looking for the best WordPress cloud hosting platforms? Your search is over. Here is the list of some best hosters. Be with us till the end of this blog and you will get the 7 best WordPress cloud hosting platforms that you can use now.

There are many hosting providers available but we need to choose a hosting provider that can offer you the best service that we need. It is very important for your website.

A good hosting provider offers good speed and support whenever needed. Speed and performance are crucial points as they decide whether the user will stay on your site or not.

Some points should be kept in mind while choosing a hosting provider like it must be in your budget, must offer good service, must offer personalized support, etc. These will help you to pick a good as well as budget-friendly hosting provider for your website.

What are Hosting Platforms?

A hosting provider makes your website launch on the internet. In simple words, we can say that it gives us space on the internet for your website. For this, it gets some charges and provides service.

With the help of Hosters your site will be accessible to the public. You will able to store your data.

All the responsibility for keeping your site running optimally is for the hosting providers. They will maintain the site’s further works.

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Platforms

Hosting PlatformRating
Site Ground

1. Hostinger


Pricing – $9.99 Per Month

Hostinger is one of the best WordPress cloud hosting platforms. You will get 3GB of memory and 200GB of SSD storage. It is secure with the web application firewall as safety is a vital part of any website.

There is a full-featured control panel that will help you to have good control over the site. It is integrated with the latest technologies that lead to experiencing fast speed and getting advantage of the new features.

Its e-commerce features will enhance your online store with cool functionality. It comes with the no-code website builder and a drag-and-drop builder along with other tools. It can be set up instantly and you will not need any coding skills for this.

Key Features

  • Enhanced DDoS Protection
  • Free Website Builder
  • SSL Free
  • 200 GB SSD Storage

2. Site Ground

Site Ground

Pricing – $100 Per Month

Site Ground is a well know WordPress cloud hosting platform. Its fast and secure service is excellent because of smart WAF, distributed backups, and other security features. Safety is a vital part of any website.

Its friendly interface and features will help to make your site accessible. It is integrated with the latest technologies that lead to experiencing fast speed and getting advantage of the newest PHP versions or the most innovative protocols and compression algorithms like Brotli, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, and OCSP Stapling.

It is built on premium Google Cloud infrastructure for top reliability, security, and speed. Its outstanding features are enough to make your website notable on the internet.

Key Features

  • Email Free
  • CDN Free
  • Fast SSL
  • WordPress Installation

3. Kinsta


Pricing – $35 Per Month

Kinsta is an excellent WordPress cloud-hosting platform. It offers fast speed. Its infrastructure is powered by Google Cloud’s premium tier network. Its top-class service is impressive. Its CDN is HTTP/3-enabled and has a one-click setup.

Its APM (Application Performance Monitoring) will help to visualize the speed issues. After this, you can take action against the bottleneck after identifying it. All of this is easy for beginners too.

You can choose from its 35 data centers according to your convenience. Its CDN has over 275 POPs to ensure your global presence and its location provides Google’s best C2 machines. It will give you a friendly dashboard where you can see the activities and control the site.

Key Features

  • Enterprise-Level Firewall DDoS Protection
  • Site Management Tools
  • WordPress Debugging
  • 10 GB SSD storage

4. Cloudways


Pricing – $14 Per Month

Cloudways is a reliable WordPress cloud-hosting platform serving over 80k agencies, developers, and businesses. You will experience a fast performance on the website.

Its simplicity will make your site launch in a few minutes. Along with the functionality, its easy-to-use features include advanced caches coupled with Breeze, a simplified Cloudways cache, and Cloudflare Enterprise for faster performance & added security.

Whenever needed you can contact its support team for help which is 24/7 available for you. You can also choose to Advanced Support add-on for enhanced support or the Premium Support add-on, which gives you access to our Senior Support Engineers.

Key Features

  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Automated Backups
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Cloudflare Add-on

5. HostGator

hostgator 125

Pricing – Rs 379 Per Month

Hostgator comes with 2GB RAM, unmetered SSD storage, and 2 cores to extend the performance. You will experience super fast speed on your website as it is integrated with NGINX Plus caching.

cPanel allows you to manage your site smoothly. You can easily manage websites and content from cPanel as you would do in any shared hosting environment. With one click you can scale your website and improve the performance.

If you want a website with fast speed and unmetered performance then this WordPress cloud hosting platform is recommended to you. With affordable pricing, you will get Hostgator hosting and your website will be ready to launch.

Key Features

  • Pre-integrated caching
  • One-click Script Installs
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unmetered SSD disk space

6. DreamHost

dreamhost 325

Pricing – $4.5 Per Month

DreamHost is a fast WordPress cloud hosting platform. There is not any limit to your choice of OS or software. Its unmanaged servers can be based on Linux, BSD, or even MS Windows. It gives full control over your site.

According to your convenience, you can change the servers automatically with OpenStack-compatible API requests via command line tools and common programming libraries. It can boost your site’s speed and performance.

You can take support from its customer support service by chat or email available 24/7.

Key Features

  • Full Root and Full Control
  • Professional Web Design
  • Built on Ceph
  • DevOps Tools

7. MochaHost


Pricing -$2.29 Per Month

This can be your WordPress cloud hosting platform if you are going to launch a website. It offers reasonable service to users and its features include automatic backups, 1 free SSL, unlimited monthly traffic, and disk space.

At a cheap price, it provides the best service and outstanding speed to your website. It comes with a website builder that will help you to build your website smoothly.

It gives you Unlimited Free SSL for your website or domain. Its huge space will be very beneficial for your heavy content site.

Key Features

  • Cutting Edge Cloud Platform
  • SAS 70 Type II Data Centers
  • FREE Website Builder
  • Free Website Transfer Assistance


Q. Why web hosting is necessary?

Ans. Web hosting is very necessary. In simple words, we can say that by hosting providers we take a space for our website for rent.

Q. How to get web hosting?

Ans. There are a few simple steps for getting hosting from any company. Choose a plan according to your needs and budget and it’s done.

Q. What are the advantages of cloud hosting?

Ans. There are many benefits of cloud hosting including Cloud hosting offering the best speed, easy-to-scale, safe & secure, etc. That’s by cloud hosting is taken into consideration most of the time.


There are various WordPress cloud hosting platforms available but choosing among them might be a difficult take as all seems good. So, this blog will help you. In this blog, I have discussed some best WordPress cloud hosting platforms for your website.

These hosting providers are handpicked according to their features and functionality. You can choose one whichever suits you.

These WordPress cloud hosting platforms are feature-rich and cost-effective. It will make your site fast and well-performed.

I hope this blog will help you, still, you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.
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