Lead form builder –

This plugin will help you to enhance your business to a next level.
It seems very difficult to add a comprehensible and fetching contact form as well as a lead form builder on your website. But now it becomes very easy with the help of our Plugin “Lead Form builder Pro”. As you already know any plugin is used to control the behavior and features of your WordPress site. So hereby we are going to give you our advanced plugin to help you.

What will you do if you want to add a contact form to your WordPress website for collecting information as well as the leads? If you want to change the Background image and color, want to give color to your text. We have a very easy solution for this which is our Plugin “Lead form builder Pro”. This plugin will give you all the required options by which you can make your Contact form or registration form Elegant and Attractive.

Benefits of adding our Plugin:-

  • Collecting leads in your database as well as in Emails too.
  • It will enable you to extend abilities of your site.
  • The emails from the contact form are consistent and can help you stay organized.
  • If your business sells a service or product your customers can use this to inquire more information too.
  • Contact form data can be routed directly to a database, because of this you can spot patterns regarding who is reaching out to you and what their interests and needs may be.
  • It will give many attributes in your form.
  • Your contact form will become attractive by adding Header as well as background images and colors.
  • It gives you SMTP option and form import, export section which is very rare in other contact form plugins.

Wanna create a New form using our Plugin :-

  • First you have to install our Plugin in your Dashboard and activate it.When your plugin is being activated go to the Lead form and by add form, you can create a new form. Consequently, we are giving you many options in the plugin you can select any field, give a title to it and save the form. You can show your contact form by adding the shortcode in your theme page or post.
  • Email setting is also there using this option you can save the email.There are two sections in email setting one is admin email and second is user email.You can secure your site by adding a reCAPTCHA it is a free service to protect your website from spam and abuse too.
  • In Lead receiving method you can save your leads where you want to save them. While using this section you can also adjust the form size and in form submitting message when you submit a form your message will be displayed, you can set the URL link too.
  • Our plugins give a very advanced option of MailChimp and SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol). As mail chimp is a simple email marketing software (EMS) which gives you many easy options for designing and sending the templates of your emails and SMTP are used for sending and receiving emails. As a result, it will protect your emails from getting blocking and missing. Lead export will help you in adding the start date and end date for your leads according to your convenience. You can also import and export your form.

Add Multiple Features:-

By using this Plugin you can add multiple features in your site and it will give a new and refreshed look to your contact form. There are six sections present in our plugin which will help you do design your form so attractive.

  1. Font Size
  2. Header Image
  3. Background Image
  4. Form Color
  5. Form Field Color
  6. Button Color
  7. Custom Style
  8. Reset form

  • Font Size:-
  • Here you can change the form width % according to your need.

  • Header Image:-
  • This is a good section of our Plugin this will allow your contact form to change its header image or you can also remove it. It will give your form an elegant look. I will suggest you use in your form and always set a correct picture on it related to your form and site. This will attract your client to approach you.

  • Background Image:-
  • As you seen in many contacts forms their backgrounds are always blank it shows your contact form very simple and might be dull, By using this section you can set a background image in your form according to your choice and you can also change it anytime. It will also make your form attractive.

  • Form Color:-
  • This section will allow you to set the color of your background and you can also set the heading color of your contact form. This very simple feature but by adding elegant colors you can make it enchanting.

  • Form Field Color:-
  • In this four sub-sections are there that are – Form Label Text Color, Field Border Color, Field Background Color, Field Placeholder Color. All the sections are different from each other. You can change the color of these sections according to your need.
    In form label text color you can set the color of the field name which you have added in the form fields in Lead form settings.
    In Field Border Color you can set the border color of the form fields.
    In Field Background Color you can set the background.
    In Field Placeholder Color you can set the color of text which client will write.

  • Button color:-
  • In this section you can change the color of your button, button text and button hover color.

  • Custom CSS:-
  • By this you can change or add the custom CSS in your form other than given options.

  • Reset all Customization:-
  • If you are not satisfied with your form and want a new one at a time, You can easily reset your form by using this, it will lose your last form data but provide you a default form and you can easily build a new one.

Adding a Popup

You can also create a beautiful popup using our plugin. This will show your form in Popup.

lead form builder

Wrapping up:-

Finally I conclude my all the points, there are plenty of Plugins available in WordPress market but our plugin Lead form builder pro will provide you many good attributes as compared to others, By choosing our plugin we will provide you the lowest price of $29 with support and for more packages visit our Pricing Section and to our demo page for more templates. We are always available to solve any query related to the plugin.