worry about. It can be fixed easily.

Q. What if any method is not working and I need the same theme only?

Ans. If you need a theme and nothing is working out to fix the error then possibly the style.css is corrupted or not designed correctly. You can contact the author and discuss the problem.


I think you will not worry next time you face this error. Looks good.

This blog can be a lifesaver if you have faced this error and didn’t get the right remedy to fix it. Don’t worry we have many blogs to fix the WordPress errors.

As this is not a critical error that can be fixed easily you can adopt any of the methods mentioned above. But if it doesn’t fix then there might be a problem somewhere that can’t be reached. Then you may need to use an alternative file.

I hope this blog will help you. Still, if you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.

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