If you’re searching for WordPress White Label Themes & Templates, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll cover everything related to this topic.

In today’s world, having a professional and responsive website is crucial for any business to stand out in the competition.

As we all know, WordPress is the most popular and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) globally.

WordPress provides a broad range of themes and plugins to create visually appealing websites.

Among these options, WordPress White Label themes and templates have recently gained significant popularity because of their versatility and customization options.

There are various WordPress White Label Themes available in the market, but choosing the best one for your website can be a challenging task. To simplify the process for you, we have carefully selected some of the best themes.

WordPress White Label Themes

Importance of White Label Themes for Businesses

WordPress White Label themes are important for businesses because they give them a flexible and customizable way to create professional websites.

These themes & templates allow businesses to easily adjust their online presence to match their needs and preferences.

They also help in showcasing the business’s brand identity, which can boost marketing efforts and attract more customers.

By using WordPress White Label Themes, Businesses can:

  • Unique Brand Identity
  • Enhance Professionalism
  • Access to Advanced Features
  • Customization Options
  • Monetizes business

Factors to Consider When Selecting a White Label Theme

White labelling is an excellent way to provide a customized website to your clients. You can modify the logo, text, and colours of the admin login area to match their brand identity and personalize the experience.

Here are the factors you should consider when selecting a white label theme.

  • White Labeling Options
  • Custome theme changes
  • Customization options
  • SEO-friendly features
  • Compatibility with plugins
  • Demo Template Options

Top 6 WordPress White Label Themes

Many White label themes have become popular choices for businesses aiming to design professional and customizable websites.

Here are seven of the best WordPress White Label themes and templates:

Let’s get a detailed overview of the White Label WordPress Themes.

1. Shop Mania

shop mania 8831

Shop Mania is a popular and fast WooCommerce theme for eCommerce websites. It boasts several notable features that set it apart from other WordPress themes.

The premium version of Shop Mania offers complete control over theme branding. You can easily replace the Shop Mania branding with your brand logo, name, description, and URL.

This level of customization allows you to personalize your shop entirely. The theme comes in both Pro and Free versions.

Features of Shop Mania Theme

  • Full White Label Options
  • Custom Options
  • Theme and Plugins Branding
  • 50+ Demo Sites
  • Fully WooCommerce compatible
  • Multiple plugins support


Although the Shop Mania theme comes with a free version, if you want to white-label your theme, you can purchase it for $59.

2. Zita Pro

zita 703

Zita Pro WordPress Theme is the ultimate solution for creating any type of website, offering powerful features including White Labeling.

With Zita’s White Labeling option, you can customize it entirely by adding your logo, name, description, and URL, replacing all Zita branding. This allows for complete personalization of the theme.

Fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder, Zita ensures flexibility and ease of customization for crafting stunning websites effortlessly.

Deep integration with WooCommerce enables seamless creation of online shopping websites, with over 40+ pre-made Website Templates.

Additionally, its structure control feature enhances flexibility for editing and creating new layouts for your website. It is available in both the pro version and the free version.

Features of Zita Theme

  • White Label Options
  • 40+ Pre-build website
  • Header & Footer Styles
  • Multiple plugins support
  • Translation ready theme


Although the Zita theme comes with a free version, if you want to white-label your theme, you can purchase it for $59.

3. Divi

divi 8301

The Divi Theme by Elegant Themes is a highly sought-after WordPress theme renowned for its versatility and user-friendly interface.

Alongside its core functionalities, it includes its own website builder, known as the Divi Builder.

While Divi Theme does offer a White Labeling option, it requires the additional purchase of a Divi extension plugin called Divi Ghoster. Instructions on how to implement White Labeling for the Divi theme can be found in this blog.

Divi boasts numerous features essential for creating stunning websites. It provides an extensive collection of pre-built templates and extensions, allowing users to enhance the functionality of their WordPress websites effortlessly.

Features of Divi Theme

  • White Labeling
  • Highly Customize
  • Social Media Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration


Divi is a premium theme, with its plans starting at $89 per year for the single-year plan.

4. Woostify

woostify 7031

Woostify is a WooCommerce theme designed for building shopping websites. It comes with many pre-built features to create visually appealing websites.

In its Pro version, it offers a White Label option that allows users to hide the Woostify brand from clients and rebrand the theme, along with other features.

In addition to white labelling, it also includes numerous features useful for creating an eCommerce website.

Features of Woostify Theme

  • White Label
  • Header & Footer builder
  • WooBuilder
  • Elementor Addon


Woostify theme comes with a free version, if you want to white-label your theme, you can purchase it for $49.

5. OceanWp

oceanwp 83 1

OceanWP is another popular WordPress theme known for its speed and suitability in creating blog websites.

With its Pro Bundle plan, it offers white-labeling capabilities for its theme. You can easily change branding from OceanWP to your own branding.

The OceanWP Pro Bundle includes additional features for those seeking to enhance, refine, and elevate their website with impressive functionalities and options.

Features of OceanWP Theme

  • Ocean White Label
  • Elementor Addons
  • Gutenberg Blocks
  • Pre made Demo sites


The OceanWP theme is available in a free version. If you wish to white-label your theme, you can purchase it for $35.

6. Kadence

kadencewp 3801

Kadence is a flexible WordPress theme with pre-built features. It offers drop-in-ready sections from its design library.

The Kadence White Label plugin is available in their Full or Lifetime Bundles, so you need to purchase either one to white-label your theme.

With the pro plugin, users can customize Kadence Icons, Images, and Texts to align with their preferences.

Features of Kadence Theme

  • White Label plugin
  • Template Builder
  • Header Footer Addons
  • WooCommerce integration


The Kadence theme is available in a free version. If you want to white-label your theme, you can purchase it for $219

So these are some of WordPress website’s white label themes that you use to create websites for your clients or for your own personal use.

Among the top contenders, the best themes are Shop Mania and Zita Pro. These themes offer white-labelling options along with a host of other features to create visually stunning and functional websites.

Whether it’s for eCommerce, blogging, or any other purpose, these themes provide the versatility and customization capabilities required to meet diverse business needs.

Ultimately, by choosing the right WordPress White label theme, businesses can elevate their online presence, strengthen their brand identity, and attract more customers effectively.

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